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  1. I've been getting a lot of crashes in the last couple of days, always while driving, not always at full speed like it used to. Lagging and rubber banding are also getting to be an issue. I've got the original Xbox one and purchased an SSD which has helped with the loading of buildings. Its turning out to be the most expensive game I've bought!
  2. Jumping through windows without a problem now, which is good for two storey buildings. Gunshot still heard while driving boats though, frightened the life out of me last night!
  3. OG XBOX ONE I get stuck in the walls of some buildings and on the side of one of planes in the Military Base. Rendering is slow and have followed some advise to use an external SSD to help, it hasn't, but it cost me £130 for 500GB SSD now! But that's how much I like this game, you never know where you're going to get shot from and you never know if its going to crash! There's a lot of negativity on here and very little proactive comments, saying its rubbish isn't going to help, we need details of the faults for the guys to make it better! Since the latest patch I have had numerous XBOX:FATAL_ERROR_SYSTEM
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