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  1. Ah, I'm out then. I don't have BFV. I thought you were looking to coordinate some FPP players on PUBG. My bad. I read it as "I don't play FPP but BFV has forced me to. Now I want to try FPP on PUBG"
  2. I'm confused. Are you looking for PUBG FPP players or Battlefield players?
  3. Remove the cave altogether. Problem solved. It's not needed. Especially since they are buffing the loot.
  4. I'll be interested, but I have to get my 6000 points in FPP solo first. I'm at 5921 and I want to make the 5/21 cutoff. So I'm game after the 21st. Was just gonna wait to say something but this way you know there is someone else out here who is interested. I'm an average player who laughs when things go wrong. My usual duo partner gets too mad at everything. Rather than have him suck the fun out of the game for me, I've just gone to playing solo. Would love to do some duo/squad play again though. I'm east coast (Florida).
  5. So your whining about MnK is freedom. But my whining about your whining is not?
  6. 70+ pages of MnK whining isn't enough already? Yes, they're out there. No, they aren't every person who killed you or is good at the game. Bluehole's response was something to the tune of "a percent of a percent". People are good at the game. Accept it. Move on. Play the game or don't. But I'm pretty confident it's not going to change. This game is definitely on the back nine in its lifespan. Personally, I think modded controllers (this includes the Elite) are more cheating than MnK could ever be. I've tried mouse on Xbox while playing PUBG. It's absolute garbage. If it wasn't restricted by the abilities of the controller, then it might be worth doing. But as it stands, you can't move any faster with the mouse than you can with the controller. In fact, the mouse can send too much info (I'm talking about through a XIM here) relatively easily, which will result in you moving SLOWER. Where's the poll where we can vote to have any additional posts about MnK automatically deleted.
  7. Shit shack or Crack shack for, ya know, the shit shacks. C-block for the military base. "The coast" for those dozen or so yellow houses just east of the western bridge on Erangel (ironically, they are high on a cliff so you can't really use the coast for much more than jumping off, my regular duo partner and I somehow got stuck on this name). Harry Potter house. M16 = M-shit-steen (we hate that gun) Tommy gun = Thomas gun If we get both the QBZ and QBU, we call it "the QB combo". Any time we have all level 2 or all level 3 gear we announce "I am level 2'd out of my mind" or "I am level 3'd out of my mind" And I'm totally stealing the Katrina name. Too funny.
  8. I've easily watched my timer go over an hour before if I try in the morning here in NA. After 3p eastern, I can usually get one in about 10-15min. After 4p eastern, it drops to 3-5min. From 5p to at least 11p (I don't typically play later than that), I get them in 5sec. I'm with you...I have a hard time believe there aren't 40 people on the entire North American continent playing this game during the day. But what can we do? Nada.
  9. Allow me to clarify. I meant an option to decide WHAT pressing RT does. An option to advance X rows, an option to advance down 1 page, or an option to advance categories...something like that.
  10. How about just an option in settings to set your preferred loot priority. Some people may want health items first. Others might want ammo. Or scopes. Let us pick kinda like setting your boot priority in the PC BIOS. The idea to use RT to advance to the next category is a good idea, but again, make this an option...don't force it on everyone. I think most people would prefer to have choices in these matters, not forced changes. This is why we have FPP/TPP, A/B controls, etc. Choice is good.
  11. I've always wanted a way to see my stats again after I've chosen to spectate. Would love this.
  12. And inversely, LT to jump back up the list. Once I found out about this, I now can't live without it.
  13. I love the VSS...if I have an extended mag for it.
  14. Yeah but which bridge? Everyone will have their own bridge. Rumored that the aquarail will be there plus a Vespa scooter. Could be fun. Honestly, I'd play any map they throw at us just for the change of scenery.
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