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  1. I think his misunderstanding is much simpler than network lag. He forgot that sound has a travel time in this game, just like real life. In the replay, he heard the guy's shot after his, but that guy's shot sound had to travel a small distance to Choco. So he heard it after his from his perspective, but in reality the shot was slightly ahead of his. Very simple. I bet if he watched the replay from either of the other 2 players' perspective he would've realized this. Especially from the 3rd place guy's spot. That guy would hear the shot that killed him a split second before hearing Choco's shot since he was roughly midway between them.
  2. In the past 24 hours I've had three games in the top 10 (5, 7, 9th places) and my weekly "Reach top 10 in solo" still shows 0/3. Wadduheck!
  3. I was there the whole time. Got 6th place. Played another one and got 4th out of 15.
  4. Spoke too soon. Only found one game. I'll fire up a War Mode and wait 10 min to start and see what happens
  5. Ironically, I'm able to find FPP games at the moment on the live server in under 2 min
  6. This is all new to me too. I'm in the group but don't see these channels, like #ScheduledGames. I'm currently using the app on my phone. Would I be better off firing up the console?
  7. If you've sent me a club invite, do it again. I had mine set to not allow invites/messages from people not on my friends list. Makes my life a lot easier with no salty messages from sore losers. I opened it up.
  8. GT is AngryHog and like HelloDaddio said I'm trying to get some FPP players together to play. Don't care about skill, what type of input device or TV you have, your KD or win percentage. Just tired of not finding any FPP games. I know nothing about this club thing but count me in and I'll give it a whirl.
  9. Thinking of running a custom game for FPP this holiday weekend so we have something to play. Just not finding any games out there on the live servers. And I just can't bring myself to play TPP. I'm glad so many enjoy it but I can't stand it. Curious if anyone is interested in playing and what a good time might be for everyone. I'd prefer not to just open the server up and wait for hours, but rather have a ballpark time so we can get some numbers. Thanks!
  10. ...there is a third digit in the minutes. Wish I wasn't the only damn person on planet Earth trying to play FPP on the PTS. 😒
  11. Estimated wait time is a little off
  12. Can't get a game on FPP. Says zero players in queue. Shouldn't I be listed as 1 player in queue? On the live server, I can join and leave and see the count go up or down accordingly. I hate TPP too much to go there so I'm used to low player counts. But this doesn't appear to be acknowledging I'm in the queue.
  13. Uh, no we don't. Per Bluehole themselves it's a percentage of a percentage. That's the only data we have been given on their numbers. Hardly an epidemic. And you can't even assume everyone using MnK is a God with it either. There are ridiculously good players with controller just like there are ridiculously shitty players with MnK. There is more to doing well in this game than solely the hardware. I hope this thread gets deleted because I truly hate the whining about MnK users more than I hate the MnK users themselves.
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