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  1. I agree to that. We have a discussion with my friends few days ago about that and we come to a conclusion that: 1. You should NOT be able to finish down players. 2. Down players should NOT be able to move. 3. Down players vision and sound should be "blurred" somehow 4. Down players should be bleeding out as it is now. This few changes should help mid game and overall fun when playing squad/duo imo. What do you guys think about it?
  2. Gatsu

    The UMP is now God

    I was wondering: does ammo change (from 9 to 0.45) changed something in handling ? Many of my friends says that ump is "different" after patch (excluding sound).
  3. For 1h of streaming: Selected bitrate / 8 * 3600 / 1024 = used MB Example (5000 bitrate): 5000 / 8 * 3600 / 1024 =~ 2200 MB ~ 2,2 GB
  4. New patch, new driver 419.67 same problem.
  5. Gatsu

    Please nerf the AWM

    I also think thats a sweet spot for AWM: one shot level 1 and do 99 or slightly less for level 2.
  6. It is a bug or feature? 🤔
  7. And the question is: Does it going to live servers with next (Patch 27) update ? 😎
  8. @Gorf_Denroh I don't play for rankings but I agree with you. Some transparency from devs about ranking points will be nice (points gained per place, kill etc).
  9. Update: It's on test server already! Downloading now... 1,7GB update
  10. I just came across interesting info too share It is consitent with this reddit thread: Any info, thoughts on that ?
  11. 419.17 driver, the issue is still there. But there is also simple fix in my case: I just change my ingame shadow setting to different one hit apply and it's fixed (sometimes I need to change it few times).
  12. Gatsu

    reticle intensity default settings

    @Biochemikas yes, the type is saved but the intesivity isn't (I always max it, especially on Vikendi)
  13. Gatsu

    reticle intensity default settings

    Or at least save them somewhere. Changing it EVERY match it's pain in the ass.
  14. Confirming this bug is still happening from time to time. GTX1070 + 418.91 driver (clean install).
  15. Gatsu

    Help me choosing monitor!

    @VENEEL Here u go: