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  1. Gatsu

    Help me choosing monitor!

    @VENEEL Here u go:
  2. Gatsu

    Help me choosing monitor!

    If anyone is interested. Nvidia Freesync Testing List: btw. I'm running Acer VG270UP (27' 1440p 144Hz IPS Freesync) with gsync enabled on GTX1070 with no problems
  3. Gatsu

    Help me choosing monitor!

    @un1ty freesync works with Nvidia since 15 January requirements: 417.71 driver, Pascal or Turing card, DP connection
  4. Gatsu

    Help me choosing monitor!

    If you want to buy 27' search for something with 1440p resolution, imo.
  5. @un1ty Just Alt+F4 game in lobby, then u should see reconnect button after launching PUBG.
  6. DeLorean from "Back to the future"
  7. Gatsu

    FPS drops mostly fixed!

    @theexecutioner He has 16GB, and I'm 95% sure that my other teammate has also 16GB.
  8. Gatsu

    FPS drops mostly fixed!

    Just reporting back. Me and rest of my squad started using ISLC few days ago. PUBG runs MUCH better, no big fps drops. (My PC: 4670k + 16GB + 1070 + Win10 1809) The best comment from my friend was: "It feels like if I bought a whole new computer" and this is a guy with 9900k and 1080TI If any of you have problems with fps drops just try it out.
  9. Hi, any comments from PUBG corp on Guns damage vs. FPS dependency ? Also I'm curious about your opinion, guys.
  10. Is there any particular reason why Screen Scale setting is soft locked to 120 only ? In Battlefield games we can go from 50 to 200 and for someone with powerfull GPU ( >gtx 1080 ) and 1080p 60Hz screen this is neat feature. PUBG looks so sharp when you set it to 200 (e.g. 4k via DSR, ini in Early Acces times). I'm using DSR on 1080p but it's buggy from time to time (from patch to patch).
  11. Gatsu

    AMD Ryzen 5 2400G running PUBG

    Tell him to put out the 4GB stick and use one 2x8GB in dual channel. The performance will increase, especially if he is using interested GPU ( increased vram bandwidth for GPU).
  12. Confirming that bug. This should be fixed asap.
  13. It was on live. Sorry for late answer.
  14. What is this ? PCP Technical Testing Card Me and my friend recived it few minutes ago in game.