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    Player Base

    Must not be many Solo players in the USA since Im #61 on analyzer and honestly I am trash. My friend is #64 and he hardly plays solos. Dues and Squads wasn't as low for me but I was still surprised at the ranking. I thought for a second I was tied with millions of other players but it dont appear so. If this is the case I assume my lobbies are filled with international players a lot of the time and that would explain some of the lag issues we see regularly on the NA server. If the player base is that low in the USA then maybe this game is dying.
  2. BlazedInThe253

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    yea I have always wondered why they know its broke but still send it to us. Other games do this as well I played Elder Scrolls Online and they do the same shit make pc changes that dont work right fix em but let the same broke shit hit counsel several months later.
  3. BlazedInThe253

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    Ark and Anthem are trash games to me so dam why am I still playing PUBG then?
  4. BlazedInThe253

    That boring map selection thread

    yea dont think we can hide that so dont make leader board and the feds wont find you. 😉
  5. BlazedInThe253

    Player Base

    You probably right
  6. BlazedInThe253

    That boring map selection thread

    in this situation you will gain fans but lose players as well probably the ones who will just play a different game (shooter) instead of quiting the map they dont like.
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    Xbox Update #5 - Feedback Topic

    Please bring me weapon and equipment locking does no one else want this? Walk in building close door but pick up shotgun guy rounds corner I have empty gun and need to switch but now im dead. Im not a programer in my lay head it seems easy to add to game and if you want to switch something out push start and do it that way.
  8. BlazedInThe253

    That boring map selection thread

    not sure if you can in game but you can in xbox settings under privacy i belive
  9. BlazedInThe253

    That boring map selection thread

    Not sure about that and there seems to be the same amount of people wanting and not wanting map select on here. Im in the not wanting crowd- like it random, but think if you want to op out of rank play/season leader board, and xp then you can pick your map and play with others under the same conditions.
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    Dsync is getting horrible

    Has been worse as of late I dont even get blood sometimes just appears to go right threw em.
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    Leaderboard updates/refresh

    Not sure if I agree it is about who played the most because there is some guys near the top who have several hundred games/kills/time played less then those below them and above them. It seems like its a combination of the 2 with survival being the most rewarding and kills second to it. Obviously if you play a lot you have the chance to survive a lot, I dont think just cuz you run around killing everything that should put you at the top of the leader board but the kills and wins should weigh heavier than they do now; However, its a survivor game not COD shooter so makes some since that you get rewarded for surviving and playing a lot even if your camping and not fighting anyone. The leader board needs some work but I dont think its broken the folks on top have put the time in and survived to get there, wouldn't be right for some guy who goes around killing everything with his mouse and keyboard but gets waxed out early or hardly ever wins a game to dominate the leader board. However this is subjective since there is a lot of players on here who enjoy playing the tactical camper way over the run and gun risk reward shoot em up play style. To each his own. The NFL NBA MLB NHL pretty much any one with a league sets the perimeters and the competitors compete within in it and whoever is on top is the one that performed best with in the perimeters given. In our case its all about survival and being one of the few left end game so with that being the case it make since for those who survived the initial landing and got some minutes in and also played a lot of games would be on top of a survival leader board. I myself would rather it be based on win % but even though thats the ultimate prize in game I dont think that is how the game weighs it. I think the game starts rewarding you for surviving to the top 10 and so forth.
  12. BlazedInThe253

    That boring map selection thread

    4 more days and some one hit me with an invite.
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    Im on 4k TV for sure, but im going to look for the post maybe it dont mater now since they added the option to pick resolution but before they did that Im sure there was a post from them about it somewhere.
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    Doing that as well but I remember reading a dev report sometime a few months back that said for us to change in xbox settings until they figured it out? Anyone else recall that?
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    I play PUBG in 1080 even though I have 4k available :-(
  16. BlazedInThe253


    IMO the game had been running better but the last week or so I have been experiencing more glitching and lag then before.
  17. BlazedInThe253


    Im not looking forward to the artillery and tanks and cannons but looks good just think that will be toxic
  18. BlazedInThe253


    LOL these suck especially when its a daily If you really need the XP and are in a rush Cheese It, otherwise you have several weeks and it will most likely happen naturally. Grab a elephant gun(m4?), Kar 98, SKS, or SLR, and snipe and in one shot helmet gone not a lot of fun though unless you get some kills. I aim for the vest any ways since I am bad aim and dont always destroy it though and if the recoil leads to me shooting them in the neck or face there is a 99% thrashed vest in the basket of goodies.
  19. BlazedInThe253

    It blows my mind........

    commander is an attachment you use on a standard controller
  20. BlazedInThe253

    Greene interview.

    Dev a VR shooting game please
  21. BlazedInThe253

    It blows my mind........

    there is a controller attachment out there called the commander or something that has paddles and is programmable to have no recoil
  22. BlazedInThe253

    Suggestion on how to gather feedback!

    They may not implement all our suggestions but we complained about the circles appearance and they made it thicker so you could see it a little better not the fix I wanted but a fix nonetheless
  23. BlazedInThe253

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    try training mode with some friends its more than a shooting range if you do it with someone. you can pick up health and fight it out and restart when health drops, no one dies but gives you some feed back.
  24. BlazedInThe253

    Ahhhh f.....