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  1. Dont agree since the melee fighting on here is glitch as hell so for that reason I dont think cause you lose in a pan fight you choked. Which is another reason I dont care. I thought it would be cool since I saw some cool kids do it online but really its nothing special and goes down as a W or and L no matter what you do
  2. Please do it. Call it an experiment; I dont think it really makes that big of a difference would be nice to see what a difference it makes for you. And while your doing it team up with a random and see if you can 2 v 98 people in solos as well. The 2 biggest things people cry about on here and apparently keep people from winning every game they play is teamers and M/KB. If it were not for teamers and M/KB users these cry babies would win every game.
  3. Really thinking about getting one now been wanting a tricked out K5 for years. Tell my squad that everytime we drive by it in game.
  4. most of the topics on here are pointless but it would be a perspective thing cause I actually like the post and think its better than most.
  5. Jimmies are Blazers just a different patch on the grill and fender. I dont think anyone is bitching. Just pointing things out.
  6. this is the thirstiness I was speaking of nothing wrong with it just the reason I won't be swinging my pan again anytime soon. I am not that cool anyways I dont need to do what the cool kids do to fit in.
  7. Same I think day one or as soon as I could. Forgot it actually had music.
  8. unfortunately it's a common thing to have issues like that. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlvJGncobXh-mSpy5um6Kqs0rFmx
  9. Changed the view and it helped me back and a little higher up and I can tell how hard a swing I have going.
  10. Ghost mode so I can run through walls oh wait i can do that already
  11. I didnt land with you but near you and came for you tight away I should of had you but I forgot what button was soft aim and potatoed you in the back
  12. Took me a bit to fig out the putting but now I like
  13. I been MIA on PUB for a month. Its gotten to where I would rather play Golf Cub 2019 over glitch PUB
  14. Doesn't matter a thirsty player going kill you not everyone gets dinners by the doz and will shoot you for their win. I have tried this twice was shot almost immediately both times. Not a big deal if you dont mind a runner up for your 30 minute time investment but I am never trying again.
  15. I am trying to do raids tomorrow in div 2 as well so do we have an idea of when this will be I sorry if mentioned in post I did not read all of them '
  16. Guess you wont fall through map but you can get shot through wall in 60 fps sounds fun.
  17. no more additions to the game just make what we have run great in higher fps. Just going to take longer and we hear more excuses if they keep adding shit. If they can make money on it I fully expect it to come that is all that matters.
  18. no worries it will come but will be disguised as another game no matter what they tell you its not priority stuff they can sell like skins are. They already got your money for the game performance is not a concern again no matter what they tell you. Have you ever heard the phrase actions speak louder than words? If so enough said.
  19. this is easy addition just ask dice how they do it you can place mark and it tells you how far the mark is we cal already kinda place marks but I feer anything new to the game will break it further add range finder and we may not be able to log in.
  20. Took me forever to get it actually. This clip is when I started to think I needed to ride longer or it was just glitched for me. If they dont want you teaming it should at the minimum be immediately once you are in the ride together. I dont know why I didnt have it yet I have rode with the enemy across the bridges several times as well. https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlvJGncobXh-mSK-4htSzeinOBAM
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