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  1. BlazedInThe253

    Teamers on xb?

    Yea sometimes I have had that happen had a guy pick me up by military once deep in the blue I popped a shot at him and hid behind a shed he came right up parked in front of shed and honked and I hopped on the back of his buggy. I spent the next few mins holding my breath assuming he was going to go full steam into a rock. Took about a minute to get out of blue we even stopped for first aid use and went seperate directions after. No achievement that time was before sanhook and I guess boats dont work cause I hoped in a boat last week after looting a crate that was occupied by someone and shot the driver as he drove away didn't get the riding with enemy achievement.
  2. BlazedInThe253

    Things I’d like to see in PUBG

    And I would like them to fix the map and give me an option to change the white squares to a different color my old blind eyes can't pick it up without staring at it for several seconds.
  3. BlazedInThe253

    How can I avoid this?

    I cant play this game with my long range weapon on my right shoulder always got to be on my left didn't even know it mattered like that.
  4. BlazedInThe253

    Aiming question for good players 2+KD

    Started doing this because I was dead by the time I aimed down site or shoulder
  5. BlazedInThe253

    Duos/ 1 man squad?

    you have to select it its under the play option takes you to a different screen to select maps and game
  6. BlazedInThe253

    **Please Fix This**

    I have been reviewing the bullet not registering and have found some information that it may boil down to ping. Short version we think we are shooting them at the spot they are at but we are not. They have moved and in some cases we are already dead and dont know it. Dead man bullets dont cause damage so they appear to have good health after the fight. To combat this they advise you be the aggressor so you are not reacting. If you scoping them out your are reacting to what the game is predicting and showing you and you could be a few ms behind. I now rush more as a result of this.
  7. BlazedInThe253

    Things I’d like to see in PUBG

    Weapon and equipment locks: so I dont accidently switch out my gun when looting fast only to find out later when in a fire fight. Marker distance locator: would be nice to place a marker and know how far away it is. Turn down the dam automobile noise only option. Suicide option like GTA when your squad leaves you early game.
  8. BlazedInThe253


    Dont think everyone uses it and I dont care if they do its there money spent on the program but It out there none the less. My basketball coach used to say "if you aint cheating you aint trying hard enough" and I have never been much of a try hard.
  9. BlazedInThe253


    I have been a vic of this once or twice. The first time I was doing something on my phone so I was camped on the third floor behind a desk, I hadn't moved for several minutes and this guy ran into the building went immediately to my location and shot me. I never moved and figured I had a min or two before I needed to prepare but he literally ran straight to me and shot me. Had cover couldn't be seen unless you went right to me. I was curious at the time about it so I Googled it and found the program online. It shows the hacker or cheat where you are and where the weapon drops are. Its not pin-point but does give them the advantage of knowing where you are ,but they have to monitor a second screen to do so and the player markers are just blips on a map. There is a bathroom in a building in Vikindi that you can camp the shower and when they open door they cant see you sitting in it. Door opens he leans in sideways facing my direction shooting immediately and through the door which is blocking his view of me and mine of his. I never moved didn't even aim so I wouldn't make a sound he knew I was there or he been ganked like that before and was weary but again he shot through door with no way of knowing I was there. Same guy was outside the building laying people out one after another before he came in to my building strait to that bathroom and killed me. I was waiting for him or he was just waiting to get to me. I peek before entering most rooms even if I suspect their empty just for practice but shooting through the door was sketch for sure. I was so upset I begged a friend to replay the scenario with me and there was no way he saw me. Hack evidence is on youtube, this game is not the only victim of them though. COD and BF players have it way worse with the Commander controller attachment.
  10. BlazedInThe253

    Car Noise

    Yea I am usually the only one that hears the car still running or the bike squeaking.
  11. BlazedInThe253

    PUBG is dying again at the hands of Apex

    Both are First Person they are shooters but really I dont consider them the same as PUBG which has FP but it seems like 3rd is more popular. Apex is also cartoony AF. I wish PUBG could incorporate some of what BF is doing though with the area damage. I would love to see the school crash down on the folks that dropped in there or we can blow the bridge up on the bridge campers.
  12. BlazedInThe253

    Car Noise

    Na but that helps for sure tired of them running after as well mainly looking to turn the engine noise down so I dont have to yell at the squad or have no clue whats being discussed when driving.
  13. BlazedInThe253

    Car Noise

    Is there a way to turn off or down the car noise?
  14. BlazedInThe253

    understanding SP

    I thought I had read initially that you would lose some sp if you ended the game early but it looks like that is no longer a thing. They did present something in Nov that explained it a little better. Ill look for the post.
  15. BlazedInThe253

    Changing Blood Color to Blue/Green is no longer working

    just go to option and change your colorblind you dont need to do that anymore