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  1. This would be great if true sign me up. LOL.
  2. Sweet then Ill finally be on the leaderboard. I don't think they will remove the survival bonus just make the weight of a kill worth more than it is now, the slow play will still be rewarded.
  3. Sounds like Vikindi to me but ok. The day you win the game for having the most kills I will change my perspective Until then to each his own and play or win however you like slow, fast, team up use a M/KB how others play and the rewards and acknowledgments they get dont matter to me one bit but it bugs you so much why is that? The game rewards you for living and for being the last alive thats the point of the game. I dont think its wrong that some players take it slow thats why there is a circle.
  4. LOL I just thought official came cause there was another outfit on here running games. Like twitter names and a little competition
  5. I honestly havent look at them since update but recall there being % before but maybe I am making that up.
  6. LOL at least you took both photos down I cant complain then .
  7. Look at the attachment in game it tells you what it does.
  8. I got strictly for the cosmos and they were not that special that said these ones look better I dont care for the missions and cant stand my squad mates giving up our position to shoot some doors and cars.
  9. I been able to quit game not the forum since it keeps me occupied at work but its on my list.
  10. I have had 1 radar suspicion and at the time I didn't know they had radar until but I was so heated I googled it and found out, other than that they must be pretty good at hiding like the teamers and M/KB users that are running rampid never had that suspicion again, but quit worrying about whether people get banned or not maybe you were wrong and accused an innocent player must happen a lot there is a lot of crying on here about people not getting hammered.
  11. Yes this is a great idea unless you prefer shooting in 3p then having your center screen on the target isnt a good idea since when you aim it will move down and to the left or right depending on your shoulder preference. To prevent having to adjust to your target you got to have your center slightly left or right of what you want to shoot if not you will need to adjust and chances are you wont adjust quick enough or the adjust leads to potato. Use the 1p advantage dont over the shoulder.
  12. I dont know man. The game isnt about killing its about surviving so if you survive but didnt kill anyone big deal. Its only the players that kill a lot, dont survive or play as much that complain about it so screw them they dont care about you why would care about them. I say good for you. You put the time in you deserve it.
  13. WAAA PUBG he shot me ban him WAAA
  14. had a team mate end up under map around 10 people left we were squad of 4 so only 6 alive we told her to stay in circle but if she get reported than tough luck. She opted to log out. We didn't win anyways got 2nd. No one sees her nothing happened but that's the chance you take. My ball coach used to teach us how to casually cheat like step on feet after a missed free throw in football it was chop blocks. If you aint cheating you aint trying.
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