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  1. BlazedInThe253

    Search and Destroy on PUBG?

    I liked the weekend events where they try to be like COD that would be a good mode for that.
  2. BlazedInThe253

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    I have read the x1x has the capability they just have limits on it now like a governor. Other games run great Monster Hunter, Elder Scrolls Online, Battle Field, etc all 4k the counsel can handle it if the game developer new what they were doing. Those games have way more detail going on than PUBG.
  3. BlazedInThe253

    FPP idea....

    PUBG is fun but battle royals are not the only game in life. Conquest is a lot of fun on BF and now they have 8 man squads.
  4. BlazedInThe253

    Who would like a hardcore mode?

    I just prefer TP in almost all my games if there is an option its Tp. I like BF alot but dont play it that much because its FP only except for when you drive. Only time I have chose FP over TP is in driving games definitely not in PUBG though bcuz driving in FP on PUBG in some of the rides is donk. Really has nothing to do with peek Im not even that good with it. Its only a peekers advantage if you dont miss.
  5. BlazedInThe253

    Who would like a hardcore mode?

    ehh not realistic vest and helmets are realistic. I like making the damage more though
  6. BlazedInThe253

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    My core system is the strongest gaming console known to man so I dont agree that the system is potato maybe some kids OG but not my X1X. So It is obvious to me that it is Bluehole for sure man!!!!!! Fvk look at Dice's game it runs great and look at CODs games even with 2 different developers at war and it still runs great. Shit Apex is free w/ no money generated from selling the game and it runs great. Bluehole is a greedy Korean company that pocketed our money during the games so called "preview" and IMO they spent the money on developing skins and DLCs instead of fixing their bugs also their pockets got fat.
  7. BlazedInThe253

    Can we get an actual update on rendering?

    I have read their excuses and it makes no sense to me. I am not a techy but BF has way more going on and there game runs perfect. PUBG just dont know what they are doing on xbox.
  8. BlazedInThe253

    Elite controller question.

    I think had this one if I recall right it was wired which I didn't like and the joystick went bad. But it worked well for a bit. Also could not map the other buttons or there was an issue with mapping something cant remember exactly;
  9. BlazedInThe253

    (Console) Looting optimisation ideas

    I would like the ability to lock my guns and equipment so I dont grab some random shotgun while running in a building and closing the door behind me only to find out when the guy inside runs around the corner shooting and all I have is a empty shotty in my hand and level 1 helmet.
  10. BlazedInThe253

    Who would like a hardcore mode?

    I wish they would get rid of that in general
  11. You do have to remove it from your carry on like a laptop at the security checkpoint
  12. BlazedInThe253

    Who would like a hardcore mode?

    This sound nice I would add the blue zone damage is increased I think it has to do with you speaking in absolutes-- like most FP players do on here your are attempting to speak for everyone and or make it sound like you have information others don't. I have not seen anything from PUBG that supports your comments about FP. Just other FP players spouting it off as if it were facts. We can all have an opinion and I do look at it like that- its your opinion but not everyone will and in turn may think your being a douche when you make comments like FP is the most skilful or TP players just want to peek etc. I understand you want to reference PC, but PC is a different beast all together and they use m/KB not totally against m/KB but that is a bigger issue than the peek that you FP playersl are so crazy about and I think makes it less skillful if you can point your mouse, hover and click. I mean I think I understood your argument as---- FP is more competitive and you are using PC as your example since there is Esports and leagues but I would argue that they are using m/kb some might have controllers but I am assuming most don't since the m/kb is more accurate and I don't think that is more skillful. If FP players could stop assuming their game mode is the best most skillful and all TP players are trash peek users than their arguments may carry some weight till then most will just ignore your point and focus on the BS you said.
  13. BlazedInThe253

    Elite controller question.

    on my 3rd or 4th didnt get the protection plan on the first so I had to rebuy it. The bumpers are weak if you drop it they will break. get the protection plan. The controller is great love the ability to customize it for the different games have a profile for every game I play. no I dont think they are or they dont fit the same. I have one that I used the bumper replacement kit on and it works but not an exact fit.