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  1. ok then goodbye pubg and hello firestorm
  2. the sniper rifle buff also destroyed the solo mode experience. 1 - 2 shots -> dead. suggestion: increase the solo mode player HP by 100% or even 200%.
  3. yes, sry i meant intensive and not intense 😣... bad english
  4. longer lasting and more intense fights then
  5. the fix is coming next week to the testservers https://www.reddit.com/r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/comments/bb4loo/upcoming_maintenance_bug_fixes_and_rustling_sound/ekggtys?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
  6. suggestion: a good visible smoke line of the flare gun that lasts idk 5 minutes? perhaps also make the flare gun shots higher?
  7. expand sanhok and vikendi to 8x8
  8. fail0r

    Nobody plays Vikendi anymore?

    i dont like vikendi... to much compounds and the second circle is almost the same size as the first circle XD
  9. fail0r

    Who actually likes flare guns?

    rollback the flaregun patch and improve it.
  10. or no, dont show a marker on the map, because its to easy. perhaps shoot the flare with the "firework tube" higher with a loud bang, so everyone can see and hear it?
  11. suggestion: uaz spawn them randomly outside of the first circle, but not directly on the streets. spawn them idk where no streets are? care package spawn something similar like a "firework tube" randomly in the 1th,2th,3th and 4th circle. the "firework tube" would be filled with a flare and cannot be looted or moved. once the 1th circle closes, the "firework tube" shoots up the flare automatically (same procedure for the 2th,3th and 4th circle). show a marker on the map where the flare was shot. perhaps also remove normal crates completly?
  12. thanks, here are some quotes what i have found: quote: "But I tend to do FPS. Games where me getting twice the information in the same amount of time means I can see someone round that corner sooner so I can start firing sooner, it gives me that edge." source: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-gamers-want-more-than-60fps-when-60fps-is-the-best-frame-rate-for-gaming quote: "For competitive (eSports) gaming, higher refresh rates at moderate resolutions are generally preferable over high resolutions at lower refresh rates. Curved ultra-wide monitors are great for immersive gaming experiences, but for eSports, it's more important that you can react quickly to your opponents. The higher refresh rate helps you respond faster and gives you smoother motion, making it easier to keep track of the action. (More technically, a higher refresh rate means there's less time between each frame displayed, so the action appears on the screen faster.)" source: https://superuser.com/questions/1353222/what-is-the-practical-advantage-of-a-higher-refresh-rate-and-what-should-i-be-lo quote: "So are fast refresh rate gaming monitors worth it? Absolutely. If you play fast-paced, competitive games, the responsive feel of a 100Hz+ monitor with a sub 4ms response time is undeniable and can bring a real competitive advantage." source: https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/144hz-monitors-refresh-rate-motion-blur-explained-2948180 quote: "But more importantly, the very reason why competitive gamers prefer such high refresh rates is that they can provide a competitive edge. Namely, more frames mean more data is being shown each second, which in turn can lead to slightly better reaction time. This may not seem all that relevant at first glance, but a split second really can make quite a difference in tense multiplayer scenarios." source: https://www.gamingscan.com/is-a-144hz-monitor-worth-it-for-gaming/ quote: "In a lot of online games (especially first-person shooters), a small difference in a player’s reaction time can be the difference between victory and defeat. And, because a higher refresh rate monitor allows for the potential of your monitor displaying frames at a higher rate, that faster exchange of frames can make your game feel much smoother, which can give you an advantage in certain scenarios." source: https://techguided.com/is-144hz-worth-it/