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  1. thanks, here are some quotes what i have found: quote: "But I tend to do FPS. Games where me getting twice the information in the same amount of time means I can see someone round that corner sooner so I can start firing sooner, it gives me that edge." source: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-gamers-want-more-than-60fps-when-60fps-is-the-best-frame-rate-for-gaming quote: "For competitive (eSports) gaming, higher refresh rates at moderate resolutions are generally preferable over high resolutions at lower refresh rates. Curved ultra-wide monitors are great for immersive gaming experiences, but for eSports, it's more important that you can react quickly to your opponents. The higher refresh rate helps you respond faster and gives you smoother motion, making it easier to keep track of the action. (More technically, a higher refresh rate means there's less time between each frame displayed, so the action appears on the screen faster.)" source: https://superuser.com/questions/1353222/what-is-the-practical-advantage-of-a-higher-refresh-rate-and-what-should-i-be-lo quote: "So are fast refresh rate gaming monitors worth it? Absolutely. If you play fast-paced, competitive games, the responsive feel of a 100Hz+ monitor with a sub 4ms response time is undeniable and can bring a real competitive advantage." source: https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/144hz-monitors-refresh-rate-motion-blur-explained-2948180 quote: "But more importantly, the very reason why competitive gamers prefer such high refresh rates is that they can provide a competitive edge. Namely, more frames mean more data is being shown each second, which in turn can lead to slightly better reaction time. This may not seem all that relevant at first glance, but a split second really can make quite a difference in tense multiplayer scenarios." source: https://www.gamingscan.com/is-a-144hz-monitor-worth-it-for-gaming/ quote: "In a lot of online games (especially first-person shooters), a small difference in a player’s reaction time can be the difference between victory and defeat. And, because a higher refresh rate monitor allows for the potential of your monitor displaying frames at a higher rate, that faster exchange of frames can make your game feel much smoother, which can give you an advantage in certain scenarios." source: https://techguided.com/is-144hz-worth-it/
  2. what are the advantages of high refresh displays ingame? why a lot progamers play with high refresh displays e.G. 144/240? why do they not play with a 60 refresh rate display?
  3. fail0r

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    at PGI 2018 everyone played with the same display refresh rate / fps, otherwise it wouldnt have been fair.
  4. fail0r

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    almost every console game is locked to 60fps. pubg is locked to 30fps on consoles.
  5. fail0r

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    we could all save money and energy costs if the game would be locked to 60fps.
  6. fail0r

    suggestion: 2 gamemodes

    i have a high refresh rate monitor
  7. gamemode #1: 60fps lock where everyone plays with 60fps to make the game ultra fair for everyone... gamemode #2: unlimited fps the same what we have currently now...
  8. but it would be not fair, because 60fps players would have a faster and accurate aiming than players with 30fps. why then can play players on PC with 240hz/240fps against players with 60hz/60fps? RIP PUBG (PC)
  9. fail0r

    PS4 or xbox?

    i would switch immediately from PC to a PS4 pro, if the PS4 pro version would run PUBG in 60fps.😩
  10. fail0r

    Cheating Discussion

    so your calculations are also be valid for a 60hz display with 60fps and a 240hz display with 240fps?
  11. fail0r

    Cheating Discussion

    players with 60fps have not a single chance against players with 240fps. 240fps is like cheating.
  12. fail0r

    Weapons and fps

    i have read that more fps makes more damage. if thats true they could force lock everyone to 60fps with vsync btw.
  13. fail0r

    Less Frustrating Game Play

    from the devs: "At the same time, we are exploring ways to provide the broader community a chance to experience the esports ruleset naturally in public games. More details on this are coming soon." i think that means that the esportsettings with a slower endgame coming soon to the liveservers. source: https://na.pubgesports.com/news/396/gameplay-ruleset-for-phase-1-pubg-esports
  14. fail0r

    Help me choosing monitor!

    i ordered a few days ago the samsung c24fg73. its a 24" 1080p 144hz 1ms VA panel with freesync. still waiting for the packet...