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  1. I have similiar problems like you. When I move, I often "teleport" or "hit an invisible wall". Enemies are sometimes bullet sponges, they shoot and kill me before they even peak. They also kill me 1-3 FUCKING SECONDS after I ran behind a wall. If I'm running inside a building and a team mate is some distance behind me, also trying to get it, I will hit an invisible wall and teleport back while he gets inside. If I use two computers side by side and play duo, when I move in one, it happens seconds later in the other. In-game ping is way too good, no packet loss and fps is mostly 100+. Match after match after match gets destroyed by this bullshit. Out of 100 matches, I can count the ones with little desync problems with one hand. I have been asking for help regarding this for months. Devs don't give a fuck. I mean, they don't even know about this it seems. Support is useless, not that they could do anything about it.