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  1. MiniUziShhh

    easier way to detect where you are getting shot from

    Headset will tell you where those shots came from
  2. MiniUziShhh

    The storm is dumb.

    The storm is just as dangerous as other players, you should watch out for it as much as you're watching out for the players
  3. MiniUziShhh

    Sensitivity Settings

    Sorry for the delay i busted my phone and the new one doesnt like this site... Anyway though i meant shooting right from the hip. I never really did that until the last few months and I've got to say its made a huge difference, especially in close quarters. so my verdict is indeed "just press shoot goddamit" lol
  4. MiniUziShhh

    Sensitivity Settings

    I think you'll just have to tinker till it feels right. I used to keep everything at max then they doubled the limits so I brought them down to about half way then red dead came out and now I'm all fucked right up haha And hip crucial I think... Some people here are saying you'll never use it but I've had more success shooting off my hip as of late more then ever
  5. MiniUziShhh

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    I miss my projector.. those damn bulbs cost soo much though
  6. MiniUziShhh

    PUBG limited edition controller exclusive dlc

    I'd love to but they're soo much money! I guess ive spent about that much in replacing the factory ones so maybe..
  7. MiniUziShhh

    PUBG limited edition controller exclusive dlc

    I wonder if it's any better then the normal Xbox controller? I always seem to get a wandering thumbstick after a year or so
  8. MiniUziShhh

    ADS not working in first 3 minutes of games

    I've never noticed it at the beginning of a game but for sure I've seen it after loading back in after being dropped from the game
  9. MiniUziShhh

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    Even if it does give them an advantage I still have enough chicken dinners with my rickety ol' controller so i'm cool with it....just kidding lol they should cut the hands off anyone using em
  10. MiniUziShhh

    Can't match with my friend

    I sometimes have this issue with one friend of mine.. he lives our if town and can't get very good internet so we've always assumed that was the issue
  11. I personally like the blue being strong at the end of the game.. I've spent the last half hour working my way there so I can take out whomever i share the final circle with or die trying. It's what happens inside the circle that matters in the end so if you're in the blue you die . I think it should start slow and work it's way up as the game Progress's Or maybe this could be another option for game types ... A type for the slow players and a type for the faster paced crowd ?
  12. MiniUziShhh

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    @HashtagTheGod ahhhh I see lol guess I'm just slow... Didnt know I could get it till this afternoon. Hopefully it's not too long before it goes live.
  13. MiniUziShhh

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    You can download the test server from the store right now... Holy Fu**ing ten gigs !!
  14. MiniUziShhh

    Can't take item again!

    Any chance your inventory was already full? LoL
  15. MiniUziShhh

    Running disabled

    Never, could it be that since the latter circles are faster that it seems like you're not running?