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  1. I miss my projector.. those damn bulbs cost soo much though
  2. I've never noticed it at the beginning of a game but for sure I've seen it after loading back in after being dropped from the game
  3. Even if it does give them an advantage I still have enough chicken dinners with my rickety ol' controller so i'm cool with it....just kidding lol they should cut the hands off anyone using em
  4. I sometimes have this issue with one friend of mine.. he lives our if town and can't get very good internet so we've always assumed that was the issue
  5. I personally like the blue being strong at the end of the game.. I've spent the last half hour working my way there so I can take out whomever i share the final circle with or die trying. It's what happens inside the circle that matters in the end so if you're in the blue you die . I think it should start slow and work it's way up as the game Progress's Or maybe this could be another option for game types ... A type for the slow players and a type for the faster paced crowd ?
  6. @HashtagTheGod ahhhh I see lol guess I'm just slow... Didnt know I could get it till this afternoon. Hopefully it's not too long before it goes live.
  7. You can download the test server from the store right now... Holy Fu**ing ten gigs !!
  8. Any chance your inventory was already full? LoL
  9. Never, could it be that since the latter circles are faster that it seems like you're not running?
  10. Since we're being honest here my game has crashes more often since the last patch then ever before. Frame rate is way up and everything else seems on point . My Xbox home screen even went blank and now it's just a white background behind all the apps and such
  11. I read that they're working on this.. apperantly it happens when theres a lag spike in the server and somehow bikes do this sweet flip maneuver if being ridden during said spike
  12. Hmmm I guess I've never tried shooting it right away then. I have to try tonight. Honestly I've never heard of this till now. I thought you were just going to complain about how painfully long it takes lol
  13. I know if you press B to say open a door mid reload it will stop the process of any gun but I've never had an issue with shotguns specifically
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