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  1. MiniUziShhh

    easier way to detect where you are getting shot from

    Headset will tell you where those shots came from
  2. MiniUziShhh

    The storm is dumb.

    The storm is just as dangerous as other players, you should watch out for it as much as you're watching out for the players
  3. MiniUziShhh

    Sensitivity Settings

    Sorry for the delay i busted my phone and the new one doesnt like this site... Anyway though i meant shooting right from the hip. I never really did that until the last few months and I've got to say its made a huge difference, especially in close quarters. so my verdict is indeed "just press shoot goddamit" lol
  4. MiniUziShhh

    Sensitivity Settings

    I think you'll just have to tinker till it feels right. I used to keep everything at max then they doubled the limits so I brought them down to about half way then red dead came out and now I'm all fucked right up haha And hip crucial I think... Some people here are saying you'll never use it but I've had more success shooting off my hip as of late more then ever
  5. MiniUziShhh

    This Type of Player

    A win is a win in my books... Playing solo in squads I'm always too scared to jump in a car as there's probably a full squad just waiting to blow it up
  6. MiniUziShhh

    Show and tell - Whats your settup

    I miss my projector.. those damn bulbs cost soo much though
  7. Send it to the admins instead of public shaming... The internet is a strange place.. if you post someone's gt in a negative way that just gives people reason to go troll/spam their account ... Even though they're cheaters it's not fair to post it in a public forum.
  8. I couldn't get in to a game this time around.. it would automatically change my region from na to Eu and i just couldn't get into the games.. turn of the game or go back to the title screen and nothing changed... Me so sad
  9. I've got a 15 year old lg flat screen and I sit too close
  10. MiniUziShhh

    PSA: Suppressor does nothing for recoil

    Nah that's what my aimbot is for .. ..A snake can't slither without its sssssssssuppressor
  11. Haha I've said it before that sometimes you just gotta bring the red zone to the end zone if you want that win
  12. Oh man can you imagine... I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure I've come really close to a stroke just playing on my tv. If I were playing vr I'd be dead by the third circle LOL
  13. The best defense to a barrage of grenades is to throw yours first
  14. MiniUziShhh

    PSA: Suppressor does nothing for recoil

    My search for a suppressor never ends... If I hear a silenced shot nearby I will try to find it and make it mine
  15. MiniUziShhh

    How long?!?!

    Long enough to know that I don't want to know