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  1. Vibranthippo

    what do squad colors signify?

    Yes, i am pretty sure it is based on who connects to the game first. My friends playing on One X's almost always load in before me so i am usually whatever the bottom colour is (can't remember).
  2. Vibranthippo

    November 15 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    By far the best update so far. 4 dinners yesterday, multiple games of 4+ kills that felt really smooth. Only place i really still noticed FPS drop is when smoke is nearby. I spent about 5 minutes in training after last update to fool around with my movement and it was fine, this update didn't change anything for me which i am fine with.
  3. Vibranthippo

    November patch. Last chance.

    Have any of you tried spending a few minutes in training mode playing with your settings? Thats all it took me. I felt the same way after the movement fix but again, 5 mins in training mode and i feel the same as before. I think reducing the dead zone number is what helped me the most(or increasing, cant remember off the top of my head)
  4. Vibranthippo

    November patch. Last chance.

    There we go, YOUR expectations. You aren't happy with the expectations that you set for this game, like otheres in this thread. The developer didn't promise anything, they have said what they are working to improve, but haven't set expectations. People have set their own expectations too high for a game that clearly stated there shouldn't be any expectations everytime you opened it up for the first 10 months.
  5. Vibranthippo

    November patch. Last chance.

    I am going to make an assumption that you and many of the other people with similar view points haven't played since day 1. If you had, you would realize that the game has made HUGE strides since then. It still has a long way to go, but to say it is the same game as it was even 2-3 months ago, is an outright lie. I also feel that many people think the game 'sucks' because in fact they suck at it. There are going to be things about this game that get you killed 'sometimes' like lag, desync, etc, but many people also die because they aren't good with no aim assist and the bullet mechanics. I am sorry, but you don't die everytime due to desync. This game is challenging and many people who were used to being good at COD aren't good at this game. Hell, it took me over 6 months of this game to get to like a 1.0 KD and was usually a 2.0 on COD games. Also, the comparisons to other similar games (COD and Fortnite) are pointless. COD developers (I think there are 3 that rotate now) have had at minimum 5 years (and maybe more, not sure how long each studio has been doing each version) to refine COD. Fortnite was also announced in like 2011 or something so it is also much polished. Fact of the matter is that this is a inexperienced developer, in a game that started as a preview so expectations need to be set to that. If they launch 2 or 3 new PUBGs or other games in the future, that is when expectations need to be increased.
  6. Vibranthippo

    November patch. Last chance.

    To me, it is the OP and similar ones from the same group of people every week that are the toxic posts. They serve no purpose. Saying you are going to quit the game isn't and can't make the developer move any faster. I think it is highly understood that some people don't like the state of the game, there isn't a need for repetitive posts and demands every day. If you don't like the game in the way it is, either stop playing it or take a break. There are skins and other purchasable items because people wanted them, but they are cosmetic and aren't mandatory. If you don't want to support it because you feel like it is a money grab, don't buy them. Also, as much as people wish the game was more polished, i think you would be hard to find anyone that can say they haven't got their $40.00 (or however much in your own currency) worth of this game. Only the developer knows where they are at, what is in their way, and where they can get but the fact that they post weekly updates is good for me. How much are you expecting them to say, and how many would even understand anymore detail? The majority of these people complain but won't provide any relevant information. How many have had the 'lost connection to host' error and actually provided the requested information for the developer to diagnose the issue? I bet you it isn't very many...
  7. Vibranthippo

    Compass pin system?

    I thought that the longer you hold in the right stick, the farther the marker goes away from you in the direction that you are facing might work. There could also be an indicator that moves along the ground to show you how far it is going.
  8. I wish de-sync was never acknowledged by the developers. Now, every time someone dies it was because of "de-sync" ???
  9. lol a point isn't null just because you don't agree with it. You believe that PUBG corp wants to make a terrible game. That is your opinion, which is fine. It is not mine. My gameplay experience has vastly improved over the last 6 months, and if you read the patch notes, much more has been completed in that time than micro transactions. I am not saying that increasing the tick-rate won't help, I am just saying that if it were that simple, it would have been done.
  10. If you think that the best business position is for them to sit on a bunch of fixes, point and laugh at us and say 'we could fix this but we don't want to' is the most ridiculous argument i have ever heard. There are still things wrong with the game because they haven't been able to figure out a fix. There are no 'easy' fixes left. If they really wanted to 'take the money and run' they would have stopped developing and updating it 6 months ago.
  11. I think his argument is that if it was as easy as 'upping the tick rate' it would have been done already. People make it sound like there is a big red button sitting in front of the developers that will fix the game and they just don't want to push it.