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  1. At the bottom of the screen it'll tell you what region you're in. - na - eu - as etc.
  2. You're comparing 2 guns from 2 different games. The AK-47 from BF VIetnam with an HK416 in BFBC/BC2/BF3/BF4. What he said was show us a game with an AK-47/AKM and a M416 ... in the same game. BF4 doesn't have an AK other than the AK-12, BF Vietnam doesn't have an M416. I know because I played the shit out of Vietnam and most of the mods. And as I said the closest thing to the AK-47 in BF4 is the AK12 (assault class) ... same family of weapon irregardless the ammo. There is a Groza in the all kit weapons category though. All assault rifles in BF4 have a base dmg of 25.4 ... the only differences between the weapons in general is their recoil, drag, drop off, deviation etc. High rof gets greater first shot multiplier recoil, deviation. Lower Rof gets lower mults, but slightly higher decreases. The Groza all kit has a base dmg per shot of 30, but that damage output is countered by recoil, sway, deviation, spread etc. I know this because I again played the shit out of BF4. I've been playing the BF series since it friggin released in 2002. Use the damage stats system. It clearly shows the advantage to AKM over M4/Scar. It's just a matter of "Player ability". If you master the AKM you'll have no issues head to head with against an m4. http://battlegrounds.party/weapons/?weapon=AKM&armor=0&helmet=0&distance=10&htk=dmg&pel=true&burst=false&veh=
  3. 3.5 meters is not == 3.5 feet. it's roughly 10 feet. So basically a 20 foot diameter hemisphere with you at the center. Realistic would be LETHAL damage (dead) at 5m radius ... 10m diameter.
  4. meant in BF4 ... closest weapon to the AK-47 in BF4. 🙄
  5. https://forums.pubg.com/topic/248759-pc-10-updated-14-update-6518/ PubG lethal damage radius is 3.5m which is Less than IRL kill radius. Armor in game is Back and Chest "Plates" the rest of the vest isn't bulletproof. With explosions ... grenades etc... a lot of the lethal damage is the "Blast over pressure", not just the shrapnel aspects. Last I checked the game didn't have full body armor (Blast Suits). There's also areas of the body in game that aren't protected. Arms, Legs, Neck, Waist, Face. All can take direct full damage. Nades are fine.
  6. Kill radius is 5 meters (16 feet). Casualty radius is 15 meters (49 feet).
  7. If you're going to use stats for BF games use Symthic. The closest weapon to an AKM/AK-47 in BF4 is the AK-12. https://symthic.com/bf4-weapon-info?w=M416 https://symthic.com/bf4-weapon-info?w=AK-12
  8. If the red zone was gas you'd take damage as long as you were in it similar to the blue....which in this game is supposed to be gas.
  9. PubG leans toward realism. Those other BR's (BF Firestorm the exception) lean toward fantasy. But even BF is starting to get a bit soft.
  10. Matchmaking already tries to put you into the lowest ping queue by default. Servers are fed lowest ping first and upward until its filled. That's part of "Ping Prioritization". Adding a slider won't change anything other than you toggling it around and queueing for potentially eternity. It would be a pointless addition to the UI and MM. A waste. You're only ever going to be sent to the lowest pinged (best connection) data center, unless you're in duo/squad. Then it's based on the group.
  11. That's an easier approach...swap out. Just found out there are new things being added in the line of pickups and features.... for custom games....so far.
  12. Practice! Learn the bounce mechanics, max distance for each stance, sprint jump throw etc. A huge part to being really good with them is not over exposing yourself while cooking and during throw.
  13. Typically you'll find the AKM/AK-47 in games to have a higher dmg per shot. But ROF, and Recoil counter its dmg per shot output to balance it. That's the general approach to all weapons in most games. High damage is balance by lower rate of fire and they have lower accuracy.
  14. What's good for the "Business". Take that point of view first. As a business owner would you rather discomfort your customer majority or minority.
  15. Technically you want players to have a ping low enough that their Update Travel Time (UTT) can get a packet to the server with in 1 tick. UTT is ping / 2. Tick interval is (1000 / tickrate) ... (1000ms / 60Hz) = 16.667ms PubG's Tick sits around 40Hz... so 25ms Interval. For a 60Hz server (16.67ms tick interval) a prime ping would be anything lower than 16.67 * 2. High ping is a ping that takes 3 ticks or more to get to the server. ((Tick interval * 3) *2) 60Hz tick ... ((16.67 * 3) *2) == 100.2ms 120Hz tick ... ((8.33 * 3) *2) == 49.98ms This approach isn't as cut and dry with low tick servers though. High tick (60Hz and up) is dead on. Sub 60ms is the general when tickrate is less than 60Hz. Anything over than can be generalized as a high ping. But globally 100ms is the norm for a high. ------------------------------------------- As far as how many HP's do you need to start slowing the server? I'd rough it at 20-25% give or take and depending on their pings. If the HP's are 100-150's .. 25% sounds about right. If they average around 200-300 it's a lot less. In BF4 (64player) it only takes about 10 players with pings over 120 to cause havoc on a 60Hz server. I've seen BF4 servers (30,40,50,60Hz) crash from desync caused by HP's.
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