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  1. I've had zones that friggin centered on me. No point in really moving and risking getting shot in the back. All the action is coming to me. I might move up to a 50%, but running for kilometers to chase a chance at a kill is a bit ridiculous.
  2. Dude EVERY building I go into outside of my drop point I expect someone to be in there just waiting. They might've gotten there 1 minute, or 30 seconds before, then heard my approach. Irregardless I halfway expect someone in there. The times I don't and just bust on in are the times I get shot in the face. So please keeping full sprint bunny hopping everywhere. Free kills are free kills. 👍
  3. I mainly focus on getting to Top 10. Then I focus on Top 5, then the win.
  4. Yup, the win is all that matters. Just got a win a few minutes ago and the last two dudes I dropped both had 9 kills a piece. I won with 5.
  5. For what purpose? So you can leave if you see a high ping? If that's why you'll never play again. So there's no point in it. On death showing the opponents avg ping/loss would be nice though.
  6. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Depends on the given scenario.
  7. I built my working spawners based on the characteristics displayed in PubG. In each map I picked a spot and dropped at it countless times just to map out what spawns per pile at the spot. I also built it based on performance and efficiency which the following video shows. Spawning 1,000 items in a second which are randomly chosen from 200 configured spawners. That's 1/27th the entire loot available to spawn on Erangel. And I did it on an FX-8350 running as client and server. The video shows a 60Hz tickrate. Also ran it at 120Hz tick no difference.
  8. Each pile of loot is a single spawner. They choose a list of things that can spawn in that pile. To increase rarity you'd simply add more things to it that could spawn. You could even double, triple, quadruple the entries for certain things to spawn. Thus decreasing the rare items percentage and increasing the duplicates chances. For example If I want a spawner to have an 8x scope, but I want it to be a rare spawn. By adding 12 other attachments, ammo, meds, boosters I make it a 1 in 13 chance (7.16%) to spawn the 8x, but only if its available in the loot table. I can further by adding 24 other items to that list, now it's 1 in 25 ... 4% chance of spawning. If a spawner has a m416, AKM, UMP, 911 there's a 25% chance for each one of those. Add another ump entry and the odds change to 20%,20%,40%,20%. I'll pop up a working demo of this tomorrow evening.
  9. The depletion rate is random. It's all dependent on the spawner ... what can spawn at that spawn point and whether the item is available in the loot table. Loot tables are simple inventory lists. They have a list of all items spawnable and a number for each. M416 => 750 M16A4 => 550 AKM => 650 Beryl => 650 etc .... When a spawner is triggered the server loops through the list of things "that spawner can spawn", checks if it's available in the loot table ( n > 0), adds it too the random choose list. Once the random list is built (only items that have availability) it randomly picks a few and spawns them. Each time it spawns an item it deducts 1 from the loot table count for that item. Spawn m416 -> 750 - 1 ... 749 update loot table (M416 = 749).
  10. Dead lines are generally the issue. Higher ups with zero knowledge of software development set and push ridiculous time frames. They don't care if it works or not. Their job is to get it out the door by date. If it doesn't work it's not their problem. That shit rolls downhill.
  11. I agree and I do code. Internal Test Deploy public test Make changes/tweaks Internal test Deploy public test Polish Internal test deploy public test package internal test go live
  12. Loot is not spawned map wide. It's trigger based. Check this demo. When you clip the collision radius of a spawner it triggers the loot spawning on the server. The server then sends that data to you. But Player movement (other people dropping with you) has priority.
  13. Search the forums. The answers have been provided multiple times.
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