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  1. Rev0verDrive

    Devs - Anything being done about Macros?

    To be more accurate the replay doesn't show the real applied recoil of your opponent. That data is never sent to you from the server. Thus you'll never have it in the replay data. Only your own applied recoil data can be stored in the data set. Replay recoil of the opponent is randomly generated for visuals only.
  2. 45 ACP does more damage per bullet than 9mm. That was the main reason for the Vector (45 acp version) having a low magazine count. Also the UMP 45 is getting a mag count reduction as well. Just makes logical sense. edit .... Actually at the moment the UMP 9 is supposedly packing 39 dmg per bullet. So the UMP 45 may stay at that value.
  3. Rev0verDrive

    Copying Replays

    They won't be deleted. They just won't be viewable any longer. best practice is to watch the replay and record it with a screen capture app. Fraps, AMD Relive etc.
  4. Rev0verDrive


    Pre-round lobbies max at 25 per instance. Your FPS can be affected by opponent connection issues. Your client being updated with corrections can cause FPS dips (increased frametime). Your client has to make corrections to precalculated player positions. This can increase the processing time per frame thus a lower frame rate.
  5. Rev0verDrive

    Copying Replays

    Replays are not videos. They are raw game data that the game engine uses to rebuild each action. They are stored : C:\Users\<user account>\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Demos Each replay is packed in a zip file. Just copy a backup of those zip files and restore them once you reinstall the game on the new drive. ** Note Replays are patch dependent. Replays of matches under patch #26 will not be playable once patch #27 releases.
  6. Rev0verDrive

    Hardware ban work

    Because the business isn't responsible for it's customers actions. Applying hardware bans on i-cafe PC's would be the equivalent of you being fined for someone doing something illegal on your property. Irregardless of the fact you weren't aware. Or like Microsoft being fined for someone writing a hack and they happened to be running under Windows 10.
  7. Rev0verDrive

    Opinions on Update #27

    It's definitely going to suck when you screw up a play. Think BF4 HC ... go from there.
  8. Rev0verDrive

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    What do you mean it isn't real? Like nobody IRL could do it?
  9. Rev0verDrive

    Look!! Matchmaking fixed

    oddly enough I got Erangel in 7s
  10. Rev0verDrive

    Look!! Matchmaking fixed

    Current NA FPP Solo MM
  11. Rev0verDrive

    SR 150% Damage in Update

    Body Damage! It's an SR and it should do significantly more damage to the body than a DMR.
  12. Rev0verDrive

    Hardware ban work

    Most games use a combination of hardware ID's and the OS validation ID to create a HWID for bans.
  13. Rev0verDrive

    Opinions on Update #27

    The first aid changes increases the need for tactics and critical thinking vs run n gun zerg play. Currently there isn't much risk to stupid push shoot at anything moving gameplay. You won't be able to recover from a mistake as fast.
  14. Most if not all of the weapons and item attachment changes were done so that loot spawn rates could be effective. They cannot increase the total number of items spawned (25,000) so they have to change the items themselves. PubG Ran a series of tests using "PROS" to determine what items were being used and their percentage of pick up. This telemetry data was used in the weapon balance decisions. Combining all loops (shotgun/bullet) into a single universal item reduces the total spawn rate % for such items. Say shotgun loops: 1% and Win94/Kar98 Loops: 1% ... that's 2% of the loot pool. Combined they can shift 1% (250) over to another item. Removing all pistol attachments and allowing pistols to use SMG attachments increasing the % pool for other items. Same principle as above. quickdraw pistol mag, extend pistol mag, extended quick draw pistol mag, suppressor.... 4 items removed from the loot table. 100% of their allotment is now spread out over other items. Tactical Stock ...... Simply adds more purpose to its existence other than the M416 and the Vector. Now the M416, Vector, M16A4 and MK47 Mutant can use it. That's a 50% increase in usability. Rechambering (UMP/Vector) ... Not many use the 45 ACP based weapons. Tommy, Win94, 1911, Vector. Out of that group the Vector is probably the most used/picked up, but it's still a lot less than UMP usage/pickup. Switching the UMP over will increase the usage of 45 ACP class and give more value to that series. UMP 45 will more than likely maintain a higher spawn rate than the Vector. And although not noted in the patch data it will have a damage increase just as the Vector had a dmg decrease when being shifted to the 9mm class. You also have to remember there's the Bison and the upcoming MPK5. --------- And WTF do pro's know about game development? I know a few out there understand some of the fundamentals, but the majority as with the player base don't know shit.
  15. Rev0verDrive

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    Patch #27 .... https://www.pubg.com/2019/03/20/update-27/ They're a lot of weapon balance changes listed that will directly affect loot balance across all maps. This patch also will introduce the first Loot Balance adjustment to Erangel. My post here: https://forums.pubg.com/topic/328935-opinions-on-update-27/?tab=comments#comment-1215936 explains the weapon/loot changes and how they affect the loot tables and loot balance spawn rates.