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  1. Rev0verDrive

    Cheat? Walk inside rocks and kill?

    Looks like a cheat. Should report.
  2. Rev0verDrive

    Solo vs Squad - general skill level?

    You think they might use an average of the players in the squad? Highest rank in squad? Or Lowest rank in squad? Either way you'll get a mixed bag of Rank and Skill for opponents. And then there's MM backfilling just to get a game rolling. /shrug
  3. Rev0verDrive

    Solo vs Squad - general skill level?

    Personally I think solo sharpens your skills. Awareness, tactics, movement etc.
  4. Rev0verDrive

    Common settings and user configuration

    Step by step batch file setup. Create a Folder for Each user that will be running the game. These folders "SHOULD NOT" be in the game install directory. My Docs .. Desktop would be the best. Copy the GameUserSettings.ini to each of these folders. Create a text document on your desktop. Edit the file and SAVE AS "UserName_PubG.bat" .... make sure you change the extension to BAT. Copy/Paste the Code Below into the Batch File. Edit Accordingly. Create a Copy for each user ... Edit and Rename each appropriately. End result you should have a Folder and a Batch File for each user. @echo off :: Copy User game settings to Game Folder. xcopy /k/y C:\PathToYourSaved\GameUserSettings.ini C:\PathToYour\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor :: 5 second Delay before starting game. sleep 5 :: Start PUBG. start steam://rungameid/578080 @exit XCOPY .... Xcopy /options <Path to Target file being copied> <space> <Path to destination folder> /k: copy read-only attributes along with files. otherwise, all files become read-write. /y: don't prompt before overwriting existing files. SLEEP ... The user settings need to be moved over prior to the game starting. Using a delay "helps ensure" this is done. Alternatively you can use ping as the delay method. I personally prefer either of these two as they don't have standard "any key press" bypasses. Simply copy and paste the following and remove the sleep line. ping localhost -n 5 >nul Start Game ... Every steam game has a unique App ID. To get the ID you can either open steam and goto the games store page. It'll be listed in the URL. Alternatively you can right click on the game in your steam library and "Create Desktop ShortCut". Then right click on the shortcut -> Properties. On the "Web Document" tab you'll see the ID in the URL field. PubG's App ID is: 578080 e.g. https:// store.steampowered.com/app/578080/PLAYERUNKNOWNS_BATTLEGROUNDS/ ==================================================== NOTES ! ! ! ! # Use at your OWN RISK. I've tested this on my comp and it works as intended. # When the game is patched you need to copy the "NEW" GameUserSettings.ini as a backup. There maybe changes to it. If so you'll need to redo your settings using the "New" format.
  5. Rev0verDrive

    Common settings and user configuration

    @azeunkn0wn You can additionally create a batch file for each user that will auto copy the settings file and start the game. Copy or XCopy or RoboCopy will handle the file part. You'll need to create a batch file for each user. Just run it from desktop.
  6. Conveyor belt at Cement factory using default material.
  7. Rev0verDrive

    Common settings and user configuration

    Press Windows Key + R. Paste %localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Press Enter. Locate the GameUserSettings.ini file. This is where all your Keybinds, GFX, Sound etc settings are stored. Create a folder for each player. Copy the GameUserSettings.ini file to each folder. Whenever you go to play just copy your GameUserSettings.ini file into the main directory and overwrite. Boot pubg and enjoy.
  8. Rev0verDrive


    Just turn on death cam and use the report system. If it's legit, they'll get banned. First in-game notice will be a temp ban. This gives the team more time to review the player. Shortly after (usually 24 hours) the perma-ban hammer is swung.
  9. Rev0verDrive

    Week 9 "survive" missions

    Loads of Kar98/M24/SKS/SLR if you know where to look. Isolated bldg clusters spawn more DMR/SR then large groupings and towns.
  10. Rev0verDrive

    Week 9 "survive" missions

    Wording is a bit off. No meds first 5 minutes. No kills with DMR/SR first 10 minutes. Should be a breeze.
  11. Rev0verDrive

    How is it possible?

    I wouldn't say there's much left of Quake engine left in Source. Infinity Wards engine has more Quake in there's than Source does.
  12. Rev0verDrive

    How is it possible?

    What game is Source Engine. EA (TitanFall, Battlefield, etc) uses Frostbite, PubG uses Unreal Engine. update: .... Just read where Respawn pretty much built a new engine on top of source. Pretty much the Respawn engine at this point. Map sizes? Number of loot spawns, destructibles (shacks/glass), vehicles, interactive actors (doors). 64 player, might test 80 once everything is optimized.
  13. Rev0verDrive

    sound issue spectators vs players

    The Difference in spectator vs live is spectator mode is delayed for at least 100ms. This is to reduce dead players from helping live players. Now the reason why spectator audio is more accurate (no lost footsteps) is because of that delay. Player footsteps are only played if the player takes a step. Literally the animation must play to produce the footstep. If a player is warped by the server to a new more accurate position then you won't get a footstep sound for the movement. Spectator delay has the added benefit of not having to deal with client/server movement corrections. So if a player moves in spectator, then they will make a sound. You should never see a player warp in spectator mode. EVER.
  14. Rev0verDrive

    How is it possible?

    Having a max player count of 60 affords you a lot of extra resources. Talk to me when they bump to 100 players.
  15. I carry at least 3 smokes always. 1 nade if I find it. Once I hit top ten I loot my kills for extra smokes and nades. Drop other crap I won't need.... Like DMR's and switch to a second CQC of the same ammo type. Nade wise I mainly use smoke as decoys and frags to flush out snakes and rock humpers.