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    Listen To The Community!

    This has been addressed many times by the PUBG team. It would result in untenable wait times for games. You may be overstating how many people will "happily wait for the game to fill and start". For me personally, if I had to wait more than 30+ seconds for a game every time, I would get highly annoyed. I would love map selection, but not if it would wreck queue times. (My only suggestion would be, if possible, to make "small maps" and "large maps" selectable, i.e. two different options.)
  2. TriviaJockey

    Proxy chat

    [citation needed]
  3. TriviaJockey

    Proxy chat

    We don't want proxy chat.
  4. TriviaJockey

    New favorite glitch/bug

    Not a bug, that's the new Pious Mode feature.
  5. TriviaJockey

    My son steals my kills

    Or fights crime at night with his friends Catboy and Owlette...
  6. TriviaJockey

    Fix the freaking 4 times scope please

    *someone complains about the 4x scope reticle* Some men just want to watch the world burn, Bruce.
  7. TriviaJockey

    Well, that was a tough weekend!

    Oh god same here. If I screw up, that's how I do it...CQC panic. Reflexively afraid to let ADS go, and someone runs past me too fast.
  8. TriviaJockey

    Well, that was a tough weekend!

    His accuracy was totally on-point if he was trying to kill the ground.
  9. TriviaJockey

    Vikendi buildings

    Well, it looks like a ramp...
  10. Is there any way to report illegal teaming after the game is over? I just watched a PUBG Replay of my last match, and discovered that guys from two different squads teamed up to kill us. I didn't notice it during the game because I didn't see that one of the guys in the battle was from a different squad. I assume I'm just out of luck?
  11. *looks at my own k/d ratio* Clearly not.
  12. TriviaJockey

    Question gameplay

    English is probably not OP's native language, guys. Not everyone in the world speaks perfect English.
  13. TriviaJockey

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    One magazine even!
  14. TriviaJockey

    Hmmm... How?

    I'm trying to find that part of the site...can you indicate where on that site this damage info. is located? Thanks!
  15. TriviaJockey

    Show Me Your Fav Grenade Kills

    Guy thought he saved himself when he got behind the wall... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/66229092#t=29
  16. TriviaJockey

    Poll to change circle on Vikendi

    It needs to be a different color, that's all I have to say about it.
  17. TriviaJockey

    What is the best map for you and why ?

    The only map I don't like is Sanhok. Not really sure why, I guess it's just so small and sparse. Just a personal preference, really. I like Vikendi, lots of buildings plus has the physical/rock formations of Miramar (but without the distance traveling requirements). Erangel and Vikendi are my favs. Miramar close second.
  18. TriviaJockey

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    Thank you so much for that. The soundtrack stuck the landing.
  19. TriviaJockey

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    I completely owned myself in this clip. Public service announcement, folks -- when you're in the final 2 minutes of a game, don't forget the blue wall exists. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/68480213 Complete brain fart.
  20. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/68512266#t=25
  21. TriviaJockey

    Still haven't figured out parachuting

    We still get good distance by full up on L-stick and full down on R-stick. Then once chute opens we press slightly forward on L-stick to get a little extra forward speed for floating. In other words, we haven't noticed a major change in strategy/mechanics.
  22. TriviaJockey


    Content blocked for copyright reasons.
  23. TriviaJockey

    Being shot through walls has got to stop

    I could honestly be wrong here, but isn't it possible he first shot you through the window and then finished you off after exiting the building? For the kill shot, he's clearly outside the building.
  24. TriviaJockey

    Game won't load

    OK, this looks like it might be Xbox Live's problem:
  25. TriviaJockey

    Game won't load

    All of a sudden the game won't load for me and I am unable to play. It says "sycning data", then when that doesn't work it shows me this screen: I am on an Xbox One X, hard-wired via ethernet cable. No SSD.