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  1. TriviaJockey

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    I would echo this. The circle is hard to see on Vikendi. It's even hard to see sometimes on Miramar, depending on location.
  2. TriviaJockey

    Map selection : alternative solutions

    If it could just be broken down into two lobbies, that would be great: Mini Royale (Sanhok + Vikendi) and Battle Royale (Erangel + Miramar). These are two different game types, essentially. I think that would be a satisfactory compromise to most players.
  3. TriviaJockey

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    As has been stated, this won't work b/c the wait times would be prohibitive. Nobody wants to wait minutes to start very game. That said, if it could just be broken down into two lobbies, that would be great: Mini Royale (Sanhok + Vikendi) and Battle Royale (Erangel + Miramar). These are two different game types, essentially. I think that would be a satisfactory compromise to most players.
  4. TriviaJockey

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    One very minor thing I noticed last night is that the text in the inventory menu screen seemed smaller, like the font was smaller. Anyone else notice this, or is it just me?
  5. I played a number of games last night, trying out the new mechanics. Two questions came up.... 1) With respect to this: Pulling L-Stick backwards lets you glide, when you want to travel a longer distance I tried pulling back on the L-stick, and it looked like I lost all forward momentum...my character just kind of floated in place. When I pushed up on the L-stick, I started moving forward fast again. How does the "glide" make you go farther, if it basically stops you from moving forward? Am I missing something? 2) When you click the L-stick to drop straight down fast, do you hold the click or just click it once? Or do you have to repeatedly click it? Thank you.
  6. TriviaJockey

    Map Selection complainers.

    I was actually thinking about that...going prone on Vikendi with my normal gear would make me a shining beacon.
  7. TriviaJockey

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Just played 5 or 6 games. It's a beautiful map, looks gorgeous. Vikendi is buggy, though. I never have loading delays or rendering issues (One X), but I was loading until the plane was in the air, and buildings were often completely invisible until I was on the ground. And we encountered this bus as well (already reported on Bugs forum): https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/67890061 Still fun, though.
  8. While riding on a motorcycle, the camera view went askew. After getting off the bike, we couldn't walk forward past a certain point. After about a minute, it cleared up and we were fine. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/67890061
  9. TriviaJockey

    New (broken) freefall/parachuting - why?

    So what do you do with the sticks for maximum distance away from the plane path? Used to be full up left stick, full down right stick. How is that done now? Thx!
  10. TriviaJockey

    new parachute mechanics

    Good question. I also would love to hear how parachuting now works, in practical terms. Especially about this: Pulling L-Stick backwards lets you glide, when you want to travel a longer distance Prior to the update, for maximum distance I hold UP on left stick and down on right stick. Do we now hold DOWN on BOTH sticks to get max. distance?
  11. "Tapping L-Stick helps you drop faster and land quicker" What does "tapping" mean in this context - is that the same thing as clicking down on the stick (like you do to lean)? "Added graphical settings option for Xbox One X" What does this mean? What is this option and what does it do? Thanks! Looking forward to the update...
  12. TriviaJockey

    Wish I would have recorded this

    "You were camping" is the go-to excuse of sore losers who just happen to get killed in buildings that someone else got to first. So lame.
  13. TriviaJockey

    hitting someone with a vehicle

    I think your link is broken.
  14. TriviaJockey

    Upgrading to a One X

    Going to dispute this...I am vastly improved on my One X, including frames, but mostly the rendering and loading times...rendering and loading are super fast. I have a couple squadmates on the original One and they take so long to load...sometimes not even until the plane is half-way along its path. Honestly, I would say I have no performance issues at all on my One X. And I don't even use a SSD.
  15. TriviaJockey

    What is this car doing?

    DUDE...I'm going to blow your mind here. Watch this: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/66229092#t=32 JINX
  16. TriviaJockey

    Individual Map Selection

    If we can't have full map selection (which I understand), would it at least be possible to separate "battle royale" from "mini royale"? Those are two different game types. I assume many squads want to play one versus the other. Ours, for example, prefers battle royale (larger maps). Not huge fans of Sanhok.
  17. TriviaJockey

    parachuting technique?

    My squad and I prefer to get as far from the plane path as possible when starting the game. To do this, we've been going full horizontal out of the plane until the chute opens on its own. That is, full up on the left stick and full down on the right stick the entire way. Is that the best way to parachute if you want max. distance? I was told that opening the chute early allows the maximum maximum distance, but that takes forever and we don't want to wait that long to start looting. Are we doing this right, or are we misunderstanding the best technique? Thank you in advance.
  18. TriviaJockey

    Individual Map Selection

    So we can't deselect a map like we can now (ex: deselecting Sanhok and just playing Erangel/Miramar)? Ewwwww.
  19. TriviaJockey

    starting to finally

    It comes in waves...I'll be in a "play every night" mode for a while, then I won't play for several days at a time.
  20. TriviaJockey

    Submit your Random/Funny/Awesome Pubg clips!

    We don't like people who try to bum rides. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/67404045#t=19
  21. Long time coming, but finally did it this morning. Yeah yeah yeah, "only one?? you suck!" I get it. I'm 44 with a 3-year-old, it's not like I have a lot of time dedicated to being good at video games. Felt good to get off the schnide.
  22. TriviaJockey

    Finally joined the Solo Chicken Dinner Club

    Boom. 2 in a week. When it rains... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/67186854 (Ok, I'm done bragging now...thanks for indulging me.)
  23. TriviaJockey

    Killing Knocked Players

    By the way, anyone who messages you to complain about being killed while knocked down is a fool, a sore loser.
  24. TriviaJockey

    Killing Knocked Players

    If I have the time, I will usually finish off a knocked player...if for no other reason than I want the kill on my stats, and if we die before he does, his buddies revive him and I get squat. Plus, if we all die and lose the game, at least we can say we ruined another squad's day if they lose teammates.
  25. TriviaJockey

    Definition of Irony....

    That's not irony, Ms. Morrissette.