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  1. I just want to get rid of vehicle noise once you exit the vehicle.
  2. What dumb, silly or amusing things have you seen opponents do? I'm not talking about being unskilled, or having bad aim -- I mean conscious strategy/gameplay choices that make you scratch your heads. Last night I landed, got a gun early. I saw a guy land (from parachuting) at a compound just ahead of me. Took a couple shots at him, but he ran into a house. I guess he didn’t have time to look for a gun, because unbeknownst to me he jumped out a back window, hopped the wall, and lay down just on the other side of the wall in the grass. I went into the building and found it empty. I would never have known where he went, I would have assumed he ran away already. Except...the dude started to crawl for some reason, and I heard it. Knew exactly where he was. Hopped the wall and shot him.
  3. I have no objection to it, but just out of curiosity why swap the ammo between the Vector and the UMP?
  4. Great topic. Yeah, we have some... The compound just off the beach on the far south end of military island in Erangel = Backbase The small compound on Sanhok that's just below (in elevation) the temple on the northwest island = Flaretown (b/c that's where I found my only flare gun to date, and wasted it in Phase 1) The M4 = My Favorite Weapon (it's a running joke that I always mention how it's my favorite gun whenever I find one)
  5. Please consider eliminating car noise completely once everyone has exited the vehicle. I try to make sure it's fully stopped, but I rarely ever get it exactly stopped. If you don't stop enough, noise. If you stop too much, you start moving backwards. Then I have to get in and get out again to stop the running engine noise (so I can hear approaching footsteps). Please just cut the noise entirely...we can assume I took the keys with me when I got out, eh?
  6. Sometimes I know my squad is about to lose, so I want to salvage a kill out of it. Selfish? Sure. Do I care? No. Gimme kills...mmmm, kills.
  7. This isn't a PUBG question, exactly, but you guys are tech experts, so... When I turn on my console, often there's no audio coming out of my controller (via headset). I have to turn the controller off and back on again to get audio, then it works fine. It may take 2-3 times of turning the controller off and on to fix it, though, which is annoying. Anyone else have this problem and know how to fix it?
  8. We ran into this issue...it doesn't work until the second white circle appears. In other words, during blue wall Phase 1, it does not work.
  9. I wanted to update this after the newest patch. The building rendering during parachuting is MUCH better. Thank you! The pre-game lobby loading is still substandard, though. I'm still routinely not loaded until the plane is mid-flight.
  10. I took a peek at custom match settings for the first time recently, and it appeared that 32 players is the minimum # of players you can select. It might be fun to allow much smaller matches, for example 3-4 players. Would be fun for friends to play a grudge match alone against each other. The size of the first circle could be adjusted smaller to make that type of game practical.
  11. I found my first flare gun last night, fired it into the air and nothing happened. I think I may have done it too early. I have two questions: 1) When is the earliest it will work? After the second white circle appears? 2) How does the loot drop work (if you use the gun inside the white circle) -- do you have to wait for a plane to fly by and drop it at your location? Or does a box just appear near you? Thanks.
  12. (Apologies if this is the wrong forum.) Since the last update, my squad and I have experienced these two issues pretty much every single game: 1) Drastically longer game load times...95% of the time we don't load until after the plane is already in the air and has crossed over part of the map. 2) Longer building rendering times upon landing at game's start. I am on an Xbox One X, with a wired internet connection. My most frequent squadmate is on an original Xbox One with wireless connection. These issues occur in solo and duo mode.
  13. My issues weren't all that severe, but I did experience: 1) My controller setting (normally Type B) had been changed to Type A, didn't notice until I was mid-game. 2) The default firing mode setting had reverted to single fire (I used to have it on auto). 3) Experienced some slightly longer than usual rendering times at game's beginning.
  14. Here's me, stopping (suddenly) in the red zone. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/70910635#t=38
  15. Agreed. My complaints are minor. The game runs pretty well for me. Difficulty: I have an Xbox One X.
  16. I think this was the worst example of this I ever experienced. I didn't know what it was back then. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/trivia-jockey/video/66310305#t=19
  17. I don't need a TON of new structures on Erangel, as I too want to preserve the feel of that map. But a FEW new ones wouldn't be bad for the reasons mentioned by others above.
  18. Well, possibly. They're going to be testing a few things out. I assume this applies to Xbox, but... https://www.pubg.com/2019/03/06/a-statement-on-our-plans-to-remaster-erangel/
  19. Yes. I would love this. But we're already been told it's not feasible without resulting in prohibitive wait times for games.
  20. That's a shame, I would like to see some more buildings in Erangel.
  21. Sanhok is my least favorite of the four.
  22. I'm saying that in terms of computer graphics, a falling character and the ground moving up to meet a falling character are exactly, literally, the same thing. There is no difference.
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