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  1. I can't remember if this pertains to your issue but try opening a different game, close it, then open PUBG again.
  2. I really hope that thread becomes immortalized as a meme.
  3. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/75170807 You can hear it when crossing the street, but I am only looking slightly to the right without RB. I could reproduce it in this instance but not 100% in other matches
  4. The funny thing is both of these pictures have a severe lack of games played so your KD and win percentages are probably skewed favoring the high side. Play 10x as many matches and keep those stats and I'll gladly sing your praises.
  5. Houston TX. No wonder I don't run into anybody I recognize in my games 😥
  6. Why are you talking about download/upload when the issue you are going on about has nothing to do with that?
  7. Managed to nab a 10-kill dinner playing duo v squads so fun can still be had. Took a few games to realize that we weren't playing duos though...
  8. What is the update that is happening 0am PDT on May 23rd? Can't seem to find it.
  9. The strings are midi...unfortunately the trend for even high budget productions is to use midi files for the score (cough GoT) midi is always something at which to cringe.
  10. Landed Castle with X1X (no SSD) to stress test the loading and everything was solid. Still have to test Pecado and Hacienda but I am optimistic.
  11. Sorry, I'm at 61% and will probably go to bed before it finishes. I'd imagine other people are in the same boat.
  12. Yeah, you'd think they would just skip their bad decisions but perhaps it has something to do with how the code progresses from patch to patch. Maybe going from Patch 26 straight to 28 would cause new issues/bugs that were not seen in the PC progression since their 28th patch used patch 27 as the groundwork. I don't code so I am probably spouting off nonsense 😅
  13. It looks like you shot left (hitting his right shoulder) on the first shot and right (hitting his left shoulder) on the second.
  14. Further evidence, similar to @ColonicBoom's scenario. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/74473055 So far all of these examples of hovering are taken from changing elevation.
  15. I definitely know what K/D is; this was for the dude above me who was marveling at this guy getting 12 kills per game.
  16. You are correct. Just take his total kills (1984) and divide it by total games (387) which comes out to be 5.12 kills per game on average.
  17. I spectated a dude in squads as an enemy ran right past him. He even scoped in on each of these "enemies" that were about 50ft away while he was in plain view, then proceeded to turn around and spray 2 guys over 100m away with the enemies at his back who were assisting him. Sent the clip in and received: "However, be happy Survivor we'll take necessary actions on the players who you've reported and we'll take immediate actions on them for teaming in solo mode." 100% automated...
  18. It is pretty sad that you can't even buy a single crate after a win. BP earned should increase dramatically toward the top 3 IMO.
  19. Mylta: MILFa Chumacera: Chimichangas Yasnaya: Crash City (due to the game crashing whenever we approached it in a vehicle) Impala: Impale Her
  20. This was already 2 minutes into the game! I already looted the other warehouse and these guys landed more south of me in Chumacera. Also, he was outside of the warehouse and I don't recall the sand/solid ground ever being playdoh. Playdoh is usually just reserved for rocks, terrain above the ground including floors, and buildings.
  21. So I am merrily looting the warehouse when I hear one person land on the ground outside. I hear him start to go left so I go right to create some distance. As I go right his teammate is literally hovering above the ground and obviously no footsteps are produced because of it. Please listen with headphones to hear what I mean. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/74263885
  22. Pretty sure the concept, gunplay, and potential for hilarious moments made this game popular, not the perspective. There have been third person shooters before this game and by your logic they should have garnered international acclaim simply for being TPP.
  23. Reports expire after 6 months so you could have been a bad boi back then😎
  24. I'm sure 95% are from Halo 5 during the peak of my HLG exploitation.
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