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  1. hidden klmm

    Some thoughts on Ping

    Funny how I live in NA and you have a slightly better ping to the Ohio server than I do...
  2. hidden klmm

    The rag doll physics are dumb now.

    I don't know, I think it adds some charm to the game. PUBG wouldn't be PUBG without random s*** happening every once in a while. Please excuse my bad aim. I am a Halo player so clicking RS to ADS is habit...it makes me lean like crazy in PUBG save.mp4
  3. hidden klmm


    The only argument that should be made in a TPP vs FPP debate is that the circle RNG grants a massive advantage to the TPP player that is lucky to be inside the shift vs. a slight advantage for the FPP player. Arguments having to do with difficulty have no merit because each mode is a closed ecosystem and all of the players have the same UI. Something that would be more objectively difficult would be playing FPP in a TPP game.
  4. hidden klmm

    Load / Render

    Inb4 new thread post-SSD purchase complaining about being shot through walls.
  5. hidden klmm

    Wins to Games Played

    My win percentage is 2.73 or so...about damn time somebody posted a low percentage on this forum.
  6. hidden klmm

    Most fustrating game ever

    I come back to the forums after months and this guy still finds a way to complain about campers in every single post... TPP exacerbates the issue. Most of the time it is ring around the rosie. FPP you can push without the other player knowing exactly where you are but it isn't really worth the extra queue time and <50 player lobbies.
  7. hidden klmm

    Pure military;

    I think everybody is down for that sweet Turkish dessert.
  8. hidden klmm

    Best time for FPP

    Cool, thanks! I'm trying to get back into the game so I'll give it a shot tonight a bit earlier.
  9. hidden klmm

    15 Minutes of backing out of maps

    Population counters have been known to kill playlists. Even if hundreds of people wanted to play it they will all see "20 players" and not queue for the list. Tried and true.
  10. hidden klmm

    Best time for FPP

    Hey all, Tried playing FPP for the past few nights around 11pm Central and my games would start with roughly 38-50 players. Anybody who has had success with full games: what time do you play?
  11. hidden klmm

    An Update: 7 days no play

    Once the hype for Apex dies down I suspect there will be fewer casuals and people won't be able to pubstomp their way to 15 wins per day. I haven't played it but I have watched plenty of streamers and they are literally sprinting/flying at the enemy the entire match. I can see the game getting old really fast for both the players and the viewers. The tournament they are having today is also a joke; whichever team gets the most kills on random F2P players in 4 hours? Pit them all against each other and then we have a tournament, not some farm-fest. Honestly this game resembles an arena shooter more than a BR with the lack of depth in looting, map size, pace, etc. I've played longer Halo 5 BTB games than a full match of Apex. I'm shocked that a dedicated fan to PUBG such as yourself would even download this clusterf*** of a game.
  12. hidden klmm


    Watching some PC streams this morning and they also had some rendering issues, granted it was on the test server and they never hit the ground without them rendered.
  13. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/67924260
  14. I'm on a One X and tried landing Cement Factory. The whole place was invisible so of course the big tower was invisible as well. However the game knew I hit this tower and cut my parachute even though it didn't render...I have the clip if it would help the team. Luckily I was playing duos so I was just knocked when I hit the ground.
  15. hidden klmm

    Feedback to LOD dev letter

    Honestly this report sounded like a small educational short before your favorite cartoon on Saturday mornings. "This week on videogame design...will the XBOX handle it? Find out next month!...and now back to your show."