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  1. My recommendation is to only use the Beryl with a canted/4x. Don't give in and pick up a K98 no matter how tempting it is😊
  2. I once did it in the final two because I got headshot and had to heal while the zone was in an open field. That ended up working but if I go prone to use meds with under 20 people left I get one to the dome about 85% of the time by some guy who has been watching me for the past 5 minutes. I don't recommend it unless it is your last option.
  3. I can't imagine anyone who plays all three could get close to it..
  4. I VSSed a dude and his friend and proceeded to get called a fa***t while he vaped and said "that was our dub" Good way to earn viewers
  5. I have noticed the random 1 second freezes but luckily it isn't during gunfights. The game crashing has been more of an issue since the last update.
  6. About 29ms difference 😎
  7. So my game crashed...I tried to load in again and it crashed for the second time in a loading screen. I try a third time to load back in and get this: "Not allowed User" https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/76506809 Game doesn't crash but lets me try to load in for a fourth time and it succeeds. Here is the success clip so you can get the match ID if that helps. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/hidden-klmm/video/76506906 I landed at prison before all of this and actually managed to nab a 9-kill dinner after driving in the blue for 5 minutes.
  8. @SandmaN20 I got the exact same response through submitting a ticket. Now that we can report the player we are spectating in game I'd give that the old college try but I definitely wouldn't bother with doing it online with clips.
  9. I just paid* for rear suspension on my IRL car and hearing the sounds in game make me want to slow down on the bumps. *it's expensive
  10. Have you tried an arena shooter? Might give you that pace you are looking for.
  11. I'm not worried. I watched a guy prone his way through the last three circles, stare down the last guy at a tree for 10 seconds before ADSing only to be thwarted by a blade of grass. A subtle readjustment allowed him to mow down his enemy, but he had an M24 the entire time and never switched to it in the entire 10 minutes I was spectating.
  12. As per usual people who get dinners their first game back will tell you it is great and people who get owned will say it is bad. Performance feels exactly the same to me (so, pretty good) and the loot buff is definitely apparent. It was mainly content-based so it is as you'd expect.
  13. Ping between 40 and 60 in TX.
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