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  1. Filithynoob

    XBOX crashing my router

    Been going on for months
  2. Filithynoob

    XBOX crashing my router

    My isp is charter. Spectrum my router is a sagemcom. 5260 as I said before it only happens while playing pubg. What they have say sounds like a different issue than mine
  3. Filithynoob

    XBOX crashing my router

    Yes it’s open its odd. Because it only does it when I play pubg i have had my isp tech out. Installed a new router. Still does it i have them sending me out a different brand this time. I did google it. And have seen other people say it happened to them too
  4. I have a Xbox x i can play any other game. Watch YouTube or do whatever but when I play pubg. It makes my router restart i watch my router turn off then right back on while I’m playing anyone else have this problem? i use a router from my isp. Should I go buy one or is there a fix?