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  1. Lately I've been getting Sanhok a lot on the quick play option. I don't think I've gotten Vikendi once in the past 3 days of playing
  2. I feel Apex Legends has a pretty decent sorting order - not ideal for everyone as we all have different priorities of what we are looking for but it's a pretty good start as it's the same every time you loot someone - guns, ammo, armor, backpacks, attachments, consumables(throwables and health). I'd prefer consumables to be above attachments.
  3. I'd really like to see a few different loading screens as well. Not a major addition but just a nice way to spice things up
  4. The team has been "looking into this" for months now. That's what they told us anyway
  5. A perfect record for me too. Surprising considering I'm at 12 years of Xbox Live and used to play a lot of COD in its heyday
  6. We won't get an update or communication from the team until at least the end of the current season. I'm guessing there will be another 3 weeks before the next season begins and we get the same Wild Card Season Pass as PC.
  7. Extended Mags for ARs on Vikendi - I know they are actually out there but just seem impossible to find some days.
  8. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/breadhack/video/72577095 got the kill eventually after this knock. My first and only kill with a crossbow
  9. Yes Andy, that would be very helpful for players that aren't on the forums. It seems that the company is assuming that everyone checks the forums to find out what the grace period is and what it means. If a player didn't check out the forum then they would think that they still have another week to complete challenges as there is nothing to communicate that to them in-game. Now you have to answer questions like this for the next week from people asking why they didn't get their XP for completing x mission.
  10. I understand that Andy but where in-game does it explain that there is a one week grace period where you can collect XP for missions you've already completed and rewards that you simply haven't claimed yet?
  11. I can't believe I have to say this but this should probably be communicated to players IN THE GAME, not in the forums. Typical PUBG communication
  12. all coupons (grey, yellow, blue) that you earn during the Vikendi Event expire once the event is over.
  13. I’m guessing we won’t be getting an update until after this as well?
  14. No video but the best bush wookie gameplay I ever had was on Erangel in the hills north of the Military Base. Came up to a small section of buildings and could hear a car approaching so I got into a bush on the other side of a little ridge. The car ramped over the small ridge and took me out. The other player had no clue I was there and was probably amazed they got a kill. I was laughing too hard to even be mad about it.
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