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  1. Breadhack


    You get to wear a horse head that gets dropped as soon as you pick up a helmet
  2. Breadhack

    Just spotted these PC update details

    I'm guessing it will still remain at the 3/4 healed
  3. Breadhack

    Skinless Weapons!?!

    So you could have 40 of them for each weapon
  4. Breadhack


    Sounds like you're the noob that doesn't know how to use the wall to their advantage
  5. Breadhack

    This is from December 2017......

    the player on the icon on the minimap looks a lot better than when it was grey.....what an improvement!!
  6. Should you also have to load each magazine as you pick up ammo off of the ground?
  7. Are you talking about the white, yellow and blue coupons or the free 20 levels that the Dev said would carry over?
  8. Breadhack


    That is weird, maybe they didn't want you singling the OP out like that?
  9. When you die, you die. There is no coming back
  10. Breadhack


    I sure hope so...
  11. Breadhack

    Dying Faster

    I noticed this a bit last night and just thought I was unlucky but got leveled by a player with an uzi when I had level 2 gear on and I was putting pretty accurate shots on them with a bizon.
  12. Dropped into Erangel yesterday and looted one of the farm compounds just north of the Ferry. Made it out with a handgun, 17 .45 ammo, 1 grenade, and a level 1 backpack.
  13. Breadhack

    Log in now for free 20 level pass

    Will be holding on to mine and until the final few days of the Event to see where I'm at and if it's worth using it or saving it until the next one.
  14. There is also a hefty cost to do a patch on consoles. I don't know exactly what it is but Tim Schafer from Double Fine once eluded that it is somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000. I don't believe it would be that expensive but you'd definitely only want to patch when absolutely necessary at a cost like that.
  15. Breadhack

    Something not right....

    Here's an absolute gem for you from last night, I figure the server's were receiving some major network lag. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/breadhack/video/70229467