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  1. Kizy

    Invincibility when under water

    This. It's how it works IRL - higher speeds means the bullets shatter (because of surface tension). So guns like the pistols or the crossbow have much better water penetration.
  2. For those having issues with the Twitch streaming bar and overlays, I use the following setup which works nicely: Xbox One X PC w/ Windows 10 Xbox App on Windows 10 OBC I use the Windows 10 Xbox app to stream the content from my Xbox One X to my PC screen, then use OBC to stream directly to Twitch with overlays. Working on getting party chat audio capture too - need to use an additional Xbox account in the party to do this step.
  3. Good to see some follows being traded! Really up for supporting each other.
  4. Looks like I can't edit my original post this far after posting, sorry! Just post your details in here for everyone to see.
  5. Hey all, just been watching @KAR98. 's stream on Twitch and got me thinking we should try to support each other with subs and follows. If you're a streamer starting out, or a long running streamer, post here and I'll make a list. I'm just about to start out streaming, but would appreciate the support - I'm sure everyone else would too. Apologies in advance if this is against forum rules - I checked but couldn't see anything. @Kizy - link @KAR98. - link