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  1. Defectivetoy

    Update froze xbox.

    As title states, xbox s literally took a poop after update... got stuck in loading screen and now dashboard will not respond after multiple hard resets ( tried multiple controllers, and unplugged ssd that the game is installed on). Also had a teamate get stuck in loading screen, hard restarted and literally had to log back into his xbox account (enter pw and all that stuff). Anyone else having some serious issues with the hotfix?
  2. Defectivetoy

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Ive literally been asking for this since march or april.... when ever they messed with the shadows to where i couldnt see inside buildings for a patch or so... vikendi is rough right now.
  3. Defectivetoy

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    It doesnt matter what the brightness setting is on there is zero contrast with HDR on my monitor.
  4. Defectivetoy

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Ill capture it next time i play and make a thread in the bug reports, had to set the controller down out of frustration. Also with hdr on and brightness at 0 minimap/circle is still near impossible to see on vikendi.... just like on the pts
  5. Defectivetoy

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Game runs like trash in framerate priority.... kind of ironic.
  6. Location - Large warehouse in cosmodrome Description - when standing on or near oil slick all textures blend in basically making you almost invisible. Same thing with loot that spawns in this exact location Evidence - see screenshots Xbox - happens on both the one x and one s wired connection
  7. Defectivetoy

    xbox one X frame drop issue

    Saw a user on reddit post an interesting theory as to why lowering the graphics resolution may not actually solve our issue. The gpu on the one x is pretty decent, the CPU is our bottle neck. My guess is they will need to find a happy medium... there is just so much processing involved on sanhok because you are so close to alot of players the majority of the match. Add that to alot of different terrain/textures with their "newer" rendering algorithm that they pushed a few patches ago and it's just too much to process. Even though they announced they are looking into the issue I wouldnt expect anything monumental until their next patch in oct.