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  1. Maybe that's what it is... Death boxes vs picking it up from the ground 👍 thanks for the tip mate!
  2. Me too. Every so often throwables not going into the slot even when it's empty.
  3. Great... So I have long queue times and half full lobbies to look forward to when I'm able to get on next... 😣
  4. You can go into the blue in any circle. It just hurts more. With enough meds you can survive well past the 3rd circle tho.
  5. I just use the blue coupon things to get the 5 level jump.
  6. Geez there are some whingers in here! The game plays fine. Is it perfect? No. But there are a lot of AAA studio games that are far from perfect also. The frames are fine. More is always better, but it's perfectly playable. Mind u, I do play on an X and not a console from 6 years ago.
  7. I'm level 48 or so and all I did was buy the pass. I don't really play that much either. Couple of hours here and there and the odd big sesh.
  8. I'd love to see cross play. Call of duty this year is apparently going to be featuring it, so who knows, maybe pubg could follow suit at some point?
  9. Punches are even quieter so obviously better. What a fuckin waste of 30 seconds this post was.
  10. This. I would play so much more if I could choose to play on Erangel. Vikendi is terrible, and sanhok just gets old very quickly. Mirimar is ok, but I just seem to get it too often.
  11. Why are people still bitching about how people play this game!? It's not team death match, it's last man standing ffs!
  12. So no reply to the obvious afk stat padding? Lol, if you're going to care so much about your stat's, at least actually earn them champ. 😂
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