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  1. Never ran into teamers personally. Every time I’ve ever seen a group of guys shooting at me I’d get real mad then I’d realize, oh shit I’m playing squads 😂
  2. GoodFella GotEm

    Supply Pack False advertisement!?

    Always best to read the description in the Xbox store of these packs PUBG sells. Multiple times they have advertised things differently than what you buy. Real shitty thing to do.
  3. GoodFella GotEm

    PubL - take the L

    I get into my deepest thought scolling the the “hub” as well 😭
  4. GoodFella GotEm

    Are people using mouse and keyboard on xbox??

    There has been people wanting something done about radar and MnK since launch. Safe to say if nothings happen since then ain’t shit happening.
  5. GoodFella GotEm

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Big props to the dev team for putting in the ability to view the challenges in game 👍🏾
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    Supply Pack

  8. GoodFella GotEm

    Individual Map Selection

    When a new map drops a majority of players make that their priority so it makes sense for it to have it’s own queue. Now what will be telling is what will happen after the honeymoon phase of Vikendi. If the queues stay the way they are after a month or two it probably has more to do with the player base not being able to comfortably handle the split in map selection.
  9. GoodFella GotEm

    I miss the m16

    Definitely miss speed of the burst on the M16. Nothing got the heart pounding faster than running through a building and randomly bumping into a player then spamming the Hell outta burst till the clip was empty.
  10. GoodFella GotEm

    Holiday Poem Event

    They say that I'm quite a good fellow. I greet every threat with a hello. Then the Devs dropped Vikendi. I don't know what got in me. Now the trail that I leave is yellow. Xbox: GoodFella GotEm 😉
  11. GoodFella GotEm

    What match is truly harder to win? (Opinion

    Harder to win is without a doubt Solos. One mistake and it's game over. Duos and Squads offer the cushion of multiple revives and even if you do get killed, as long as a teammates alive there's still a chance of winning. More chances to win=easier to win.
  12. GoodFella GotEm

    Well, it's December 11th ....

    Could of sworn it dropped on the 12th. And even then you couldn't play the game till 4 hours after midnight. What a launch it was 😂
  13. GoodFella GotEm

    What if they get the X to hit 60fps....

    Wouldn't be upset, X users paid for the better equipment they should receive better performance. At this point I probably wouldn't upgrade if that was the case. We're already balls deep into this gen might as hold out till next gen drops.
  14. GoodFella GotEm

    How do I get sponsored? (High stats)

    You can always find a sponsor in Alcoholics Anonymous
  15. GoodFella GotEm

    It Took Pubg To Break Me Off Of Pubg

    So what? Just because we "suffered" through the game in it's begining on console doesn't entitle us to shit. It was a mutual beneficial transaction between us and PUBG. We buy a game that was heavily hyped up and PUBG gets to fine tune the game for an all consoles launched. If Sony didn't have a higher game release standard PS4 would get the game the same day we did.
  16. GoodFella GotEm

    It Took Pubg To Break Me Off Of Pubg

    So what are ps4 players getting that we're not?
  17. GoodFella GotEm

    No snow map til Jan

    January is still Winter so it's not like they're not meeting their announced timeframe. Now if I'm picking up colored eggs and it hasn't dropped yet then we might have a problem 😂
  18. Hope it's real just for the shitstorm on here 😂
  19. GoodFella GotEm

    What kind of Troll are you

    When I'm bored I like to stand beside a vehicle and wait till someone jumps in and I join Em. Problem is I play TPP so 9/10 a simple camera tilt and I'm turned into Swiss cheese 😂
  20. GoodFella GotEm

    Even LESS Communication from Devs

    What purpose does weekly updates provide anyway? Every week it's "we are aware of the problem and are looking into it" or "this new feature will be coming out(delayed) in this certain time frame." If a bi-weekly update provides more information than the updates we've been there isn't much to complain about. If its the same then light the pitch forks.
  21. GoodFella GotEm

    fallout 4 or pubg?

  22. GoodFella GotEm

    TK is out of control again.

    I guess you can say teamkilling.....is off the Riktor Skale
  23. GoodFella GotEm

    Downgrade or Bug?

    OG Xbox w SSD Been away from PUBG for awhile but I got the itch so I had to hop into a match. Game was running great until it started to rain. Something seemed off and then it hit me, it wasn't raining on half of my screen. Then when I would run towards the dry sections the rain would follow me from behind and vice versa. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/goodfella-gotem/video/64628418 So is this to ease performance on the OG or am I now a controller of the elements?
  24. GoodFella GotEm


    "So tired of people complaining".
  25. GoodFella GotEm

    What games are do u mostly play

    RDR2 had my attention since it launched, just recently finished it. Reinstalled PUBG again to pick up that 20k BP and jacket then Xbox dropped their winter sale so I bought Fractured But Whole. Probably won't boot PUBG back up till they drop the snow map.