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  1. Sanhok is my favorite atm, wasn’t playing when it was the featured map so I’m not experiencing the fatigue that is starting to kick in with Erangel. Not much to complain about other than the wait time between circles on the bigger maps. You get into a lobby with good players and the player count drops to the 30s before the first phase ends so you’re stuck running around in circles and counting down the clock. Vikendi’s my least favorite map. It mostly has to do with how loud walking on snow is, it’s like fingernails on styrofoam. But Vikendi at night is gorgeous and is always fun to play.
  2. A win is always satisfying but getting kills throughout the whole match is so much fun. If I get sent to the lobby in the top 20 but I got 5+ kills, I’m leaving happy.
  3. I’d be down if it didn’t explode on impact. Last thing PUBG needs is some noobtube action like MW2.
  4. Will definitely buy next season. Started playing again at the tail end of this season so didn’t bother buying it but I bought season 1 and I remember how much fun the grind was.
  5. Stopped playing/posting a year ago. Got the PUBG itch so I’m back and having a blast 🥳
  6. Should we? Of course, but it won’t happen. 2 years deep it’s safe to say proximity chat is a scrapped feature.
  7. The loot change is great. It was fun as hell trying to win a game with just the bare minimum but most of the time the scarcity of loot would just piss me off. What I think needs to be looked at now with Erangel is the time between circles. Since the loot change the amount of players alive hits the 40s and 30s before the end of phase 1. Leaves for a pretty boring mid-game.
  8. There has been people wanting something done about radar and MnK since launch. Safe to say if nothings happen since then ain’t shit happening.
  9. OG Xbox w SSD Been away from PUBG for awhile but I got the itch so I had to hop into a match. Game was running great until it started to rain. Something seemed off and then it hit me, it wasn't raining on half of my screen. Then when I would run towards the dry sections the rain would follow me from behind and vice versa. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/goodfella-gotem/video/64628418 So is this to ease performance on the OG or am I now a controller of the elements?
  10. OG Xbox I've been going balls deep into Sanhok since release but at the end of a gaming session I like to unwind and play the other maps. Everynight after a good 4+ hour sesh on Sanhok I try to enter a regular BR lobby and it either kicks me as soon as the time hits 0 or a second after I land. Will do more tests to see if it only happens after I play Sanhok for extended periods of time or if time doesnt matter.
  11. If you need aim assist or mouse and keyboard to play PUBG maybe you should think about......giving up.
  12. PUBG isn't gonna spread it's playerbase any thinner than it already is for a small ass percent of people using MnK. People get dicked and swear it's from someone using a MnK ?
  13. Buying a MnK would totally be worth it just to watch people on here lose their shit ?
  14. Mexican Standoff in the middle of Pecado, if you got the cojones you'll be there ??
  15. If you think the devs are actually find a way to stop players from using MnK then I got a bridge in Georgopool to sell you.
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