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  1. NickJsy

    NA or EU

  2. NickJsy

    Canted sights "X button"

    Has anyone actually found a canted sight...
  3. NickJsy

    Update #5 patch notes MIA

    Good looking notes. Let’s hope the update is up to scratch. Looking fwd to it.
  4. NickJsy

    Listen To The Community!

    Change the circle colour on Vikendi. That alone makes me not Quick Join.
  5. Vulture tactics - picks off the weak ones and takes all the loot. My brother does it. Annoying as hell
  6. NickJsy

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Hard reset for affected player sorted it.
  7. NickJsy

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Squad of 4 trying to get in game. One of us keeps getting timed out. Same person every time. TPP EU also every time we back out and try again we all need to re sign in
  8. NickJsy

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Mix of all but TPP. I tried FPP but was NA. Player base is just too low.
  9. NickJsy

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Are people sure they are getting put out of region. I’m EU and mine can say OC or NA on home screen but when in game it’s an EU server. Not been put out of region once since update. May be as I’m only playing at prime time (in the evening). If if in the day then it probably out of region due to playerbase. If you want to stay in region, with long wait times should that be an option?
  10. NickJsy

    That Hotfix

    Not being funny but the circle colour change on Vikendi can’t be that complex.
  11. NickJsy

    Xbox Update #4 - Feedback Topic

    Squad ready up is a joke. Literally sucks the fun out of playing
  12. NickJsy

    UMP Laser

    Hi, played Vikendi and when putting UMP as secondary the laser sight stays on when it’s strapped to the backpack. Had a QuickDraw and holo equipped as well.
  13. Yeah 3 games last night and turned it off. Was terrible. EU TPP Solo.
  14. NickJsy

    New content we want to see in 2019

    Low limits on minimum players for custom. 4 wud b great.
  15. When u get a lvl3 lid in game it will b with that skin.