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  1. Is there any scope to lower the minimum on XBox? 4 would b perfect for people that play in an existing squad to settle some beef. Even as a trial......
  2. In all seriousness @PUBG_Andymh5 Can the custom match options, specifically a reduction In starting players to 4, be considered with the teaM.
  3. This. We have a regular squad and would be great to play against each other on a small area - just Mil Island or something.
  4. Winning the game from under the map. Finished 4th in game last night and watched to end. ‘Winner’ played it great with 9 kills. But no, he finished second to person under the map. Junk. Vikendi
  5. Has anyone actually found a canted sight...
  6. Good looking notes. Let’s hope the update is up to scratch. Looking fwd to it.
  7. Squad of 4 trying to get in game. One of us keeps getting timed out. Same person every time. TPP EU also every time we back out and try again we all need to re sign in
  8. Mix of all but TPP. I tried FPP but was NA. Player base is just too low.
  9. Are people sure they are getting put out of region. I’m EU and mine can say OC or NA on home screen but when in game it’s an EU server. Not been put out of region once since update. May be as I’m only playing at prime time (in the evening). If if in the day then it probably out of region due to playerbase. If you want to stay in region, with long wait times should that be an option?
  10. Will do but fairly easy to replicate I’d guess. Just swim really close. Side by side.
  11. When playing duo (TPP EU) my partner and I were swimming across river on Sanhok near northern bridge and on each other’s screen it appeared we were doing some form of back stroke when we were both in full front crawl on our screens. Weird bug not game game breaking but a bug nonetheless
  12. Can we get some stats around usage to support some of these decisions?
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