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  1. no, no, no... The answer to "..hey, I got X kills, how many did you get?" is always X+1. lol
  2. I know there's pubg-replay and a load of other apps and sites, in game I mean.. if you play with randoms like I do, it just adds a bit more without detracting from PUBG as game
  3. Not a massive ask, but would be very nice to have a the final screen as per Apex, with all your duo/squad details on.. who's killed, downed, damage etc. I don't think there's much, if anything else, I'd take from that game and put it in PUBG, I'm happy PUBG stays as the best tactical BR.. but small changes that are good for teams, make fun talking points when you see the proof that your teammate really scabs all the kills
  4. Since the patch, I haven't been on an NA server once. The servers are always either EU or OC, or SA. I've looked at pubgserverping.com which is most likely PC server pings, but it gives a good indication of your personal server ping to various pubg servers. My own (as I'm UK based), are typically EU 50ms, NA 200-300ms, SA 600-700ms, OC 900-1200ms. It appears the calculation to work out my "best" server is skipping NA altogether, and with such a high ping shows why I'm seeing such lag on servers (doors not opening for 2-3 seconds, unable to pick up loot quickly etc.)
  5. ChuckN0vak

    UMP now has recoil - nubs get good

    I tested this with a lightweight grip as well.. same results as vert grip, so it no longer has negative recoil
  6. Here's the UMP prior to patch #4 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/chuckn0vak/video/67402376 Here's the UMP after patch #4 https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/chuckn0vak/video/67909171 The guns are fully loaded - Comp, Vert Grip, 4x and Extended Quickdraw. In both videos I am NOT attempting to control recoil at all, just aiming and firing full auto with my hand nowhere near my right thumbstick, this is done at 50m, 100m and 150m. No more point at shoot with 0 recoil control skill anymore, you have to actually do some work. The final few seconds on the video showing the UMP now patch #4 has hit is where I control the recoil at the 50m range. Thank you PUBG
  7. ChuckN0vak

    Individual Map Selection

    initially 50-75% of players will want to try out vikendi for a few games at least, new and shiny is always appealing. the other maps on rotation is fine. over time it will change, when vikendi becomes less appealing, maybe even throw in PS4 crossplay to increase the player base and the number of queues can go up. bottom line is there's not enough players for individual map selection.
  8. ChuckN0vak

    Individual Map Selection

    the new options of 1) quick join or 2) vikendi sounds fine. In future if cross play between PS4 and Xbox happens or the player base changes for some other reason, no doubt there will be options to change this to be more in line with PC.
  9. ChuckN0vak

    SSD card but weapons not loading in?

    no-one expect pubg corp will know the exact answer, but I would assume that the information for loot spawns will come from the server, which is then passed to your xbox to be rendered locally. The quicker your xbox gets the information from the server, and the quicker your xbox can grab all the relevant textures and render it, in theory it should remove playdough buildings and loot is spawned as you land. Anything that helps this, like resetting your router regularly, full shutdown of your xbox, etc. etc. will help most but not all
  10. ChuckN0vak

    SSD card but weapons not loading in?

    first thing, make sure you do a full power down of your XBOX, so press xbox button, go to settings, power & startup, turn off or restart and choose Full shutdown. This will ensure the cache is cleared. Next thing, you can take one of 2 approaches: 1) assuming PUBG is the only thing on your SSD, uninstall PUBG, reformat the SSD again and then re-install it, making sure you have moved it to your SSD. 2) if you have other things on your SSD, just uninstall and re-install, making sure it's moved back. It's not 100% guaranteed to work, but I personally found this to work most of the time.
  11. ChuckN0vak


    so here's a training mode clip.. ump with a 4x vs VSS. Both are fully kitted. UMP has comp, vert grip, 4x and extended mag. VSS has cheek pad and extended mag. I am making NO attempt to control the recoil, I'm simply aiming and holding fire until the bullets run out, so you can see what both are like at 50m, 100m and 150m. https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/chuckn0vak/video/67402376 i think what bothers me about this is the clear lack of skill required to hit the target with a full 40 round clip. as I said above I am simply aiming once and shooting the entire clip on auto with my hand not even on the right thumbstick. Should 3x/4x be removed from ump, should SMG comps be made more rare, should the recoil be increased (particularly after the first 10 bullets or so).....
  12. ChuckN0vak

    Vikendi Launch

    there was a tweet a while back that got deleted that said the 19th, probably a mixup with the PC release. either way, date is irrelevant as long as the bugs are out that stop people killing you under the map, or let you fly in a snowmobile..
  13. ChuckN0vak

    Vikendi Launch

    19th Jan is the date that was stated for the release. There's a lot of bugs to sort out 1) lots of audio issues, like footsteps aren't heard at villa 2) go underneath castle and probably other areas 3) flying snowmobiles! 4) castle and any heavily populated areas lag like crazy at the start... 15 days isn't long at all if they sort all this out, plus the new mission pass
  14. ChuckN0vak

    Server Maintenance

    There are regular updates sent out regarding PC server maintenance, and you see nothing similar for console Xbox or PS4. Rather than just "We want server maintenance!" rants, as frankly it could just be windows or virus updates happening on the PC servers which requires downtime, can you explain what server maintenance actually consists of? This will at the very least help understand why there are never any similar messages for Xbox, and hopefully put to bed any idea that the lack of server maintenance and desync or lag are associated with each other? @PUBG_Andymh5
  15. ChuckN0vak


    note says track it manually, so that's what I've done. Get 4 kills in a single match - Done Play a match without using any healing/boost items and survive at least 5 minutes - Done Travel at least 1km by parachute - Done Get a roadkill using a vehicle and reach top 10 - Done thanks for the crates..