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  1. you should listen to the winner winner podcast, the latest one had an interview with pubg studio director brian corrigan. in this he explains why the best solution is not west coast and what will happen in future is servers will be located in central NA (sure he mentions Dallas as an example) that way east cost and west coast get a similar ping and you get matched up with all NA players. https://winnerpodcast.podbean.com/ it's 2 hours long, but well worth the listen
  2. i think in the video it shows that that pubg are taking console cheating with 3rd party devices seriously, these devices that allow m&k, anti-recoil and more are just a few patches away from being detected in game and your account is gone. lets see who's left with a decent K/D after those patches drop...
  3. I don’t know what counts as “active” players but streamkill.com says it’s currently tracking over 419,000 Xbox players and 1.1 million PC players... I’d assume as this site is pretty new this is all players who’ve played in the past 1-2 months at the most.
  4. if you play random squads its pretty much 3 game out of 5 you get at least 1 player who loses connection to host. then other people in the squad just quit out rather than play with one player less. lets hope it's fixed soon
  5. One or more of these guys has been banned already. It was shown on a twitch stream of xbox pubg that "TIPS xxx has been removed from the game for teaming" during a match Please report these guys via the support tickets, or in game now you can spectate and press Y and they will be gone.
  6. For all the doubters in here, there was a video posted on twitter by a very well known xbox pubg twitch streamer who was playing a solo match.... in the kill feed the message "PG xxxx has been removed from the game for teaming" I'd love to put the link in but I cannot find it!!! It does seem that it works, and will continue to work if everyone keeps reporting these idiots who want to ruin the game.
  7. Use this link: https://xboxsupport.pubg.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Add any evidence you can, such as links to videos or even better a link to pubg-replay which is pretty much 100% easy to spot teaming
  8. CSL is the definitely the biggest PUBG console league, it's hosted on Mixer and has players from most streaming platforms competeting. It's going FPP next season.....
  9. Crossplay would help increase players, though I would disagree that the majority don't want to play. I think that as TPP is the default game option, most people usually choose the path of least resistance, they just hit the fewest number of buttons to get in a game. I think FPP also suffers from a lack of promotion, this could be easily fixed with a "double XP weekend" event or something similar for playing FPP.
  10. Simple question to @PUBG_Andymh5 or indeed any PUBG representative.. On the assumption there are only a very limited number of FPP queues available for squads, if there was a community driven event to get more people playing, would pubg increase the queues available? e.g. "everyone who wants to play FPP, make sure to jump on a 10pm UK, 5PM EST every night". note... Please don't turn this thread into a "TPP nubs" or "FPP sucks" post
  11. this sounds like your deadzone settings aren't high enough.. try upping the right stick deadzone by 1 until it stops
  12. I was watching a streamer who dropped hacienda, 3 players dropped with him all with similar gamertags. they all got killed (yay!) I raised a ticket with pubg support, posted the link to pubg-replay which clearly showed them dropping same building, looting together before trying an awful attempt to kill the streamer.. response from pubg.. we need video evidence to take it further.. WTF! the map replay is the best evidence, 100% clear, not even a doubt. how is a video going to help, when all this will show is the streamers perspective which isn't anywhere near as clear. All you see is him saying "i think these are teaming", then as he kills each one and the same gamertags appear, it looked dodgy. Only checking the map replay showed this to be teaming. Teaming is so toxic, it completely ruins the game. PUBG support, sort your shit out.
  13. I looked for a custom match, normal or war mode, every one was listed as OC.. bit odd ,so I created a match which put it on OC, deleted it.. repeated 10 times... every time OC. where has EU and NA gone?
  14. for anyone thinking that using a device that lets you use K&M on xbox to play PUBG is "OK", answer this simple question.. Why is the recoil on xbox/ps4 nerfed compared to PC?
  15. personally, I think if they had a trial period of FPP erangel as the featured queue, this would get the numbers up straight away. then afterwards do a regular rotation of the featured map/queue alternating between TPP and FPP.
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