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  1. this happen occasionally not all time but i can't return to the game
  2. hi i have a problem with network lag detected and can't return to the game my internet connection is 120 Mbs i live in Belgium thank you
  3. Yes this happen after last update i have a freinds disconnecting somtimes and can never back to the game
  4. Hi My freinds have somtimes disconnect from the game and can not return to the game this happens alot after last update and never return to the game when disconnecting
  5. This problem happens too with freinds who lives in iraq after last update
  6. yes all my freinds have same issue when they lost connection they can't re-inter the game this happens many times after last update
  7. Many of my freinds have lost connection when in game and they can't return to the game again this happens after last update please fix this problem
  8. All we need fix the Anti-Aliasing and you while never fix is
  9. I dont find this app on playstore
  10. yes Bring FPP to PS4 TPP is like cheating every one camps inTPP please
  11. yes it is about 30 fps in PS4 pro and Xbox one x
  12. what kind of app do you use please ?
  13. But i can not see any EU servers only NA in FPP mode !!!!! am i wrong ??
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