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  1. Dr.Abacus

    Don't buy astro....NEXT!!!

    Was a Turtle beach faithful for years but had bad luck with their recent stuff. Bought Astro A50s and haven’t had any issues. Maybe I got lucky?
  2. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Still nothing planned for matchmaking issues? I feel it’s a pretty big issue at this point that’s being avoided.
  3. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Thanks for the update on the scavenger hunt guys......now we would appreciate any sort of real communication since we are going on 3 weeks with these issues. The last hotfix pretty much only fixed the ready up glitch.
  4. Dr.Abacus

    Feb 8th dev update

    Why no mention of matchmaking fix either? Just roll the game back to pre Vikendi at this point
  5. Dr.Abacus

    Performance worse than before...?

    Such a small number of people that seem to actually enjoy this update. Right now it’s worse than preview launch for most of us. I haven’t played in 3 days. My lady asked if something was wrong with me lol. Just waiting for a fix.
  6. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    I also find it weird they didn’t test the region / ping lock on the PTS. I can understand player base arguments but you still gotta test it.
  7. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    @PUBG_Andymh5 just want to say thanks for dealing with all of our rage. Don’t take it personal. Several of us appreciate everything you do. I know you are the middle man lots of times. Keep up the hard work!
  8. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Message sent. Im usually put in the correct server so I’m guessing it’s other players who are being put in the wrong servers. I know a lot of people wanted the ready up glitch fixed but the amount of desyn etc has been so bad I feel like it’s easily the biggest issue plaguing th game right now. Atleast with the ready up glitch I didn’t have to worry about it until I was in the lobby.
  9. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Those instances usually happen at the start of the match. I’m sure it could happen later on though. Again didn’t have these issues with the PTS. I’m sure plenty of people are experiencing that issue as well but a lot of the one shot deaths / people teleporting etc seem to stem from a different issue. Rendering buildings shouldn’t have anything to do with people teleporting all over the place. I have gigabit internet that’s hardwire and run an SSD on an Xbox one x. Game has never ran worse and I’ve been here since early access launch.
  10. Dr.Abacus

    Xbox - January 30 Hotfix Feedback Topic

    Agreed on the worst it’s been. I didn’t have any of these issues with the PTS. I’m very suspicious of the ping based matchmaking being the culprit. Lots of people on all servers have been getting instant killed / shot behind walls.
  11. It’s “supposed” to fix lag. It’s obviously done the opposite for anyone paying attention. I haven’t heard a single person say they have reduced lag / desync / teleporting enemies. However I have heard several people who haven’t had issue complaining that it’s a crap shoot. Things were way better when we could pick regions. Nobody wants to play in high ping servers.
  12. I’d guess it’s more likely the region lock causing issues. I’ve been instant killed by all sorts of weapons this weekend. Got plenty of kills and dinners but man it’s the worst I’ve ever seen it and I’ve been playing since day one.
  13. Dr.Abacus

    eu player keep getting oc

    *insert that’s the best matchmaking for you comment here* clearly this region lock thing isn’t working as intended. Lots of people I play with have had similar issues. Annoying to say the least.
  14. Yup, get rid of the trash.
  15. Just delete Miramar from the game. Problem solved. Lol