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  1. I know it’s pre beta or beta I don’t know... But it’s beyond my comprehension on how a game can make millions of dollars in a month that a game has been released and fixes nothing that needs fixed besides lag. But just has to add things that don’t matter nearly as much such as adding a star by the squad or duo host name... I’m also curious on what possessed you guys in adding a 1 man squad, 2 land squad or 3 man squad... ?? but anyway, So I kill a guy at the supply create and go to loot his body and create and when I go to loot that area it either 1) had me loot the dead body and he had a ton of shit “pick up vicinity” section or tab 2) loot the create and that had a ton of shit in the “pick up vicinity” section or tab 3) it put everything together in the “pick up vicinity” tab, section... either way, I guess there were too many items In the “pick up vicinity” tab/section and it made it to where you have to scroll down to see all that is in the vicinity... When I try to scroll for some reason the game switched tabs/sections within the HUD. So it went from “pick up vicinity” to the section where it shows what weapons I have to the section of what gear I had in my inventory, etc... So I couldn’t pick up what I wanted to that was on the ground in the “pick up vicinity” tab because it would switch to the other tabs when I would try to scroll in spoken tab... then I died... —————————————————————————— Issue 2) I play in 3rd person... when I aim down sight with a gun and I want to quickly run away I have to 1) press the left bumper to cancel my guy looking down sight.. 2) press right bumper get out of first person(even though I was in 3rd) 3) press “B” to stand up because you have to be standing to run 4) press the left thumb stick to run... that’s a “4” step process to simply run away.. thats a 30 second process. I can literally put the controller down, walk to the bathroom piss, was my hands and get under the nails, dry my hands and walk back to my controller and play a game of Rocket League faster than that.. It doesn’t help that the your character is 5 seconds delayed as well. If if I wanted to mash 11 buttons in a row to pull off a simple command I’d go downstairs, pull out my PS1 and play Street Fighter and do a special move... It’s like I’m trying to im trying to do a combo on Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3... I’ve got a crazy alternative to all this.... Now bare with it may sound crazy but get this... click the left left thumb stick down... Boom magic. and to give that little “lean over” motion that that button already applies for that no one uses, change that to something else... like the D pad while zoomed in... problem solved. Now you make everyone happy at the expense of pissing off 3 people world wide who uses that “lean over shit” or or orrrrrr you can just put into the control setting and let you change it to that option where you can have the player chose what buttons do what, within reason.... then now no one’s mad... The little things
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