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  1. VinnieB

    Lobby issues

    Is anyone else having this issue? After a couple games in either duo 3 man squad or 4 man squad, when returning back to lobby, on my screen I show everyone back in the lobby but everybody else says I'm not with them. I hit X to get the the option to leave team, but Y to leave team isn't in the option. So I have to return back to title screen and either invite people back or get an invite from them. Doesn't matter if I'm hosting the party or not.
  2. Try uninstalling the game, do a full shut down on the Xbox. With the Xbox on, push and hold down the power button for 20-30 seconds, let go and unplug the power cord from the Xbox, hold down the power button again for about 5-10 seconds, let go, plug power cord back in and turn back on the Xbox. Install game, after installing restart the Xbox.
  3. VinnieB

    Weapon Wheel

    Yeah, I know that. But sometimes holding down takes a little too long.
  4. VinnieB

    Weapon Wheel

    I like this idea for health, but not weapon selection. I think weapon selection is fine. I also think maybe last item used, single tap LB will use it again without selecting.
  5. VinnieB

    Graphics Mode Issue

    I took some photos showing what I'm talking about. The first few show resolution set to 1440p, 4k and HDR allowed. The others show resolution set to 1440p and just HDR allowed. The top right hand corner in the info menu shows HDR when set to allow 4k and HDR. Now allowing 4k but allowing HDR does not work.
  6. VinnieB

    Graphics Mode Issue

    Any luck yet?
  7. VinnieB

    Graphics Mode Issue

    Thanks, Andy.
  8. VinnieB

    Graphics Mode Issue

    1440p but sometime's HDR doesn't get picked up. Not sure if it's a hardware or software issue.
  9. VinnieB

    Graphics Mode Issue

    @PUBG_Andymh5 that's what I'm getting at. With frame rate priority the game should be running at 1440p but my monitor is picking up 3840x2160. So is frame rate priority native 1440p or does 4k need to be allowed in order to downscale to 1440p? If this is the case, that's some unneeded processing going on.
  10. VinnieB

    Graphics Mode Issue

    @PUBG_Andymh5 I understand it may be fine, but what is optimal? I know that some TV's don't support 1440p therefor the Xbox needs to be set to allow 4K but, for the ones who's displays do support 1440p, should we have allow 4K unchecked? I could be wrong but I think since PUBG is X enhanced, it's native 4K so once the Xbox see's this, it switches to 4k regardless. Now if PUBG needs to be in 4K to support 1440p, then I can understand that 4k needs to be allowed. If 4K doesn't need to be allowed to run PUBG at 1440p, then maybe allowing 4K is not the best performance since it's telling the GPU to output 4K.
  11. Bump I want conformation that the team knows about this.
  12. VinnieB

    Which SSD are you using?

    This game uses very little bandwidth. 15 Mbps is more than enough to play online, it's more about ping than anything. This game doesn't even need 1 Mbps.
  13. VinnieB

    FPP Slider

    100 is perfect for me.
  14. VinnieB

    HDR issues?

    Yes, we need in game HDR settings. We have no reference for black and white. They only offer a brightness setting and all this is, is for preference. Every other game that's HDR has HDR settings. This is the only one that I know of that doesn't. When I had my TV calibrated (a little over a year ago), the man was explaining that HDR is not yet set to an ISF standard. Meaning there are no instruments to calibrate HDR. He still calibrated HDR for me with a nits reader. He used the movie Smrufs to do this. It went into some secret menu and pulled up some white boxes that was I believe were a 25% window. Each white box would display a rang of nits depending on your TV. So he pretty much adjusted the HDR settings in my TV to match the nits the white boxes were outputting. This is kind of the same way HDR settings are done in game. You'll get a couple of white and black boxes that usually have some type of logo inside them. Making adjustments so one logo is not visible, one is barley visible and one is clearly visible. This is what PUBG needs.