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  1. VinnieB

    Is there any talk of PUBG2?

    That doesn't mean anything. Krafton can do what they want, just like with Gears of War. It was Cliff Bleszinski idea/design. I'm sure Krafton has the dev kits for the next gen consoles and are working with them.
  2. VinnieB

    FPP not finding games

    I prefer FPP also, can't find any games either. Last night, I searched in custom games and found only 2 lobbies and both required a password. So I made a custom FPP game and sat in the lobby for almost 10 mins and nobody joined.
  3. VinnieB


    One thing I noticed is, every time you went to ADS you would look a body lengths under the guy you're trying to ADS at. Try to remember the center of your screen and keep the guy in the center before you ADS. He gave you plenty of opportunity to take him out.
  4. VinnieB

    Does anyone else play on PC too?

    I only played PUBG once for a few games over my friends house on his PC. This was when PUBG was still in preview on Xbox. He's PC ran PUBG at 1080/60 with a mix of high and ultra. It was pretty and ran smooth as butter. Anyway, I think bringing PUBG to consoles was just to get their foot in the door. I'm sure by now they have the dev kits for the next Xbox/PS and are working on either the next PUBG or building this PUBG to be more optimized on the next gen consoles.
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  6. VinnieB

    This is messed up

    Imagine if it was 60fps
  7. VinnieB

    Blue Circle on streamers screen

    I don't see a blue dot on his screen.... https://mixer.com/Cybersamuraiiii?vod=97955883&t=02h00m42s
  8. VinnieB

    This is messed up

    If you can, let us know what the deal was.
  9. VinnieB

    Blue Circle on streamers screen

    He's talking about on someone's stream. You can't actually see their screen, you just see their video. Unless they have a webcam looking at their actually screen.
  10. VinnieB


    If you recorded the clip, go to Xboxdvr and send the links here.
  11. VinnieB


    You missed....
  12. VinnieB

    Blue Circle on streamers screen

    Maybe it was an overlay? Post the link and lets take a look.
  13. VinnieB

    Dynamic Resolution

    I agree, but even with 1440p it's not running a solid 30fps. I'm only looking forward to dynamic resolution because once they release that, they said they'll look into increasing the frame rate.
  14. VinnieB

    Dynamic Resolution

    I don't think this will be the game changer. We currently have 1440p mode to cater to FPS but it still can't hold a solid 30fps. Now it's not like they're telling us dynamic resolution will give us 60fps, the game is still locked at 30fps no matter how you look at it. Not unless in dynamic resolution the game will drop as low as 1080-900p on the X, then I don't see it being any better than performance mode.