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  1. Doesn't Gaga play on EU servers? This dude plays on NA.
  2. I'm not gonna accuse anything because it is PUBG. Plenty of times I drop hot and 4 or 5 other players all shoot at me. Sometimes it just happens.
  3. He's been playing away on his gamertag...
  4. I'm not going to mention his name but his gamertag is very strange. Just random letters.
  5. I think this is the best guy I've seen. I didn't play against this guy but my friend did. I'm very impressed,
  6. It's bullshit. I honestly do not like where PUBG is going these days. Guess what's next? We'll be able to build stuff.
  7. Turn off all the filters, sounds like you have some turned on. Make sure you have digital clean view off and auto motion plus off.
  8. Ah ok I understand now. If you can, save up a little extra for the Samsung. I have a video on YouTube showing how to setup the CHG70 for the Xbox, some people in the comments already had the monitor and some people bought the monitor after watching my video, both are very pleased.
  9. First pic is out of the box, second pic is post calibration. Anybody who spent good money on a TV ($1000+) spend some money on getting it calibrated, makes all the difference. As he said, all TV manufacturer's push red to make their display stand out next to others, as you can see pre calibration.
  10. He wasn't going by his eye, he was going by his isf equipment. Do you know how calibration works? OLED does have better blacks, as he also said but when it comes to color accuracy, QLED is better.
  11. Look into the Samsung CHG70. It's also QLED like your q9 and trust me, it's nice. I have a 2017 q7 and had it calibrated right after getting the xbox one x. The guy who did the calibration, it was his first QLED and he was really surprised at the color accuracy and said it was better than any OLED's he's done.
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