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  1. knot_gillty

    bug on the roof

    No sanhok on Xbox yet, wrong forum my friend.
  2. knot_gillty

    Game crash: Megathread

    And still it happens. As stated already numerous times. OG xbox one Wired connection Kicked back to dashboard whilst driving a UAZ this time. Really starting to get to me. It was final 30 in squads, I was driving so of course the car kept driving when I crashed out. So close to putting the controller through the screen and then the screen through the window!! I love the game, it has me deep! But I’m on the edge of sanity when it comes to the crashing. So close to never playing again. If I put it down to not play again, it won’t be picked back up when final product is out. That’s how much it is killing me inside..... So please fix the crashing bug.
  3. knot_gillty

    Game crash: Megathread

    Mine seems to mostly crash whenever I’m in the Dacia. That’s the main time my game crashes. Regardless if driving or passenger.
  4. knot_gillty

    Game crash: Megathread

    For the love of all sanity PLEASE fix the crashing. Please. Pretty please?? Nothing worse than getting into top 10 in any game format and crashing out. Not sure what you need to do to fix it but for the sake of my tv and controller fix the issue. OG xbox Hardwired internet Crashes any time throughout the game No error messages just send me to dashboard and insanity.
  5. knot_gillty

    Game crash: Megathread

    Aaaaaaaaand again. How about if you want the game to crash on us all the time you make the bloody player come to halt so he doesn’t continue running out of the circle you bloody clowns!! So close to giving up all together on this game. Shouldn’t matter what consoling I’m on, when it crashes and what error code we get, fix the damn thing!! So many times my squad has been in the final 20 players and at least one crashes. You’ve made enough fucking money from everyone so far so FIX THE BLOODY THING!!! FYI, if you give a damn I have the OG Xbox, crash at all stages of the game and no error code. You’re pretty close to owing me a new controller and tv I’ll tell you!!
  6. knot_gillty

    Game crash: Megathread

    And once again, 3 games in a bloody row I’m crashing back to dashboard from the Island. Can’t even enjoy my in flight movie and meals. By the time the game loads back in I’ve been punched to death. Fix your shit so I can chat up some air hostesses!!
  7. knot_gillty

    Game crash: Megathread

    Before this latest update I would hardly crash at all. Since update I’m crashing about every 2nd-3rd match. Just now in squads there were 8 people left, our full squad and another. I got dropped but as I was getting revived the game crashed and then one of the guys was left in the open and died. We came second obviously but for fuck sake fix the fucking crashes!!! You owe me a dinner now. I love lamb, venison and beef but will settle for some chicken!!