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  1. I know - just made me curious what my own rate was 😎
  2. If it's win rate we're talking then 158 wins from 4045 games = 3.9%. Keyboard and mouse? I refer you to the previous calculation 🤣 😂 🤣
  3. Probably nearer 50% for me. I only really play squads with a few guys from work and they're ... well ... not that good 😋 Most of them have given up on PUBG these days unfortunately.
  4. That was sweet 😎 Not even sure why my guy thinks I was cheating as mine was just an ordinary (for me) kill where I sprayed around a bit then eventually enough bullets landed to do the job 😂
  5. After 4041 games and many justified messages from people telling me how crap I am, it seems I've finally got good enough to receive a compliment 🤣 It's a proud moment for me 😎
  6. Go into settings and increase the Dead Zone value for the stick(s) that's drifting. Adjust the value a little at a time until it stops.
  7. I had that happen to me on EU servers yesterday. I quit the game and on reloading it asked me to choose my Xbox account and log in again then everything worked fine. It's not happened again after that. @PUBG_Andymh5 it was just the quick join - I'm too lazy to go into the menus and select anything else 🤣
  8. I'm in the UK on EU servers and getting the same EDIT: missed eduhunter's post above 🙄
  9. If you looked at my game stats from say 3 months ago you'd see that a 0 kills game was rare for me. Look at them today and there's more zeros on that list than anything else 🤣 I also seem to go on a run of games where I can't win any 1v1s to a game where I swear I could aim anywhere I like and win every 1v1. I can't figure it out at all 🤔
  10. I feel your pain brother! For the last two weeks or so it could easily have been me posting that video. Yesterday, I reset all my settings to default then spent some time in the training mode to find new settings. I then went hot-dropping into busy areas to refine those settings further and virtually every sensitivity settings is lower than I previously had it - I don't know if something in the game has changed or if it's just me. Either way, I'm still not back to my best but I'm happy with my new settings and back to getting some kills again. EDIT: @MajorClagNut yes - just what you said above
  11. ^^^ this I know that tactic could only be more unfair if the player was asleep on the toilet when I shot them but hey, it works 😎
  12. Same for me. At first I cursed the new one but now I've got used to it (after watching many YouTube videos and lots of practice) I actually prefer it.
  13. It's been like that for me and the guys I play with all week. All of them (except me!) have been experiencing "Network Lag Detected" and frozen games but the biggest complaint from all of us is a noticeable increase in desync. I've heard all about desync and seen examples of it on YouTube but until last week, I don't think it's ever happened to me. Anyway, I went back on and played a few solos today and it was still the same. EU and NA servers (I'm in the UK), fastest available broadband at my address, Xbox One X with no other internet/gaming issues. I'm sure they'll fix it all "soon" but geez, it's frustrating to the point that for the first time in a year I think I'll play something else meantime 😮
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