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  1. Dustybug

    Will xbox pubg survive ?

    It's true that PUBG has a lot of issues. It's true that BFV Firestorm has now arrived. It's true that Firestorm looks great. It's true that Firestorm doesn't (appear to) have any of PUBG's issues. It's true that I thought BF's offering might actually kill off PUBG. After 3 hours of playing Firestorm, I now believe it's true that that last thought of mine was completely wrong.............. Even with its problem, I'll take PUBG over Firestorm any day and especially if the devs can nail the rendering in the next update then I think PUBG will be just fine.
  2. Dustybug

    Interesting bug

    Same as this @Dangles ?
  3. Dustybug

    Interesting bug

    Had the same happen a few days ago and posted it as a bug. Andy says Devs aware of it already.
  4. Dustybug

    Load / Render

    While I agree with you, it's being sold for ALL Xbox Ones, not just the X. It would therefore be fair to expect it to work properly on ALL models. But yeah, Xbox One X <edit> and external SSD </edit> and no rendering issues here either.
  5. Dustybug

    Is rendering worse after #5?

    You expect the rendering issues at the start of a game at the moment - especially on Vikendi - and that's bad enough but a few days ago my 3 squad mates got wiped out late in the game by a guy who arrived at speed in a vehicle and clearly none of the buildings rendered for him as he shot the other 3 through walls and was visibly running through walls as he did so. At the start of a game, my friends (mostly on the original Xbox with 1 on the S - I have the X and a SSD) have buildings render for them but the insides of those buildings take quite a while more so it means that they have to choose between staying away from buildings for a minute and therefore being unable to get weapons or going inside to loot but risk being stuck in or behind furniture when it loads. The result of these rendering issues is that most of them have started playing something else for the moment and 2 of them even bought BF V today as it's half price in the Xbox store and its battle royale mode is due out soon. I know the devs are reported to be working hard on fixing rendering but based on my small circle of Xbox friends, that fix had better come sooner rather than later 😕
  6. Bug Description: As above Location: N/A Evidence: As above Replication: Intermittent - occurred when I swapped the slot 1 and slot 2 weapons around Xbox One Version: X Connection: Wired Game Mode: TPP
  7. Had a quick look and couldn't see a similar bug report - apologies if it's a duplicate.
  8. Dustybug

    UK servers

    Maybe one of next week's challenges will be to activate article 50 in Vikendi 😂
  9. Dustybug

    How wasn't he knocked?

    I had a similar experience earlier today in the same design of house but I was the guy hiding in the cupboard. It was the start of the game and I was late down, had no armour and only a shotgun. I hid behind the door, hoping the other player hadn't seen me and hoping that he would leave. Next thing, a frag got thrown in to the corner of the room - same corner where you threw yours. Thanks to the thin wooden though apparently grenade-proof door, I took no damage at all from the frag then killed the other player when he came in. Could your guy have been behind the door? I know he was to the right when you saw him in that clip but I reckon he could have moved there from behind the door, after the grenade detonated.
  10. Ahh, "and then get out". That's the bit I've been missing - thanks!
  11. Dustybug

    New map is killing the game

    ^^^ This ^^^
  12. No, I can see it's all skill and no K&M - didn't mean to imply anything else. The song is an epic fit though - great vid from start to finish 😎
  13. Damn! It's shooting like that that has me launching my controller at the TV and shouting "mouse and keyboard little ****" every time I die 😂 Love the video and love the tune. Great stuff.
  14. Dustybug

    I'm having this issue

    I've seen a few posts about this and I've experienced it myself - yes, it's super annoying! As someone who's never held a gun with a red dot in sun and snow in real life, is this accurate? If so, then it should be the same in PUBG should it not? If it's not accurate in real life then ignore my last and fix it please 😋
  15. Dustybug

    Forward input

    100% agree. I haven't had this issue myself and I haven't tested what you're saying but the way you think is should work is the way I would expect it to work - you're not crazy!