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  1. I hit a guy in the head with a moltov once and it one shotted him and said I got a headshot with a moltov.
  2. Looks like the bunker gun from the first COD. I like it though.
  3. I'd wager controllers are going away within the next 10-15 years so get ready to gargoyle.
  4. Honestly I have no idea why controllers even exist anymore. We just play video games on a computer with an archaic form of a M&K (a controller) and everyone acknowledges that controllers have less functionality, options, buttons, etc. and literally use those downfalls as a reason for why we shouldn't do crossplay despite the platforms being fully capable of supporting a M&K. We're living in the stone age and refuse to lift ourselves out of it despite the existence of the technology and the accessibility of that technology.
  5. Agree - crossplay would be cool (between all platforms imo). I want to see M&K integrated on to Xbox and PS4 so we can game with the computer players as well. But I don't know if that's a very popular opinion.
  6. Battle Royale was cool - but I'd also rather see PUBG replace that too lol.
  7. The potential to replace the Hunger Games movie trilogy with a PUBG movie trilogy is high.
  8. Spawn island should turn into something similar to the cave on Vikendi.
  9. I think they will - the only guns from the crates I ever want are the M249 and AWM. The rest of the weapons are better than spawn weapons, but let's just put it this way: if I had the ability to know what was in a supply drop before I inspected it, I wouldn't go out of my way for an AUG, Groza, or MK14. Risk isn't worth the reward for those imo.
  10. What you need to do is play less. That's what everyone else is doing to get better and that's why you're seeing a drop in your K/D and the earth is also flat.
  11. Dude, in real life any bullet to the head would kill you and probably go through your helmet unless it's a .22. Do you really want the same rules to apply in PUBG? They make different guns do different damage to add an element of variety to the game. If the AK and M24 did the same damage then the AK would be the best gun in the game by far.
  12. I'd like to destabilize the frame rates actually but that's an unpopular opinion.
  13. Same thing is happening to me. Also, sometimes I can't claim missions for the XP.
  14. No crashes here but I lose connection to host a lot in Duos - same with my buddy. He's on an X1 and I'm on an X1X. Does't really seem to be making a difference with the console.
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