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  1. I'd like to clarify that this only occurs after a victory, and every time I don't win I am awarded the correct amount of BP with no "the match is still in progress" message. I also checked the leaderboards and my wins are tracking, so hopefully my Vikendi PTS challenges are too.
  2. Every chicken dinner I get on Vikendi has awarded me no BP, and every time I get back into the lobby I am prompted with a message telling me "the match is still in progress" even if I waited the 60 seconds after I won and it kicked me back to the main menu (pressing A or B does nothing but make the message go away and does not award the BP). Hopefully this still saves my stats, as I completed 3 of the Vikendi PTS missions in a solos match that I also won. Hopefully this bug will be fixed before this version of the game is released to the live servers in January. Platform: Xbox One X Game Mode(s): Solo and 2-Man Squad
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