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  1. Interesting video and I can see what you are talking about. But I don’t think the brain of the player will process and react to the different FPS and refresh rates and differently. You will only get an advantage if the FPS difference produces a lag affect of the same sort of magnitude as human reaction time?
  2. Lol you make me laugh. You really do see cheating everywhere. I’m guessing your chosen sports team are also ‘robbed’ when ever they lose. Anyway. Maybe you are a decent guy and maybe for some reason cheats really do kill you more often they kill anyone else. I say again.....vote with your feet and leave the game of it sucks so bad. For me I am just going to keep enjoying it and report the very occasional player I am certain is cheating. And another idea....why don’t we play a duo together....then at least we can have a common experience to check. My ingame name is Llyndawr
  3. All of us? You do realise it’s only a minority of the player base that come on and moan like you? ‘All of you’? I wouldn’t say that. But for sure the self perpetuating myth you lot are peddling is unlikely to be the truth. And let’s face it...,,if it’s so rubbish just stop playing it. Go enjoy fortnite
  4. Yawn.....the predictable response. Just accept the fact not everyone who kills you is a cheater. I am not a gamer yet have enjoyed this game so much since early release I have logged 1500 plus hours. You can look at my stats ‘llyndawr’ and see I am not a good player but also not bad. I know cheating when I see it and the reports on this thread of cheaters in most games are stupid
  5. I dip into this thread periodically to see what’s up and every time it’s the same hysteric rants about cheaters in every game. It’s just nonsense. The problem was real and it much better since release 1.0 but real cheats....maybe once every 50 games
  6. OMG. Not this old chesnut again. This is not evidence of cheating...its the replay. It shows you all the player tags by default and also tends to show shots behind moving targets. PS it also doesnt show recoil.....
  7. Two weeks ago i reported a player who killed me and who seemed to be using an ESP type hack. A couple of days ago i got a message on start-up of PUBG saying the report had been assessed and the player had received a permanent ban. It felt great. So evidence that PUBG are actually reviewing and acting on these reports.
  8. Not sure a shooting range is the best option for you. What i did to start was drop a long way from anyone (i.e. a long way from plane drop) loot and spend some time shooting walls, leaning, etc with various weapons to get a handle on the recoil and snap shooting. It made a big difference. A static shooting range may not be so helpful against moving targets? Or...as many have done, spend a few days committed to dropping in hot zones and learn through a baptism of fire. Another thing i found helpful was to play 1 man squads...because it meant when i engaged i was normally against 4 players which meant a steep learning curve.
  9. Hey pal. Good on you for your post about the haters. Could do with more positive people on the forums. What's your game name?

    1. Sushant chowdary

      Sushant chowdary

      Thank you so much but I am Sorry, I can't provide my game name...I don't want to get into unwanted hustle...

    2. Hræfn_rising


      No worries. Completely understand. I am Llyndawr in game if you fancy a duo.


  10. Mate, You should give it up. There are many posters in the forums who shout cheat as the first option without bothering to look into the known facts about replay/death cam inadequacies. I haven;t been on the forum for 3 months i think because of the overwhelming negatively and BS. And amazingly in the time away from the forum i have played mainly EU and AS servers in TPP and encountered only one player i felt the need to report. I am not a great player by any means but top 5% in both servers for TPP. In my opinion the level of cheating and hacks has been grossly overreported by players since PC 1.0. But there is no telling some folks who continue to claim lack of recoil or imperfect aimpoint tracking in the replay/deathcam is proof of cheating.
  11. I have stayed off this thread for a couple of months because i was tired with all the complaints and negativity. After PC v 1.0 and ever since i have encountered only one single nailed on hacker who i felt the need to report. The ping based match making was a huge success and whatever else they are doing is working very well indeed from my point of view. I play TPP on the EU Servers almost exclusively but cover both singles, duos and squads. It's been cheat free for months. I don;t understand how others can have such a completely different experience. My ping is normally in the range 150-200ms
  12. My friends and i play in a squad regularly. When one of us dies very early we take a vote and often decide to end the game and start again. However at that point we often switch into 'every man for himself' mode as it's great practice in CCQB to try and kill your friends. But that counts as team killing obviously. Never with strangers and only with the same group of friends after we have taken the vote. But really excellent training......
  13. Yep. That caters for the 50% of genuine claims. But over the past 4 months or so i have seen many 'hack' videos on this forum (before the moderators got all heavy handed) where the video shows precisely zero proof of hacking and just looks like the complainant is outplayed
  14. I personally think that most people claiming an unfair kill by a 'no-recoil' hack have just missed the fact that the replay system does not show recoil. The number of times i see posts in these forums making ridiculous claims about hacking just because of known features/bugs is beyond belief. Many of these folks are just being killed by better players. I would estimate that 50% (just a guess based a quick review of this thread) are simply false positives. For example i have seen people claiming ESP hack because they could see the player tags in replay mode. And i have seen people complaining about being killed by a hacker when the replay showed their killer pointing their gun at the ground (also a known bug). It just exacerbates the problem and leads to this kind of group hysteria. At the end of the day the Devs are doing their best. If they are not, or their best is not good enough, then just leave and play something else. Our rage and rabid rants are not going to make one blind bit of difference. There are only 3 scenarios.. a) The Devs are incompetent and can never beat the cheats :- So we should all save our time and give up now. b) The Devs are evil and using the hacks to generate income :- So they don't care about us and we should give up now c) The Devs are competent and can beat the cheats :- So we should tone down the ranting and give them the support they are asking for buy copntionuing to use the in-game reports and giving them constructive feedback. You have to pick one of the above as your beleif in the current situation. And whichever it is the shitty hatefilled rants and complaints on the forum are not going to make one blind bit of difference except to make some poor hardworking Korean coders feel miserable. ITS JUST A GAME!
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