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  1. Don’t agree at all. I don’t agree that the majority of players are using macros and I don’t agree that recoil should be removed. If I, as a poor player, can control recoil then anyone can and I ammonly interested in becoming a better player myself. I don’t want the game to be dumbed down to The level of the losers who use cheats to prosper. Because a macro is cheating.....make no mistake about it.
  2. Hræfn_rising

    Motorcycle bug

    I had the same glitch the other day. But the first time I have ever seen it. However I appreciate the news the team are working on it
  3. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    Interesting video and I can see what you are talking about. But I don’t think the brain of the player will process and react to the different FPS and refresh rates and differently. You will only get an advantage if the FPS difference produces a lag affect of the same sort of magnitude as human reaction time?
  4. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    Lol you make me laugh. You really do see cheating everywhere. I’m guessing your chosen sports team are also ‘robbed’ when ever they lose. Anyway. Maybe you are a decent guy and maybe for some reason cheats really do kill you more often they kill anyone else. I say again.....vote with your feet and leave the game of it sucks so bad. For me I am just going to keep enjoying it and report the very occasional player I am certain is cheating. And another idea....why don’t we play a duo together....then at least we can have a common experience to check. My ingame name is Llyndawr
  5. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    All of us? You do realise it’s only a minority of the player base that come on and moan like you? ‘All of you’? I wouldn’t say that. But for sure the self perpetuating myth you lot are peddling is unlikely to be the truth. And let’s face it...,,if it’s so rubbish just stop playing it. Go enjoy fortnite
  6. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    Yawn.....the predictable response. Just accept the fact not everyone who kills you is a cheater. I am not a gamer yet have enjoyed this game so much since early release I have logged 1500 plus hours. You can look at my stats ‘llyndawr’ and see I am not a good player but also not bad. I know cheating when I see it and the reports on this thread of cheaters in most games are stupid
  7. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    I dip into this thread periodically to see what’s up and every time it’s the same hysteric rants about cheaters in every game. It’s just nonsense. The problem was real and it much better since release 1.0 but real cheats....maybe once every 50 games
  8. Hræfn_rising

    OMG still moaning....

    Fair point. Can’t fault you on that one!
  9. Hræfn_rising

    My first Chicken Dinner...

    Well done you and contratulations. I was similar to you...took several hundred hours before I won for the first time. Now have 12 wins. Never going to be a legendary player but the satisfaction of coming out on top after an intense game keeps me coming back and improving. Just for interest was the win with a grenade or shooting? In any case any win is well deserved!
  10. Hræfn_rising

    OMG still moaning....

    That’s not really vitriol. I merely stated my point rather strongly. By vitriol I mean vicous abuse of the developers and inability to constructively debate differing points of views without resorting to childish name calling. Been playing the game since early access and love it. Just got fed up with the toxic forum. Maybe I am just easily discouraged
  11. Hræfn_rising

    Ghilly suit on the road

    Really this happened? Would be very interested to see. I have often dismissed the ghillie as a gimmick. This would change my thinking if it’s that good for blending
  12. Hræfn_rising

    OMG still moaning....

    Been away from the forum for months as I was so dispirited by the meanness and vitriol being spouted incessantly. 4 months of ever improving game play thanks to Fix PUBG initiative and I thought I would pop in for a look. Are you people blind to the massive improvements taken in the past year? Still bitching and moaning and seeing cheaters everywhere. Jeez......finally enough already. If you hate it so much go and play fortnite
  13. Hræfn_rising

    RIP Miramar

    I love the variety presented by having all maps. They all present different challenges in terms of styles and games plays. I don’t truly understand why people make such blanket statements about hating A particular map . But it’s always been the way on these forums......
  14. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    OMG. Not this old chesnut again. This is not evidence of cheating...its the replay. It shows you all the player tags by default and also tends to show shots behind moving targets. PS it also doesnt show recoil.....
  15. Hræfn_rising

    Cheating Discussion

    Two weeks ago i reported a player who killed me and who seemed to be using an ESP type hack. A couple of days ago i got a message on start-up of PUBG saying the report had been assessed and the player had received a permanent ban. It felt great. So evidence that PUBG are actually reviewing and acting on these reports.