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    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    Never said they had anything in common. Was addressing executioner's complaint they should address queuing instead of loot. They are addressing loot, because it's easy. They are putting off queuing because it's more difficult. Both need addressed.
  2. Armastadt

    Need to understand: damage vs kill

    Agree with won here. Are you sure you only got shot by one person?
  3. Armastadt

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    The best thing for Miramar is also a small loot buff, but more importantly a transport buff of some sort. Large map, too few vehicles. Loot table fixes are easier than re-vamping the queue mechanics. Loot tables are just numbers, the queuing issue requires programming and testing on both client and server sides. And yet, it didn't fix hot dropping. At least 30-50% of people are hot/warm dropping based on numbers dead within the first minutes of the game. That's a player game play preference that probably can't be modified by loot mixes or map changes. Best you could do is maybe spread out the hot drops so there are more to choose from. So instead of 1 person coming out alive from a 20 person HD, you get 1 person alive from a 5 person HD. You can see this behavior in Fortnite, BO, and Apex too.
  4. Armastadt

    Dev Letter: Erangel Loot Rebalance

    50% of any map is dead in 7-12 minutes anyway. There is no way around this because people hot drop. No loot mixture solves this problem.
  5. Armastadt

    Melee weapons are absolute garbage...

    I think the key in this video is it *looks* like you should have had two solid hits, but didn't. The first one looked glitched, there was a skip. What's up with the hit registration? Also agree that melee weapons are trash.
  6. It's called preferences, and BH would create them just like they did for fire mode on weapons. Select your preferred attachments for various weapons and they automatically get swapped out in the order of preference (including no attachment). So rank grips in order (Vert, half, angle, none) for AR, (light, vert, angle, none) for SR, and things would attach in that order. Same with supp, comp and flash.
  7. Armastadt

    Cheating Discussion

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes our lesson on geopolitics.
  8. Armastadt

    Help!! Crash!!

    Seems like something could be corrupted. You might want to open steam and verify your game files.
  9. Armastadt

    Maps Selection YES or NO!

    Whichever starts first, that's the one you get; you're removed from all others. If they both start at exactly the same picosecond, random pick. If the server starts, and people suddenly get removed, you just keep filling from those who are currently queuing who selected the map as an option. It's not an unsolvable problem.
  10. Armastadt

    Maps Selection YES or NO!

    Nah, doesn't have to be this way. You can put people in as many queues as you want, let them fill. When one queue has enough people, you just remove players from the other map queues that tthey had selected. Don't know how well this would work in practice, but you can program it this way. It'd be like you cloned yourself and were able to wait in two different lines at once, then once you were at the check out register, the other clone would disappear.
  11. Maybe BH is messing with the queuing behind the scenes?
  12. Armastadt

    Devs Please.Remove.Single.Map.Select.

    If the player base still wants some sort of map choice option, as an alternative to the current QJ system, a "ranked choice" system might be better. Just allow everyone to rank their map choices 1-N. If you only like one map, then just rank 1 map. Then the queuing system just pulls players from the ranked choice queue and feeds a particular map until it starts. Anyway, I think BH could get creative here. The current QJ implementation is the quick and easy way, relatively speaking, and it is causing map starvation. Unfortunately, we have no hard data on single select map choice, QJ use (and user's expectations of how QJ should behave), join rates, or actual map popularity to have any basis for the general speculation of why things are the way they are with the maps.
  13. Armastadt

    Devs Please.Remove.Single.Map.Select.

    Doesn't have to be that way at all. They've solved queuing problems numerous times over in the software development realm. The best approach is something like a weighted fair queuing system. But that would take a reworking of the current implementation. A weighted fair queue system would do two things, make sure the "popular" maps get played and filled more often, and also make sure the least popular map gets queued up sometimes.
  14. Armastadt

    Thoughts on PUBG atm.

    You may be suffering from placebo effect. The patch notes clearly say they were not rolling the experimental fix over into live: Gameplay We have applied a new experimental mechanism to the test servers to test a solution to an issue related to rate of fire changing based on FPS. We appreciate all players who have given feedback regarding this issue. This won’t be applied to live servers in the next update, as we want to monitor player feedback to ensure this doesn’t negatively impact the player experience. This will be only updated to the test server during Feb 19th – 26th PST. This solution will be not updated with the live server update on Feb 26th PST. We will be collecting player feedback and doing data analysis during the testing period, as we work towards applying this improvement to live servers in the future.
  15. Just noting, that by 7-10 minutes into most matches the player count is already down to about 60 people. As for 64 players in a tournament, I don't think they do this for performance (pretty sure they are LAN based) as for giving teams space/time to gear up. The pro players almost never go for early drop engagements, about the only time you see that is when two teams decide to drop in the exact same spot. Otherwise, everyone tries to avoid each other because alot of the pro scene is about placement. I don't think you can use PUBG tournaments to support a reduction in player count.
  16. Armastadt

    Tired of playing the same map

    Thanks for looking that up and pointing that out. I'm paying attention to the number that appears after the loading screen, which always seems to be around 50 whenever I've seen a dead queue be revived by Choco. So I think we can safely say somewhere between 25-50 players will spawn a game instance. Editing this. Looking through the video again, the rate of join is pretty consistent leading up to loading screen, so I'm thinking you're right. Instance spinup is probably at or near 25 with an immediate pull from the QJ queue, then filling from both.
  17. Armastadt

    Quick Join is problematic

    I don't think the percentages for which perspective is preferred by region would change that much based on one map.
  18. Armastadt

    Time to Complete all missions?

    Ah, don't worry about it. I'm mostly a solo only, but played squad games to get these done. It's surprising how often your squad simply wipes with no chance of revives or being revived. Even those are difficult to complete due to the randomness that is PUBG.
  19. They'll probably come out with Choco skins the day before they shutter the game. We want our Choco skins!!! When do we want them? NOW!!!
  20. Armastadt

    Tired of playing the same map

    Rev, I've only seen games pop with ~50. Do you have a reference for seeing 25? I watch Choco alot, but didn't notice anything this low. I've been trying to pay attention more, but I also have to do some work. ☺️
  21. Armastadt

    Tired of playing the same map

    But unfortunately it seems to take 50 people direct queuing in order to spin up an instance. How do you solve that problem without some adjustments to Quick Join to help fill the queue? You need to get the Devs to take a look at some of these discussions. It's a pain point right now.
  22. Armastadt

    Quick Join is problematic

    The difference between EU and NA in this this regard is that EU has a 50/50 TPP/FPP split, where NA has about a 70/30 split. They may not have the same issues. Source: https://pubgmap.io/telemetry/perspectives
  23. Armastadt

    Quick Join is problematic

    This is an interesting thread. From what I've observed, in light of @Rev0verDrive's comments, and what Choco has been able to do to command a game on a particular map by the power of Twitch, I think that it takes approximately 50 persons who direct queue to even spin up a map instance. Once the instance is up, I think both direct queue and QJ players fill the remaining slots. So unless there are ~50 people direct queuing getting a map instance to spin up is impossible with the current implementation. There seems to be two different expectations about quick join, and BH took only one of those into consideration. First expectation, and the one that BH coded, is to simply get you in the first available map as quickly as possible. The more nuanced expectation on the part of a great many players, I believe, is "I don't mind joining any map quickly, but I would prefer a variety of maps". It seems as if both goals can be accomplished if some additional thought were put into the current algorithm. There are fair queuing algorithms that can be used to ensure that every map gets put into rotation. Right now, Miramar is facing queue starvation, and that can be solved by borrowing from network scheduling and queuing examples. You can treat the maps as 4 priority queues and players as packets. The most popular map is the "high priority" queue and Miramar, currently is the "low priority" queue. Currently the "high priority" queue keeps getting scheduled over every other map most of the time. The "map scheduler" is sometimes able to fit some service in for the 2nd and 3rd priority, but never or nearly never for the lowest priority. How to fix? Better scheduling. Sanhok may get serviced two or three times as often (weighted), but every map should get at least one pass (fair). If a map doesn't have enough people directly queuing, we can assume a good number of quick joiners might like to play a less popular map for varieties sake and simply queue some of them to the 2nd-4th priority queues, in turn, until there is enough to spin up an instance. A fairer scheduler like this would result in dropping queue times for lower priority (seemingly less popular) maps to something reasonable, where people wouldn't mind choosing a direct queue ("hey, haven't played ___ in a while, I can wait a minute"), thereby accelerating map instance spin up times. I can't remember who asked the question, but "why do people choose Sanhok"? This is probably a great question to be analyzed, it would be nice to see an actual survey of the player base done. I can see two obvious answers 1) loot distribution, 2) game pacing (it's a quick map, game times are < 30min, where big map times are near 40 min). I think even the most diehard of us (those that would dutifully play the best we could with an uzi and shotty because that was the only weaponry we found the whole game) can probably admit that the loot tables on both Erangel and Miramar need a buff. I understand it's a tough balance between just giving everyone a AR/SR combo and totally screwing people over with RNG junk. But the big maps could do better on loot distribution. One of the things I like about this game is the challenge of having to take lemons and turn them into lemonade, but there are times where it feels like PUBG is giving me bananas. But if loot (or lack of) is the reason people choose one map over another, then that is fixable. Action and pacing on big maps can't be fixed unless we revisit circle times which probably ain't happening. Complaints about mid game slow downs because of everyone hot dropping will never be solved as you'll always have at least 1/3 of your population hot drop on *any* size map, and half the server dies before minutes 10-12. But at the end of the day, Erangel/Miramar will never provide the same experience as Sanhok. I'm afraid they appeal to two different player bases, one that doesn't mind a slower pace, with more room to breath and the other that thrives on a quicker pace with more action. These bases might be hard to reconcile without some sort of survey of the player base to figure out why people are choosing the maps the way they are and getting a player profile of the base. Telemetry can only tell you so much, and sure can't tell you "why". A radical thing that could be done is develop a Mini Erangel-like map (or an entirely new map) to add to a Sanhok/Vikendi rotation , and simply abandon the older/larger maps on solo queue. You can play them on duos/squads where there doesn't seem to be the same problem with filling map queues. Which might lead to BH designing maps specifically for solos (3x3 and 4x4) and duo/squads (>=5x5). Or BH can revert to the two queue BR/MR model and we live with queue dodgers on Miramar. Whew, that is all.
  24. Armastadt

    Loot Render Delay

    Nah, that *never* happens. 😂
  25. Why, at week 10 and level 77, do I have 6 useless, surplus yellow coupons (after buying all 3 yellow coupon items) and 14 useless, surplus white coupons (after buying all 3 white coupon items)? Why do I only have 23 blue coupons (having purchased no blue items), when 48 are needed with only 23 levels remaining? Assuming I earn a blue coupon for each of the remaining levels I'll only be at 46 blue coupons, 2 short to obtain all 4 blue coupon items. Something seems off in how these coupon things are awarded. Almost like they are randomly awarded, rather than carefully thought out and well distributed as you earn levels.