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  1. Tonight, 3 med kits in first two houses I loot. 🤨
  2. I feel for you. Welcome to PUBG. This is probably one of the more frustrating occurances that happen during the hard reset. If you manage to "complete" the mission during the round, but just happen to run out of time the lobby reset after exiting game forces the reset of missions. PUBG, you need to either automatically claim the mission for people so they get credit for the daily, or you need to code it so that if their is an outstanding completion (during the last game), then don't force the mission reset on exit to lobby so it can be claimed (then after claiming, reset the dailies). This shouldn't be that hard. On the med kits, I've almost found it easier just to try and kill people and loot them. Chances are better of finding one on a dead player than general looting, as no one who finds a med kit passes on it.
  3. Well, can't say anything about any other region, but they definitely moved servers in NA, the consolidated in the east somewhere.
  4. Not too helpful, but I had to upgrade my entire machine to get my crashing issues to go away.
  5. Overall, you're just looking for the lowest latency and the fastest refresh you can buy for your budget. I would go to Newegg and start filtering by type (DDR4, 2x8G), speed (3000, 3200) and price range (??), and look at the best clock numbers. Then buy the best you can afford.
  6. Just wear the women's skirts and call it good, Sexy.
  7. I hear all this complaining about cheaters, but it's literally been months since I can say that I've actually seen one in game. Maybe I just don't stay alive long enough to see them. But I agree this game is in the best shape it's been as far as overall stability, they have made tons of progress. If today's game, where it is now, would have been released at the Christmas buying season 2017, or even 2018, we'd still have a million players per day playing. But for Bluehole, PUBG Corporation, it was a lot too late; priority things were not being addressed until half the player base eroded.
  8. Thought this one was funny. https://pubg.report/streams/44ba00d9-97f5-4217-a9e4-bfc126a24357/1493172283
  9. I usually keep it simple. Brown. Fits most maps.
  10. I'll trade you an 8x for a vert grip.
  11. Yeah, so for me, based on the global reset time, I basically have a 5 hour window of usable time to get daily missions done, and that's if I don't want to eat dinner and give up having any sort of family time. Otherwise that window shrinks to about 2 hours. Would be nice to have regional reset times for larger playtime windows.
  12. They just need the sell the haptic body suit as an add-on to the game. Instant feedback. Crank up the voltage and you can simulate the pain of being shot too. No more wondering.
  13. First guy, I know you have no viewers, but you should at least talk as if you do if you're going to go through the effort to stream. Hone your streaming personality. Also, love that 2nd guy's couch in the background, takes up 1/2 the camera shot. Maybe he hosts live guests?
  14. This one was my first win in a very long time, I went aggro on this guy at the end because of my Choco training. I knew I hit him with the sniper shot while he was moving to the rock and figured he'd heal at the rock. I chose to close the gap as quickly as possible to catch him while he might still be healing. You can see my attempt to jump on the rock and shoot from above (that's usually an unexpected angle, thanks Choco), and also tried to not be predictable by coming back around on the other side of the rock instead of continuing the line of attack (Choco always tries to reposition). Yes, he reloaded and got tagged, but what actually killed him was he anticipated me following up from the same spot and that got him shot in the back. The video no longer exists now, but I killed this guy on a third party play and he whined about being 3rd partied "I hate people who play like that." You know, standard rant stuff. But you and I both know that, given the same circumstance, he would have 3rd partied anyone in the same situation. I think he was partially salty because I killed him with an UMP too. I just laughed at his hypocrisy.
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