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  1. Warsteiner1

    Proximity chat

    If it ever is implemented , I personally will disable it seconds after it goes live , and im sure I'm not alone . To me its not only unneeded but a waste of bandwidth and resources.
  2. Warsteiner1

    Individual Gun stats please !

    Really .... ? I'll have to spend some time hunting for it . Would be nice in game tho .
  3. Warsteiner1

    Survival Missions

    As long as the option to toggle the text on/off . I don't want the HUD to become any more cluttered than it currently is .
  4. I think its long overdue that we get some sort of stat page that keeps track of our individual performance with each gun . ( kills , headshots , longest kill , hit % ....ect). Its one of the ONLY things I miss from the COD series that I wish we had . This honestly can't be too hard to implement and for a stat-geek like myself I really enjoy sifting thru stuff like this . Maybe even in the future assign special camos for certain milestones such as 1000 kills , 500 headshots .....so on . Thoughts ?
  5. I wouldn't expect it until the next gen .
  6. Unless you have a webcam in the person in questions living room ( and I hope you don't because that would just be creepy ) , there is just no way to " prove " someone is using a M&KB. There are some amazing players with controllers out there that have every sensitivity set to max.
  7. Warsteiner1

    Miramar Map Coming to Xbox Test Server April 24

    Because its a TEST server. They dont operate them like normal servers. This will also go down to maintenance a lot in mid play. A lot of people are under the assumption that this will be another extension of the normal game , it will not !
  8. oh yes ??? how ?? every single game since the original Modern Warfare has been unable to get rid of them !
  9. Yes , they have been using them for 10+ years in every single shooter the console has produced in that timespan . If you think this Is something new and ominous , then you may not have been paying a lot of shooters in the past.