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  1. Also.... We can't post the freaking videos to it because someone on the pubg website deleted them as soon as they are posted. I included the link in mine and was given a warning and basically told "keep quiet about this or we will ban you." there is proof if you look for it, or you could keep pretending that getting double kills with 1 m24 shot while prone in a garbage can without using ADS is normal... And getting double kills with an s12 in 1 shot from over 100m while both players have level 2 gear and over 50% health is normal. Its OBVIOUS hacking... I have been playing FPS games for 20 years.... I know a hack when I see one. Yeah, I get accused of it too. But I'm usually pretty good at spectafing and being honest about whether someone is hacking.... When you watch someone get 10+ kills without using soft aim, or ADS, and they are jumping around spinning 360s and pulling the trigger while spinning and getting double kills... What do you call that?
  2. Look it up on youtube... Pubg Xbox hacker... I don't know what kinda proof you want besides blatantly obvious auto aim hacks
  3. Guys... Look up pubg xbox hacker on YouTube. If you can't accept the very obvious hacking going on maybe you should move on rather than defending it and calling people liars. Literally the first video on YouTube shows a guy getting 1 shot double kills with ump, m24, s12, triple kills with p92. Most of these he was proned inside a garbage truck or behind hard cover and he is hitting shots while doing 360s, without using ADS, and from impossible angles, and most are 1 shot double kills too...
  4. Dude... No he was hacking. Auto aim, 2 kills with 1 shot. Look it up on YouTube... Same exact guy who killed me is on YouTube getting double kills with m24 while prone inside a dump truck without even ADSing... He just stands up, spins a 360 an pulls the trigger and gets 2 kills with 1 shot. I can't believe there are so many people who simply don't believe me when the proof is right there if you look it up. I can't post the clip because I got warned for "calling out players" but the same dude is on YouTube with very blatant auto aim... Triple kill with a p92.... 1 shot double kills with ump and m24 and s12 while proning and without using ADS
  5. Dude, I did post a video.... They deleted the post and gave me a warning... Look up "pubg xbox hacker" on YouTube and it's the first video... It truly is auto aim and you truly are foolish if you think otherwise.
  6. Kinda odd, I look up hacker on pubg and there's literally the same exact gamertag on a team with someone who obviously has auto aim.
  7. Did you even read? He had iron sight no attachments. Look up pubg xbox hacker on YouTube... The guy who killed me is conveniently on the same team as a guy who has obvious auto aim. Killing 2 people with 1 m24 shot.... Did you even watch the video? No DMR headshots 2 people with 1 shot twice in a row.... C'mon
  8. He got 2 1 shot double kills and there was absolutely no way we were close enough to both be hit by 1 shot let alone a head shot
  9. This dude 1 shot head shot every single person on my team with an s12k... When he got me, I was at least 100m away and he got me and my other buddy with 1 shot, iron sight, through railing and trees while both of us had over half health and level 2 helmets.... Knocked us both with one shot and supposedly they were both headshots... Good Lord.
  10. Jbarton95

    Game hitches and FPS drops

    One S and SSD here. Half a dozen flawless games so far.
  11. That's basically exactly what you asked for. And that's about the same level of thought you put into your suggestion...
  12. Why don't we just add a coin flip option, heads you win, tails you lose.
  13. Jbarton95

    Xbox Gun spawning

    Dude... You dropped Mylta. Not even Mylta. You dropped 100m away and had to run in. Something tells me you're not the best at looting. No body drops Mylta if they intend on getting decent loot.
  14. Jbarton95

    Any noticable improvements?

    I won't play this game until they remove all grenades and the blue zone. There should be more vehicles. I want my buildings to render from 6km away, and you know what while we're at it let's just remove all the guns and take off damage to other players. Why not?