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  1. Has anyone else seen camp jackal war mode on xbox yet? I can't pick it, but I played it the other day... Haven't been able to find another one since. What happened???
  2. Damn, we got people calling 360 double kill no scopes lag switching, this really is like Halo 2 all over again...
  3. Regardless, it's obvious there is cheating going on. I can't believe the debate is about what method of cheating is being used, and not questioning why users are being banned for posting proof of cheating, and why cheaters aren't being banned when being reported for cheating. I looked this guys tag up, he has been doing this nearly every game for months. His goal isn't to win, his goal is to troll people and get angry messages.
  4. Really? The 360 no scope is explainable by lag? Ok. I'm out...
  5. I can't post any videos. If someone were to look up pubg xbox hacker and click on the first video they would see what I am talking about, posting videos of people cheating gets you banned from the forums.
  6. You do realize this is MY post right? I was the one who brought this up in the first place... I was the one referencing VERY obvious instances of auto aim... You guys changed the topic and started referencing an entirely different issue. The guy who killed me used auto aim. Yes, I do know what I am talking about, I have been modding games for 15 years. There is a certain website (i won't link it or mention it or I will get banned) that has a community of hackers I've been apart of for 15 years as well... People on this website certainly have hacked xbox... Accounts with all weapon skins unlocked like the kar98 turquoise delight etc and other super rare skins. Just because you don't know what you're talking about doesn't mean it isn't possible. "Packet manipulation" can not account for any of the instances I am referring to. A client can not disconnect/disrupt connection from a host for long enough to kill 3 people with an m24 and still maintain connection to host. I don't care if they are standing still or not, it would take a minimum of 15 seconds to shoot and kill 3 People at range with an iron sight m24, you wouldn't get a headshot first shot every try, you wouldn't hit the target iron sight because the m24 aims higher than it shows iron sight (watch wackyjackys video on iron sight m24, it's impossible to hit shots with unless it's been patched) and the time it would take you to line up and hit every shot first try would disconnect you from the host. Go try unplugging your Ethernet cable and watch how fast you disconnect from the host... You wouldn't have time to aim, and further more if you were spectating someone who was "lag switching" then you would see a very obvious stuttering to their movements every time they DC from server. Simply put, none of the "network manipulation" type of cheating can be used to enhance one's ability to hit shots consistently with an iron sight from range, nor can it effect the damage 1 shot causes, nor can it make you aim any faster regardless of if the target is sitting still or not. I watched well over 50 videos of the same guy and every time he would get a kill it was several hundred meters with iron sights and always 2 or 3 kills with 1 shot. THIS is why I made the post. After getting banned from the forums for posting how to find these videos that blatantly showed auto aim, I decided to check out my old hacking website I used to visit from the halo 3 "host booting" and halo 2 "spawn kill modding" days and sure enough, they have found out how to mod xbox one games without getting caught. You are completely ignorant if you think Microsoft has a way to instanly catch hackers if people are hacking much more advanced systems like PC... You're right, there is nothing simple about it... And you're trying to describe software manipulation as network manipulation to someone who has been doing both since just after halo 2 came out... Sorry guys but simply put you are mistaken, what I am referring to is absolutely not "packet manipulation..." Btw, all packet manipulation means is that you use bots to spam a target IP with packets, in a DDoS attack this will flood the target with incoming packets and render the connection completely useless. You can chose the number of bots you attack a target IP with and the less packets you send the less likely the target is to go offline, rather they will have a very intermittent connection and will be rubber banding and sitting still while they have the big "disconnect" grey screen in front of them. Manipulating your own packets would have the same effect... One thing it WONT do is allow you to hit a 360 noscope double kill with an iron sight m24... And if you seriously say that's lag or network manipulation one more time... You are seriously ignorant on the topic.... NO amount of network manipulation allows players to jump and spin in the air and randomly no scope and get 2 kills. Come on.....
  7. Errr... I was the one PLAYING against the hacker, AND YES I watched all of the kills he has on pubg.report... Did you? I'm so mind blown by the number of people who think this is simple lag.
  8. Dude, that doesn't explain a 1 shot double kill with an m4 from 424m on a high speed target. What?
  9. Big oof, you clearly have zero understanding of software manipulation or networking. And yes... Halo 2 came out 15 years ago... People have been modding on games since then. I can't believe you guys think a 1 shot double kill from 424m with iron sight m4 on dudes with full health on a bike traveling 115km/h is anything but hacking... This dude has 500m kills with the winny FFS. Blatant proof right in front of your eyes and you STILL don't believe it.
  10. Oh my god dude, please stop. "Lag switch" is not a thing.... This isn't halo 2. Lag switches are not real. A DoS attack shuts down your router and kicks the target offline entirely. What this guy is doing is USING AIMBOT! Please stop trying to educate people when you have no clue what the difference is between network manipulation and software modification. Also to everyone who says "his stats don't suggest he is cheating." You obviously don't understand why people hack. Its not to win games, it's to troll people. He does it explicitly to make people mad and get a reaction. After he killed my team he used the laughing emoji, we all spectated him for a minute or so, after he killed us he drove his bike straight into a tree and blew himself up. If you look him up on pubg.report he almost always kills himself after killing a few people. Dude... One shot double kill from 424m with an iron sight m4 on 2 dudes who had full health and armor and were speeding down the road at 115km/h. Every streamer he kills spectates him and you can watch him get a few absolutely impossible kills before killing himself on purpose. He is trying to make his stats look bad so he won't get caught... 15 years ago I used to be big in the halo modding community, all you guys claiming its impossible to use aim bot on xbox one are the most clueless bunch ever... Even with proof right in front of you, some of you are claiming "lag switching" and "DoS" attacks are what this guy is doing when lag switches aren't real and never have been, and DoS only effects a target IP... It doesn't allow you to get double kills with an iron sight m4 from 424m away on a bike going 115km/h. That's called hacking.. How about 1 shot double kill with iron sight m4 from 424m away on 2 guys with full health and armor on a motorcycle doing 115km/h? Let me guess "lag switching."
  11. Also.... We can't post the freaking videos to it because someone on the pubg website deleted them as soon as they are posted. I included the link in mine and was given a warning and basically told "keep quiet about this or we will ban you." there is proof if you look for it, or you could keep pretending that getting double kills with 1 m24 shot while prone in a garbage can without using ADS is normal... And getting double kills with an s12 in 1 shot from over 100m while both players have level 2 gear and over 50% health is normal. Its OBVIOUS hacking... I have been playing FPS games for 20 years.... I know a hack when I see one. Yeah, I get accused of it too. But I'm usually pretty good at spectafing and being honest about whether someone is hacking.... When you watch someone get 10+ kills without using soft aim, or ADS, and they are jumping around spinning 360s and pulling the trigger while spinning and getting double kills... What do you call that?
  12. Look it up on youtube... Pubg Xbox hacker... I don't know what kinda proof you want besides blatantly obvious auto aim hacks
  13. Guys... Look up pubg xbox hacker on YouTube. If you can't accept the very obvious hacking going on maybe you should move on rather than defending it and calling people liars. Literally the first video on YouTube shows a guy getting 1 shot double kills with ump, m24, s12, triple kills with p92. Most of these he was proned inside a garbage truck or behind hard cover and he is hitting shots while doing 360s, without using ADS, and from impossible angles, and most are 1 shot double kills too...
  14. Dude... No he was hacking. Auto aim, 2 kills with 1 shot. Look it up on YouTube... Same exact guy who killed me is on YouTube getting double kills with m24 while prone inside a dump truck without even ADSing... He just stands up, spins a 360 an pulls the trigger and gets 2 kills with 1 shot. I can't believe there are so many people who simply don't believe me when the proof is right there if you look it up. I can't post the clip because I got warned for "calling out players" but the same dude is on YouTube with very blatant auto aim... Triple kill with a p92.... 1 shot double kills with ump and m24 and s12 while proning and without using ADS
  15. Dude, I did post a video.... They deleted the post and gave me a warning... Look up "pubg xbox hacker" on YouTube and it's the first video... It truly is auto aim and you truly are foolish if you think otherwise.
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