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  1. win 10, i5 6600, gtx 970oc, since the last patch,I have logitech mouse issues being unresponsive i tried 4 other brands and you get the same issue. freezing in game for 5-10 seconds and then coming back, and also now freezing completely is another issue.
  2. Same stupid issue. I'm really surprised they could make the game any more aplha than it was....I was wrong Please fix the ********** mouse bug
  3. same issue with unresponsive mouse, mostly my right click button
  4. After patch my logitech mouse is dropping signal constantly.. But come to find out its just PUBG!? really? Just read another forum post about it. please fix asap before i find a new game. The drop signal often happens after going in reverse or sometimes sideways in pubg. it happens at least 1 time out of every5-10 clicks and its the most annoying thing ever while gaming. I spent the last week trouble shooting this bullsh1t, updated mobo to latest everything. I have 2 diff logitech mouses and does it with both of them. I plan on buying another brand mouse to see if that truely is the issue, i even ordered a new comp "not that that is the downside". But fact is i shouldnt have too logitech g500 logitech g502
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