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  1. JennRal

    Loading time and distance

    I noticed the issues with the 8x last night. Buildings further out, yet close enough to hit someone while using the 8x, were playdoh. Hardwired One X here, too.
  2. -Squads on Sanhok -I think it was FPP, but I’m not positive -Northwest corner bridge near of Ha Tinh. (See pink circle on map.) Enemies could shoot through bridge rails, but we could not. (They were on the bridge, we were on the cliffs/riverbank directly east of Ha Tinh, shooting towards them.)
  3. JennRal

    Markers indistinguishable

    Agreed. I have mistaken markers for my teammates several times.
  4. JennRal

    Enemy players not showing while parachuting

    Yep. My crew has had this issue for a long time on both servers. It has gotten better over time, but still happens.
  5. I noticed this, too. The game looks way better in the PTS than the regular. Colors and contrast are much better, almost as if I had turn HDR on. (I have HDR turned off for PUBG.)