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  1. Reezy86

    Vikendi promotes camping

  2. oh snap, is that why buddy was telling me stop in the redzone!? I thought he was mad
  3. Anyone else enjoying PUBG again...This new patch feels good. Yeah there's bugs still here and there, but compared to when it launched on xbox, we've come a long way! Well done PUBG Corp. The fact that we now have 4 maps blows my mind...after a solid year of getting to learn every single corner of Erangel this feels good
  4. Reezy86

    Wackyjacky video PC PTS

    Yeah, watched choco find it yesterday
  5. Reezy86

    Red Dots in the Snow

    I think they change with this patch..on the pts you could still see the reticle
  6. Yeah, capacity definitely feels different...had level 2 bag and vest yesterday and all of a sudden I was full
  7. Reezy86

    Updates or entire game rework?

    A whole new map, plus all the new UI stuff and the new parachuting..that's about 20gbs worth
  8. Reezy86

    Vikendi is Not Good

    It's a different meta for sure...I'm an ok player but this map can bamboozle you
  9. Reezy86

    Map selection

    Sanhok has spoilt people....some of us had to grind Erangel for a solid year
  10. Reezy86

    What did I miss?

    Lol, people are missing the point. This is easily the most played game for me on Xbox. But when you're forced to get off because your eyes start hurting because of the FPS, that's a problem....I'm just saying I'm happy to see it's improving and becoming enjoyable
  11. Reezy86

    What did I miss?

    You must be very lucky...I remember days it would take 1 min to just render buildings...major FPS drops..it was bad
  12. All this maintenance, those servers better run buttery smooth
  13. Reezy86

    Custom games on new patch VIKENDI

    sure they will. Can't see why they would remove them
  14. With Vikendi coming out officially today, I decided to get back on after a considerable 6 month or so break after having played almost everyday since launch. Bad FPS was my major gripe. So when I got back on for the last two days I was surprised to see that the game is playable. The FPS isn't great but it's much better. I guess all the work they've been putting in is starting to show. I just hope that they don't break anything with Vikendi coming out...
  15. What?? M16 reks CQC with an extendo on it