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  1. I did a bit of research, too. Apparently, the other models suffer from hissing or worse sound quality.
  2. Aren't the latest Astros and TBs wireless?
  3. Like Zinxx, I use the large paddles for my lean left/right. The paddles aren't super important for me on PUBG. But, for BfV, it's a godsend for throwing out ammo/heal packs and self healing.
  4. Take it from another old fogie, use 2 of the paddles to get used to it and add the last 2 when you get the hang of it.
  5. Should have clarified. I was talking about other mixamps like the Soundblasters, the Sennheiser GSX, etc. It sucks that Xbox doesn't support these.
  6. Wanted try a different mixamp. Unfortunately, Astros are the only ones that supports party chat.
  7. Any pair of decent headphones will sound better than the astro headsets.
  8. oof46

    Flare Gun

    If so, then the only other thing I can think of is there was a supply plane somewhere on the other side of the island. Either that, or it's bugged.
  9. oof46

    Flare Gun

    I Same thing happened to us. I had to watch a few videos on youtube and read up to see what we did wrong. First of all, there is some confusion in the way "first circle" is explained. When you first drop out of the plane and that first circle comes in...that is not the first circle. When the blue comes in and stops, THAT is the first circle. After that one, THEN you can use the flare gun.
  10. oof46

    tell me your opinion.

    The headsets are actually poop. It's the mixamp.
  11. oof46

    tell me your opinion.

    On Xbox, you're pretty much limited to Astro's. Look on Offerup or Ebay. If you go with regular stores, you have to buy the headset + mixamp combo.
  12. oof46

    Footsteps Volume

    Haven't had any experiences since this recent update, but it happened a ton before. We would turn a corner and literally run into another squad.
  13. oof46

    Xbox Update #6 - Feedback Topic

    Weird. The only thing I've experienced is the no plane sound bug. I'd like to experience the glowing Vikendi, though.
  14. oof46

    Flare Gun

    The skies were clear when we popped ours. We waited and waited. About 3 minutes after, a plane came by but it dropped a regular crate, so we knew it wasn't ours.
  15. I like how people make new alt accounts just to lob their complaints over and over.