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  1. oof46

    Sensitivity and recoil

    Increase your vertical recoil sensitivity. It means any "pull" you do to adjust for the recoil will register more because your sensitivity is higher.
  2. Bad Company 2 was full of 'em.
  3. oof46

    The good ole days of PUBG

    I remember how the game would dip to single digit frames per second, if too many people were in a small area.
  4. oof46

    lol this new system...

    Ah. I could have sworn I read the notes and heard on Lunar's update that 1 - 9 are temporary and 10 is permanent. I stand corrected. What I meant was there was no need for him to get upset about the things he unlocked from 1 - 9 because they weren't permanent.
  5. oof46

    lol this new system...

    You don't get absolute jack shit, for 9 levels. You get temporary, absolute jack shit.
  6. Xbox One X, hard wired internet, internal HDD. No perceived problems...yet.
  7. oof46

    AWM is useless

    The game should give you one bullet for each person that is alive.
  8. Seek and you shall find.
  9. oof46

    For all the old school gamers...

    My brother didn't know you could control the ducks with a controller. I trolled him so bad, he almost threw the light gun out the window.
  10. oof46

    Rate My Snipe

    It's an old IGN meme. https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/too-much-water
  11. oof46

    Rate My Snipe

    7/10. Too much water.
  12. Great post. I needed a laugh. Thanks.
  13. oof46

    An opportunity missed

    Not really. Works fine with the regular X HDD for me.
  14. oof46

    Teamers still

    Had it happen to my crew and I playing squads. A bunch of us dropped into Primorsk. I drop into one of the two story buildings on the west side. I look out the window and see 8 guys, side by side, running towards us. Needless to say, it did not end well.