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  1. zyclonenuz

    Cheating Discussion

    the only time i get several games in a row if all of my buddies are online.
  2. zyclonenuz

    Cheating Discussion

    ditto! I used to play solo a lot. but with the sudden influx of hackers. I barely play 2 or 3 games in a row. (i used to play 3-4 hours straight) oh and don't post your video link. it will be deleted and you will get a warning from admins. (it violates their forum guidelines) that happened to me yesterday when i posted a video link asking if the guy in question was just a good player or using ah hack.
  3. zyclonenuz

    BP bug ? didn't get credited.

    never mind. reloading the game fixed it. but i guess it is still a bug.. visual bug that is.
  4. played two games and got around 200bp per game but i didn't get credited.
  5. zyclonenuz

    Cheating Discussion

    thanks for the tip. Yeah its sad that cheaters are rampant on 3rd person. unfortunately I'm not used to playing first person mode.
  6. zyclonenuz

    Cheating Discussion

    that is bad... yeah they really need to get this cheating under control. (i know it is easier said than done)
  7. zyclonenuz

    Cheating Discussion

    I actually know how you feel. I have been playing for just over a month (i think) and before i just brush off those discussion about cheaters. But upon encountering cheaters (ESP cheat) a couple of times in a row (and one just happened 2hours ago) I'm starting to wonder if most of my previous games that i got killed if its a just a good player or cheater. Sure! I'm quite terrible with FPS/TPP but an enemy player is able to track my movement even im behind a wall is quite annoying. I don't know if its just me but now I don't feel like playing solo anymore coz it feels like I'm gonna encounter a cheater again if I play solo. duo or squad yeah with friends at least i'm with my buddies and they can revive me or at least try to. from what it looks like cheaters (or who makes them) is always one step ahead and pubg/bluehole will always be one step behind/playing catch up (for now)
  8. zyclonenuz

    Loading screen stuck?

    yeah same here. i thought it would be fixed with this update though.
  9. zyclonenuz

    climb knocked out bug?

    cool thanks !
  10. i was doing duo with a friend in Miramar and we entered this church. I got knocked out from falling while climbing a small wall.. dunno i guess its a bug ? video