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  1. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Worse server state in a long time

    Never forget they have done huge marketing (lying to us) telling us that PUBG will be near 60 fps at launch and we could buy the One X eyes closed. Then, when the release date approaching, Mr Greene finally said to press the game will run at 30 fps steady. But we all know the following... Now we are here at this bad state... Never forget we are consumers. When you buy a car or any product, you want it works very fine. I don't think if you get a brand new car and this car gets engine issues day One you will be here telling us : 'Oh don't blame those guys who made that car... They are very passionate, ETC...' We are in 2019. And most of the people who bought this game are feeling scammed. Fortnite or ROE are free-to-play. If you tell me Fortnite requires less to work, I will tell you that it's their total fault. Why they didn't make a console version with remake PC maps and adaptated for XB and PS (smaller size and less buildings and vegetation). Instead, they came with their big arms... P.S: Sorry for the grammar, I'm not an English-speaking person.
  2. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Worse server state in a long time

    Yeah. I began playing on PS4 Pro since the game is out on Sony's console... And I can tell you desync on XB1X is actually awful. You can notice that in Training Mode. Simply turn around an opponent who is shooting you, desync is pretty here. The guy isn't even looking at you whereas you're getting shots. One year after... And the movements system on XB1 is so bad. Maybe this problem is due to loose controls on this XB version. On PS4, you seem to be more in control of your aim and your moves. But, you can say the movements on console are always too clunky. That's also the reason most of the player base doesn't want to play in FPP mode... Clunky movements + Choppy framerate in CQC action with more than 2 people involved.
  3. RebelsAlwaysWin


    EU. But do you think we have to reinstall the game!?
  4. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Test Server Feedback

    Hi Team! I still feel the controls a lil bit clanky. All my controls are on Max and I feel it's hard to perform quick 180° turns. I think that's caused by that limitated and low framerate. And caused by server lag/desync too. More, the aim acceleration (AA) seems to be out of control most of the time. AA is (too) aggressive. AA should be linear (letting the player build a better and quicker muscle memory). As I have a 1080 p monitor, I can tell the actual graphics hurt sometimes my view too. And for me, talking about quality of life, I really think that is time to deliver that feature existing in GTA and H1Z1 : the WHEEL MENU. PC players doesn't really need of that feature. But console players like me really want that to improve heavily the way we play the game. So many times when I think I equip a smoke grenade and this is actually a grenade. And I explode myself. I hope you will add this in the new patch on Normal Servers. I will tell you later if I find some bugs... Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day or night.
  5. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Some nice Hardcore lag, High Pingers suck!

    Be patient I really think on PS4 they will do right. They learned for their mistakes... But cheating is really annoying in all FPS games...
  6. RebelsAlwaysWin

    PS4 Pubg Not that great...

    Are you serious here!? Don't tell me that we call you 'XB fan'... The majority of people who owns both consoles (XB1X and PS4 Pro) can tell you that Pubg PS4 feels smoother than the Xbox version. I played Pubg Xbox One X since day one and I can tell you those movements feels very weird. Even now. Furthermore, desync and framerate drops are still here on XB1X. On PS4 Pro, you can enjoy using smoke grenades. No 10 fps moments when you're going through a smoke cloud at all.
  7. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Crosshair Color always Default after Restart

    Yeah noticed that day one. Actually, the game has some annoying issues right now as the random jamming weapon.
  8. I have a PS4 Pro and I can tell you that PUBG PS4 version runs smoother than PUBG XB1 X enhanced. It's a real pleasure to play whereas I don't enjoy playing with huge framerate drops on X during CQC anymore. For me, it's a visual torture.
  9. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Previous Xbox player

    Honestly, this game is so smooth on PS4 Pro. My first game I got a Chicken Dinner on Miramar with 9 kills. The fact that we can see the map with the touch pad makes things a lot easier and smoother. When I play on PS4, I seem more relaxed. Yeah, the controls are clearly smoother on Sony's console. Furthermore, we can see Xbox One X's poor performance is caused by too high graphics... Who really needs native 4K honestly!? P.S. : Excuse my grammar. I'm French...
  10. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Your Expectations...

    Yeah a long way to go... to the 60fps sadly... And I hope they will implement the wheel system very soon because the throwable item management is awful... Mostly in gunfights...
  11. RebelsAlwaysWin

    So, it’s finally official!

    Of course they learned. We will have a lite version first I think. Then they will improve the quality of the version step by step like Epic Games with the PS4 version of Fortnite. Very happy. Now we're waiting ?
  12. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Your Expectations...

    Here we are guys. Now tell us what do you expect about this version!? The Good or The Better!? The Bad or The Worst!?
  13. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Mouse and keyboard on xbox??

  14. RebelsAlwaysWin

    Xbox one x disadvantage

    Yes. The game runs actually better on S than X. I can't win most of close gunfights because of the violent framerate drops and the non-registration of my shots. I noticed if you are playing TPP, during a close gunfight, aiming down sight is a big disadvantage. Your bullets actually go through your enemy. My connection is very stable and my ping is 8 ms. So, we can see players with awful connection, having OG Xboxes and Xboxes S, are swimming in happiness. My wallet and I feel the pain too.