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  1. 100% Options are good. Also, the holding of the button to vault need not be about time holding the button. In the scenario where you press A to vault and release to jump, the vault could be immediate if it is given priority over the jump. You're standing in a place where you can vault- you press A and release immediately- you vault instead of jump because the vault is available. The intent of holding A to vault isnt to make it about time (as reloading is hold X for a second to reload), but to separate the two actions of vaulting and jumping so the player can control which occurs. So, to vault or mantle the game would check- Is a vault available? Yes. Is the A button depressed? Yes. To jump the game would check- is a vault available? No. Has the A button been released? Yes. A good way to think about it is Metal Gear Solid 2. That game had you firing your pistol upon release of the button. Holding it aimed. When you pressed the button quickly you fired quickly. No delay. A similar sentiment would work in pubg.
  2. I know game pass complicates things, but I still find the numbers disturbing. My achievments tell me that about 40% of players have obtained a kill by any means. only 18% of players have jumped out of a plane 101 times. 10% of players have won a solo match... Are you guys seeing the same numbers?
  3. I would gladly give up the immediacy of vaulting and mantling to ensure that I never have to worry about jumping up next to a window when trying to escape because my inputs weren't precise enough.
  4. Its fair. I was hoping you hadn't seen me... but then you went opposite of me and I knew that was it if you had a grenade...
  5. I hit "like", but I really want to give a sad face.
  6. 3rd. 5 kills. Forgot to turn on DVR to record this whole thing.
  7. Really it just shows how much we need controller customization. I dunno... but I end up doing it a lot when I don't want to.
  8. I've been playing as a Southpaw since Goldeneye. Back then we starting playing the game using the analog stick to aim after I bought Turok the Dinosaur hunter. Turok had the analog aim controls only, and I couldn't go back and forth between the games... Fortunately Goldeneye had other control schemes. the 1.2 control option meant you turned AND looked up and down with the stick. The yellow C-buttons controlled movement (like a WASD on keyboards). And ever since then I've been playing with the left stick to aim. Using the left stick click to vault would also be a little weird as that is my run button, which is pretty commonly placed for a lot of games.
  9. Are we still doing this today? I think I can play!
  10. Its like the rest of the world. Full of beauty and people and run by knuckleheads.
  11. I use my right stick to move. controlling movement and clicking to vault would be very awkward.
  12. A simple hold jump would work. If you're holding jump a vault or mantle will be performed when you are lined up properly with the terrain. Jumping can be upon release of the button. So, you're running up to a window... you press and hold jump prior to getting there... Once your in position you'll vault through... release button during animation to cancel jump. I'm surprised this hasn't been done already. @PUBG_Andymh5- pass it along!
  13. That was how I played Halo for the first time. The guys I played with were so bad I decided I would fight them by looking at their screen (y'know, cuz games used to have split screen). Its hard to aim in 2nd person.
  14. I really think customs is where the longevity of the game will be found.
  15. This makes me nervous. Now I'm going to be constantly wondering who might be watching me loot.
  16. It wasn't the small screen posed a problem, it was the in ability to go frame by frame. But on my laptop I downloaded the video to go frame by frame. This is a tough one. At that range its hard to say exactly where the bullet went, but it certainly does look like it goes through his lower torso.
  17. ? I saw blood. Am I wrong? You probably hit a limb.
  18. Lately every time I've tried to smoke screen a rez I end up with someone tossing a grenade into the smoke.
  19. You can ensure your equipment is good. Wired connections are great. But with so much of the communication line outside of your control there isnt much you can do. Worse, a big part of it is how the game is set up. One xbox game will run just fine, another runs like poo. Different servers, different method of communication.
  20. This is true every where. Edit: USA, Coachella Valley of California.
  21. Its been a while since I've seen smoke grenades work as an effective distraction. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75087513 https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/65014331 How are you guys using smokes?
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