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  1. Coming in and the guy coming down with me pulls off. All I find is a winchester, and I'm thinking, "Hes gonna push and I'm gonna die." ... nope: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75194908 Second clip- where pubg majes you feel stupid... being kinda cautious- I see the can rolling a second to late:https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75194984
  2. yes, no kidding... I know full well what you're talking about. its just to make a point. Random, regardless of rarity, ruins everything. These cosmetic items that you value so highly don't signify much of anything even were they not being sold directly. You want them to be exclusive and carry meaning? Then they need to be earned through specific actions. Otherwise what does a mini skirt really mean? Just that someone got lucky. Yes a gas mask is pretty common, but I got lucky and my friends didn't.
  3. I honestly think the idea of random items is bad. I got lucky very quickly with a gas mask early on... my friends didn't. So, buy directly for most items, and have the rare items be something unlocked by achieving specific criteria.
  4. I completely forgot to record mine on Erangel. Which is why I thought about the auto record for the dvr. I had a few nifty ones too. Sneaky DP snipes in water town. I popped @Stuffedcrust21 with the DP with 6x... he was out in the open, went prone, but I still got him through the grass... but this is the best we saw of it: I'm sure there were more awesome kills we missed.
  5. I would have done the same thing. if I'm stuck under the map swimming, still alive, I'm trying to see if I can get that 0-kill-under-the-map dinner. But only once. if it happened again I would just back out.
  6. I also think we should all turn on our dvrs and post the clips of kills and deaths. I dont know how much time @Harold Brock is willing to put in, but a cut with the commentary and kills/deaths from our perspectives would be interesting to watch. One of the more interesting moments on these forums was watching one of my solo wins from the perspective of the guy I shot down.
  7. I tend to agree now. Before when crashes were so frequent it was nice to be able to come back in. But now its so rare... But, on balance, having someone hunting afk players doesnt affect me at all... unless I'm the one going afk! So its probably not worth any attention from the devs.
  8. Afk hunting is a fun diversion. More so in squads when when crashing was more common. You were almost guaranteed to have other dudes there waking up as they logged back in... Fun and messy.
  9. I wasnt expecting to survive on that boat. The circle didn't favor my position... but I'd be damned if I was going to die in the blue!
  10. I held a Halo tournament with my kids. We seeded teams based on a free for all. It worked very well. We could use the solo performances to mix up teams. Rather than stack teams for winning, we use ensure a balance.
  11. I have... I think 3 to 5 crossbow kills? I think some from early access werent counted. I don't think I'll ever get that achievment.
  12. I think these guys deserve credit for the idea: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75166617 It took me a second to realize they were in the container and not on the other side. We won in the end. I jumped onto a roof when the last 3 guys started shooting at each other (a 110 IQ play I think): https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75166738 Bonus clip- I was going for a navy seal ending. My buddy died because he cant land next to me... So I'm like "whatever man..." https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75166784
  13. Yes! I got a very early squad dinner. And that kept me playing. These things keep players (its why mobile has bots). Its part of the reason I've advocated for matchmaking to take skills and winning into account.
  14. As well, only 18% of players have jumped 101 times! So less than 1 million of the 5 kept playing? I don't know if thats good retention of not.
  15. 100% Options are good. Also, the holding of the button to vault need not be about time holding the button. In the scenario where you press A to vault and release to jump, the vault could be immediate if it is given priority over the jump. You're standing in a place where you can vault- you press A and release immediately- you vault instead of jump because the vault is available. The intent of holding A to vault isnt to make it about time (as reloading is hold X for a second to reload), but to separate the two actions of vaulting and jumping so the player can control which occurs. So, to vault or mantle the game would check- Is a vault available? Yes. Is the A button depressed? Yes. To jump the game would check- is a vault available? No. Has the A button been released? Yes. A good way to think about it is Metal Gear Solid 2. That game had you firing your pistol upon release of the button. Holding it aimed. When you pressed the button quickly you fired quickly. No delay. A similar sentiment would work in pubg.
  16. I know game pass complicates things, but I still find the numbers disturbing. My achievments tell me that about 40% of players have obtained a kill by any means. only 18% of players have jumped out of a plane 101 times. 10% of players have won a solo match... Are you guys seeing the same numbers?
  17. I would gladly give up the immediacy of vaulting and mantling to ensure that I never have to worry about jumping up next to a window when trying to escape because my inputs weren't precise enough.
  18. Its fair. I was hoping you hadn't seen me... but then you went opposite of me and I knew that was it if you had a grenade...
  19. I hit "like", but I really want to give a sad face.
  20. 3rd. 5 kills. Forgot to turn on DVR to record this whole thing.
  21. Really it just shows how much we need controller customization. I dunno... but I end up doing it a lot when I don't want to.
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