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  1. It still can spell bad news for your team. If you kill my buddy, then I’m 100% going to kill yours if given the chance, even in the 2v1 scenario. If you leave mine knocked but alive, I’m going to play to get him back up, and that probably means leaving knocked players alone to search out the others.
  2. I can't help but find some kind of dmr or Sniper. its silly when you know there's a guy in the next building and your only weapons are a Kar98 and a revolver. Dropped shelter the other day and ran up to the warehouse north... three 8x scopes in there, shortly after dropped it for a 6x. So you guys cant find scopes? I must have them all.
  3. yeah, position matters. but you can still force a flank if you're good and outnumber the enemy. But I'm good with principle. I've dropped plenty of people for the audacity of shooting at me.
  4. I think part of the issue is vertical drop on a bullet. At a distance a standing player presents more surface area that a dropping bullet can hit. You aim for the head, but if the bullet drops you still hit the torso. At a distant a prone player you need to be very accurate with your bullet drop to hit. Or are we talking about them being sneaky and dropping you? That might be an issue with your movement. I have two friends with different strengths in the game... but they always seem to be the one taking sniper fire. Which leads me to believe they move in a way that is easier to hit. I hardly ever get hit by snipes.
  5. I'd like to think that we're just seeing the result of randomness, as random selection often leads to streaks... but with so many people getting the same results- Erangel and Sanhok over and over (myself included)- I have to wonder if something else is going on. I recall feeling that quickplay was really balanced when Erangel was first made the featured map... but lately quick play has been Erangel and Sanhok with MAYBE a Vikendi thrown in.
  6. I'm with you on this one. It isn't that I'm upset by someone finishing off me or my mate, rather its the result of the tactic. If your duo partner is down your odds of winning go down. Getting that guy back up seems like it should be a priority if you intend to win the match... Which is the rub. I suspect a lot of players come into the game expecting to lose. Thus once a buddy goes down the game is essentially over in their minds so they might as well get a kill to keep that 1.0 kdr. I'll gladly finish of a knocked player, but only if I think its safe. And once thats done we always keep in mind that the guys friends are going to be looking for a kill themselves. So the guy on the ground unable to shoot you or get very far is a threat to your life?
  7. I've been spending the summer with my boys working out. I thought, "I'm going to be 40 this year. I need to start doing something to ensure that I don't just start falling apart in my 50s" Luckily the only injury I have from the military is a minor knee issue where lunges don't feel great.
  8. yes! High rate of fire + high damage close up + extreme damage drop off at range
  9. What, you've never seen a duck with its bill sideways?
  10. The only changes to holding breath I want to see are swimming. Breath recovery is highly unrealistic.
  11. I don't often request specific new weapons... but I thought this one looked and sounded awesome!
  12. Birds in grasseswould be awesome. I'd be ok with stray dogs in city areas that bark at players and people hiding in buildings. Silenced pistol kills become necessary!
  13. Had a disconnect yesterday and my sadistic teammates felt the need to tell me we would have been on vikendi. They, of course, backed out... Next couple of games? Sanhok and Erangel.
  14. Looking at the issues people are choosing I'm a little surprised that High Loot Quality is coming in so highly.
  15. If it were a matter of choice. So long as I'm not forced to play with pc players I'm fine with it.
  16. I often say random is random... but I'm really tired of Sanhok over and over again.
  17. Finally! Its been a while now that I've thought the Uzi should just be a sidearm... But maybe now I'll try to run it for the whole game.
  18. Just to be a little pedantic... I think it went up, but is now pretty stable. just comparing the players I meet lately with the way the game played when I first picked it up. I haven't seen any dramatic increases in player skill in recent months.
  19. looking at results... I'm surprised to see how much people are hating on Sanhok. If this isn't a totally biased sample, we might be seeing some differences in preferences when compared to PC.
  20. yes it does. Its silly to land run through desperate for even a pistol and get wacked by the guy who landed second and got the M4 you "missed" I love in squads how my buddies tell me they can't believe I didn't take some lvl 3 vest... It wasn't there Trevor! I certainly didn't leave it for you!
  21. that might be both loot quantity and quality.
  22. The circle is my biggest problem with Sanhok. Even though the map is small and loot plentiful we're constantly finding the circle forcing movement at the cost of engagements. You get in a fight but don't have time to loot or properly regroup. It sucks.
  23. Its been awhile since I've seen a poll on current map preferences. I know my opinions have changed slightly.
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