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    Player Base

    I'm pretty sure that ranking is only of those that have used analyzer. I'm certainly not #39 in any capacity. But I have questioned what the previous in-game leader board implied when I was rated in the top 0.XX% fairly often. Never made actual placement.
  2. pajama dad


    if its random then it comes from a random number generator.
  3. pajama dad

    Dsync is getting horrible

    Thats dumb. you looked loaded to me. The reload is dumb, at the least you should have had 1 in the chamber if you picked up the pills too soon.
  4. pajama dad

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    It wouldn't need to be that large if we're only training with 20 people. The other solution would be to have an Emote that engages the ability to do serious damage and knocks. rather than just have an area. The training grounds (camp Jackal I think its called) have a lot of neat places already that just aren't being utilized well. I think the larger issue then, would be not being able to queue up for training with a party. Organizing a skirmish with randoms in a designated area would be tough.
  5. pajama dad

    Low Number Games

    I haven't had this happen in a LOOOOOOONG time. Could be a bug, or could be a confluence of events that screwed the matchmaking. Though I will say the last time we tried FPP we were getting 60 man lobbies regularly, but nothing so low as the 30's.
  6. pajama dad

    OK..just shoot me now..J/K

    You want to see them go down so you can know if you would have gotten a kill or a knock from the hits. I already don't like that a molotov can still mess with you while in training mode, or flash bangs, etc. I like the idea of having a combat area where dying (and respawning via parachute) or getting knocked (to an auto rez followed by a period of immunity) is turned on.
  7. pajama dad

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I agree. I'd much rather have map select.
  8. pajama dad

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I was thinking something like this. Each player would have a value for each map counting how many games its been since you've played on that map. Lobbies would need to be filled prior to selecting a map. The map with the highest score from amongst the players is chosen. Ties are broken by a predetermined order. i dont think its a good system- as I feel like this kind or thing has the potential to plave players into segregated pools.
  9. pajama dad

    New LMG's please?

    It would be nice.
  10. pajama dad

    2x only

    Get to the cave, kill the guy trying to get in, break in myself, loot out Groza and AWM... only find a 2x scope... https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/71527114
  11. pajama dad

    2x only

    there were two crates... but no scopes. I had to sneak out with my naked Groza and AWM and keep looking for optics. I've only used two entrances. South side right up from the cement Factory. And the north west side. I don't know where the third is.
  12. pajama dad

    Skinless Weapons!?!

    one that shoots green fire
  13. pajama dad

    Map rotation idea(?)

    Games on every map would be firing up all the time. If you're set to play Miramar next, you and about 99 other people who died would then be put into a lobby for Miramar.
  14. pajama dad

    do something about team killing please

    Why would there need to be an investigation? Thats already the method being used now. Each report is looked at and evaluated. Automating the process would alleviate the burden on the team. Don't shoot your team. Don't blow them up. It's simple. They can't report you for team killing if you don't team kill.
  15. pajama dad

    Cave is Toxic

    I think the south is the easiest to break through because of having the cement factory so close.
  16. pajama dad

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I wanted to make a joke about TPP being about peek hours... but couldn't think of a way to make it funny. Like, "its always peek hour for TPP!"
  17. pajama dad

    Map rotation idea(?)

    I don't know exactly how pc works, but the two groups- console uses vs pc users- may not have the same preferences. There have been a number of polls here that show Erangel and Miramar are the more popular maps, with Vikendi being the least liked. Its very possible that a version of map select will work just fine on consoles.
  18. pajama dad

    do something about team killing please

    oh, yeah. It has to be based on a report for it to work right. Accidents do happen. Back in the day you could be booted from a Halo 2 match for getting too many friendly kills. It was funny to shoot your buddy until he had the option to boot you from the match. It was even funnier when the option came up because of an accidental nade.
  19. pajama dad

    do something about team killing please

    Major? I wouldn't call it major. I have accidentally killed my buddy before. He didn't report me. The report would have to be made of the ban and forced-suicide to be implemented. Accidental friendly fire is unlikely to get reported by friends, and is relatively rare with randoms.
  20. pajama dad

    Map rotation idea(?)

    forced rotations necessarily segregates the population into 4 parts (as we have 4 maps), and will increase wait times. And you have to consider players who don't want to play all maps. The best solution is to have full map select- where you choose which maps you want to queue for. OR have a map select like we have now with some changes. If we're going for a rotation, I would like to see each map singled out on a rotation. Right now you have Vikendi only, or the other 3, or quick match. The singleton map could be rotated every 2 weeks or so. Next week its Erangel, or Miramar+Sanhok+Vikendi, or Quick Match. The week after it could be Miramar, or Erangel+Sanhok+Vikendi, or Quick Match. Etc. etc.
  21. pajama dad

    do something about team killing please

    While not playing with randoms is a solution, it shouldn't have to be. I've argued that the ban should be automatic once reported. and I agree that it should be immediate.
  22. submission: https://xboxdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/69514961
  23. pajama dad

    Why are downed players so tough...

    In 3-man or duos I would say its probably best to reset the match if we lose someone early. In a 4-man we'll push through. I died midway in a match the other day (after a pretty clutch battle too)- and got to spectate and help coordinate the rest of our team to a dinner.
  24. pajama dad

    Did I really miss every shot

    It looks like one of your first bullets nicked the pan. As the guy turned you can see a bit of the pan right in your reticle.
  25. pajama dad

    When you think you are on a roll...

    oh man... it happens.