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  1. crud... you wrote "days"... not games... well... I could still just be your experience. Or maybe you came in along with a bunch of other new players. I've found that the skill level has increased overall. A few yahoos still, going prone and getting killed.
  2. yeah... it wouldn't even start matchmaking for me. I think I'm good for now. Saw what I wanted to see.
  3. Just before taking a break from the game I had a match where I was absolutely murdering a stream of new players in one match. One guy had exactly 6 deaths. Others were in the 40ish range. You might just be getting lucky (unlucky?) with only 3 games as a sample size.
  4. Yeah I tried to search but found nothing. The reason I suggested confirmation bias was because I am open to criticising the game. You're likely just not seeing it. But if you want to talk about rhetorical debate... maybe refrain from suggesting I'm a dev plant on the forums. That's ridiculous and only serves to dismiss what I have to say. Practice what you preach.
  5. I accepted an invite to pubg! Good friend @x MeAt SLiNgEr x was like, "PJ, lets hit some dubs on the pubs!"* I was like, "Yeeeeraaahhhh booooiiiii! Fo sho!"** Then, we were both like, "That was easy."*** https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75019753 Now I'm itching to play more. But I have so many other games to play! Bonus clip- I thought I might as well try the new weapons on the pts: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/pajama-dad/video/75019750 *Not a direct quote **Also not a direct quote ***Almost a direct quote
  6. Do you still have the clip of the k9? Also, your confirmation bias I referred to was not about the game.
  7. Perhaps your confirmation bias is in the way. When I see internet issues causing a problem I call it. When someone misses their shots I call it. When someone moans and complains about hit registration but offers no video I call it.
  8. I also like the K9 better. I can't say why though. But really my favorite Sniper is the DP.
  9. I don't think I would mind if it was universal. Some hear it and others don't, which is nonsense.
  10. If the game can be continually updated with skins and additional cosmetics I don't see how having guns spawn on the map will make a difference.
  11. I don't deny desync, nor do I shut down legitimate criticism... I just don't see any being posted. Sometimes, regarding desync, its just a minor issue with ping. Others its people missing their shots plain and simple. As far as criticism goes, I find most people don't know how to present criticism and end up slinging insults based on the bad feelings they have. So when I ask "Where?" these denials are taking place it is because I don't see them. I've seen plenty of explanations. I've seen plenty of measured responses. But outright denials? Nope. And I don't recall having a conversation with you about region lock. You can search for it if you like. But welcome back to the forums. I hope you're more able to contribute than the last time you were here.
  12. I think it took some time for people to get point of his posts.
  13. I don't think I would just want to play on the Military base, but I would be ok with having a Mini-Royale style game on each map. Smaller starting circle with increased spawn rates for ARs and circle behavior changed. This has been suggested before, in some form.
  14. Thats communication with the server. The fewer things that need to be placed and loaded the better. And while fewer things to render is going to improve performance, the loss of a few polygons in clothing isn't going to be significant. Not once did I have a game falter because of too many pants on the ground. Rather its things like smoke and explosions and muzzle flashes and tree limbs and grass swaying etc. Would cutting out flies and water drops improve performance? Yes. Would it make a noticeable difference in how a smoke grenade affects the game? No. This isn't unlike cutting out a few french fries from a 4000 calorie Burger meal. It will make a difference, but not one you'll notice.
  15. agreed. The training mode should have a place where players can be killed. They could then respawn onto the map by parachuting in.
  16. I've been notified of an enemies presence because I noticed a magazine on the ground that wasn't mine or a loot-able item. These aesthetic inclusions elevate the games immersion and storytelling with minimal impact to performance. The real causes for poor performance are draw distance, high polygon counts, smoke and particle effects, and communication with the servers. These can all be optimized of course. Cutting out unnecessary geometry, adjusting the fidelity of effects etc.
  17. On topic... A pubg campaign is either going to be fantastic or fantastic. I can't decide which.
  18. That depends on the synthesized sound. MIDI itself isn't an issue. But when you use a very simple Saw wave sound you're not going to get good quality music.
  19. there have been a number of suggestions put out there. Some were pretty well developed- with user created graphics and such... But so far nothing has been done. Maybe eventually. Its probably pretty low on the devs priority list.
  20. For a minute I thought my aiming had simply gotten worse. Turned out I'd made a change to my Aim Acceleration and forgot about it.
  21. yes, I miss the music. I think it would be neat if each map had its own lobby screen and music. The lobby could be set to your preference, or rotate based on last map played.
  22. Same. my lifetime if just over 1. But last season I hit 1.6ish pretty easily. Its nice to see the improvement.
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