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  1. The circle is my biggest problem with Sanhok. Even though the map is small and loot plentiful we're constantly finding the circle forcing movement at the cost of engagements. You get in a fight but don't have time to loot or properly regroup. It sucks.
  2. Its been awhile since I've seen a poll on current map preferences. I know my opinions have changed slightly.
  3. its definitely a network issue, but it may not be YOUR network issue. Weapon spawns depend on communication with the server. Maybe there's also an issue with how the server communicates beyond individual ping. The server might still be determining initial spawns after we land. Maybe that AKM you ran by wasnt there because the SERVER hadnt decided to put it there yet.
  4. yes! Because grass is only drawn in up to a certain distance going prone leaves you more vulnerable to someone with a long scope. So, in early circles you have to be aware of sight-lines. Go prone only if it breaks that line of sight. A divet in the ground, or behind a quarter wall, or inside a building next to a window. A decent way to check line of sight is ti switch to fpp for a second. if you can see out, someone can see in. I use the prone position in later circles more often than early.
  5. going prone is helpful if it drops you out of sight. If an enemy has any kind of elevation on you they'll see you easily. flat fields in erangel can hide you at the right distances. Its generally a bad idea, but it has its uses, particularly in tpp.
  6. Its just how dying in a vehicle is written up in the UI.
  7. Depends on the game. I've won with 1 kill. I've lost with 10. Both can be fun. I suppose doing both is the epitome of battle royale.
  8. The stick you use to move forward also has to side step. increasing your forward movement sensitivity means you have to deviate further from straight up (forward) to see your character veer off from walking forward. When analog movement was implemented it was tricky for lots of players to walk perfectly straight- any slight wiggle of the stick saw their character waver left and right making places like Erangel Water town next to Ruins VERY hard to navigate. Its not a sensitivity the way the others are- higher numbers mean faster movement. Its a threshold you have to pass to see variation from moveming directly forward. Higher numbers means higher threshold- you must deviate more to see your character veer left/right.
  9. part of the problem is the blood spray- it looks very much the same for 1 pellet vs ALL-THE-PELLETS-!... blood splatter should match damage done. I would also be ok with limb damage having additional effects-like how a molotov prevents ADS. Arm hits prevent ADS for a limited time. Legs shots prevents running, or walking if you hit enough pellets- perhaps a % drop to move speed based on damage.
  10. The standard m203 will not fit on an m4 so I said m16 only. They do have an m203 model for the m4, but I don't think it needs it. My first thought was to use normal grenades... but that might be too much. Though having it be in a crate would likely limit it. The reason I said canted slot was the switching- it would use the same method, so having a canted and a launcher wouldnt work. I suppose they could have ADS+Y change if they wanted it to go on any weapon with a barrel rail system.
  11. Started with it off and kept feeling the need to increase sensitivities. This lead to weird overaiming in situations. Switched to AA on 5 and midranged sensitivities feel really good.
  12. Can we get the ability to trade gear with team members via inventory screens? it comes up fairly often that we'll be in a vehicle and want to hand over a scope or magazine picked up previously that we didn't have time to drop and share normally.
  13. Random is random... but this keeps getting mentioned. I wonder if the chances for maps isnt wonky.
  14. Solos? You have to play with friends if you want to get through those mid-circle doldrums.
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