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  1. Mine still not apparently, Already disabled SIP/ALG setting and restarted the router, but literally nothing changed. Still can't hear anyone or able to use voice chat in the server PLZ HELP
  2. This problem exists for like a month now, with many threads in the forums mainly reporting this issue right now. Currently PUBG_hawkz is investigating this issue and at least acknowledge about this issue. But I heard a numerous of people able to solve this problem by turning off the SIP and ALG in the WIFI router setting, and then restarting the router. I tried, didn't work for me Really wish this problem get solved, its been really frustrating playing duos and teams alone now
  3. Well didn't work for me man, but glad it fixed your issue. More specificly, the voice chat only stop working in the last 10 seconds in warm up, i tested with a friend of mine. Both input and output. Before that, the input and output of the mic works perfectly, they can hear me and I can hear them
  4. Did PUBG_hawkins acknowledge this issue? I mean if he acknowledge it at least the dev team knows that this issue exists Also I heard some1 managed to solve it by messing the config file or uninstalling utorrent I tried, didnt work for me and so for a lot of ppl But still hope this issue will be fixed as soon as possible, solo queueing duo or team right now is reli problematic, try playing solo or 1 man team for now
  5. oh nevermind lel juz literally forgot to scroll up
  6. Can we at least get an official response from this shit plz
  7. Same here, voice chat only works in warm up for me
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