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  1. Unknown|Force

    Game crash: Megathread

    Your getting your moneys worth its was only 30 bucks and ik it said alot but yes it is a game preview ive had fortnite BR crash on me when it was first released and there the makers of the engine these games run on but in the long run its definitely worth your money it's not like you have to go buy another copy of this game at full release. Kinda think of it as anyone who spends the 30 on the game is doing nothing but helping bluehole get this game to full release by everyone providing feedback and MOST IMPORTANTLY BE SPECIFIC ABOUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH PUBG AS IN CRASHES, BUGS, GLITCHES. LET THEM KNOW EXACTLY WHAT CONSOLE YOUR ON WHAT YOUR WERE DOING AT THE TIME AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTER. WHAT MODE WERE YOU IN FPP OR TPP. SQUAD DUO OR SOLO.
  2. Unknown|Force

    Game crash: Megathread

    Same here Xbox one x , TPP , chrashed as i enetered my inventory , NA server. Also have a rare crash that happens when going to pick up items idk if it is a specific item or not ive never payed that much attention